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Anti-Spam Console

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Project Description

Uses a tagged corpus of spam to test accuracy of filter. Install spam-benchmarks-data package on sender machine. Handles all the different things we need to do regularly with spam filtering.


  • antispam-console should use imapassassin, sa-teach
  • antispam-console uses sa-hits, also check out redwall
  • antispam-console should be sure to whitelist users who are in rbls but shouldn't be.
  • antispam-console should spot check outgoing mail to ensure that it is not spam, and if it is, setanta will block that IP or whatever is necessary, and initate the appropriate messages.
  • setanta should use antispam-console (SA) to filter mail.
  • antispam-console, Check out http://terri.zone12.com/doc/academic/crossroads/
  • antispam-console should use named entity and noun phrase analysis to improve bayesian results.)
  • antispam-console should generate debian packages, which are then uploaded into our archive and installed by the different servers - make sure that the process is actually stopped.
  • For antispam-console Retrieve and store forwarded spam messages and use these for testing purposes.
  • antispam-console should have a "spam accuracy" trace.
  • antispam-console - We're going to have to deal soon with Email that contains part ham part spam
  • antispam-console - Certain emails are long and the rules should realize this and not take forever on regular expressions.
  • antispam-console - to use dbmail, use the Net::IMAP module.
  • antispam-console should email me if it is running in auto and I need to draft custom rules or something.
  • Or maybe antispam-console should use IMAP::Client
  • Would there be any benefit to antispam-console to setup honey pot email addresses.
  • antispam-console - if we are to use CRM114 - checkout http://search.cpan.org/~tvierling/Sendmail-PMilter-0.95/examples/crm114-milter.pl
  • antispam-console - if we are to use CRM114 - checkout http://crm114.sourceforge.net/CRM114_Mailfilter_HOWTO.txt
  • antispam-console - find indications of scams, and actually use nlp to search these outl
  • Would be nice if antispam-console 's filters gave confidence values for their classifications.
  • antispam-console - In order to determine who is actively cleaning their spam folders, occassionally send a known spam to them and search people's folders for this spam message.
  • antispam-console make sure do not drop encrypted zip as per Thu Aug 3 17:09:50 CDT 2006 incident.
  • antispam-console has to help with ensuring that certain mail gets through, like "URGENT - don't do this" when it is legitimate.
  • o /var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/internal/antispam-console/doc/automate_spamcop_submissions can be used for a ticket.

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