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Project Description

  • It is an agent, which communicates over (unilang/FL/etc.) which is responsible for several tasks related to source and project management/development.
  • Handle setup of preferences for tools used in creating software.
  • Ability to create project, or to run tests and recommend/implement changes to project structure to make them compatible with our development model.
  • Have an update-rc.d like system that handles the following things: It scans a project for information about hooks that it must register with the system BEFORE they get packaged, so that we can test, develop and use these features, without having to build and install the package for every single change, i.e.
  • Yet, when the package is installed, it intelligent selects which hooks ought to be activated between the package and the source system, on certain criteria, and allows hot swapping.
  • Create an FRDCSA distribution CD or DVD on demand. Perhaps, use KNOPPIX as a starter.


  • With the boss newrelease functionality we need to also update the data dir.
  • do a study of all the files which are not showing up in 'boss updatedb', i.e. things like frdcsa/emacs/ and maybe things like cyc-mode/hybrid/..
  • Fix issues with boss updatedb
  • Fix boss search having strange output on 'boss search "created or changed"', it says: 'Create ICodebase d or changed?: '
  • Use module starter to build boss templates.
  • Get 'boss framework' to auto detect whether it is minor codebase or source hatchery or internal codebase, etc.
  • Fix this input as well "namazu -alR '/var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/internal/boss/scripts/namazu/namazurc' | xargs egrep -buffer -f '/var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/internal/boss/scripts/namazu/namazurc' /dev/null" (note the -buffer argument to egrep)
  • Fix problem with boss's command line processing, so for instance, you say "boss search create-buffer" and it tries to create a codebase called '-buffer'
  • "boss grep" for scripts is broken
  • I find that writing a first generation simplistic system gets the basic functionality in place without all the difficulties. It would then be fitting to do an entire rewrite. boss ought to keep track of that kind of information.
  • boss should keep track of all renamings of projects over time, so for instance, since today we merged Sorcerer into cso, should record that and add it to a log of operations on systems.
  • /var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/internal/boss/perl-codebases/clear/Feedback.pm:use perllib::UI; contains the desired feedback code for clear.
  • code-monkey should do more code generation. Right now boss framework is a very simple instance of that.
  • We should develop a system for developing systems. In other words, boss should have high-level design criteria in mind. In other words, let us have a better defined approach to building systems. To build the TDT, we should (after first searching for other systems) collect data, choose a learner, implement the learner, etc.
  • fweb capability listings (boss too) should be organized based on importance.
  • boss/architect should support most of those metrics in the Schaums system. Could use pse for scheduling?
  • Maybe create some system renaming capability for boss
  • Codemonkey should not only automate that transformation, but it should also work with perform to determine/prove the run time complexity of various algorithms, and work with boss to decide how to implement them. boss had some cool features that were supposed to be done to it, but no mention of those.
  • Add a function to boss like "boss index ", so that it puts the directory in the project or source hatcheries.
  • Maybe create some system renaming capability for boss
  • boss should do the software risk management
  • Have to be weary about performing certain operations on boss because of symlinks to the rest of the projects.
  • /var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/internal/boss/perl-codebases/clear/Feedback.pm:use perllib::UI; contains the desired feedback code for clear.
  • fweb capability listings (boss too) should be organized based on importance.
  • Create a boss function for diagramming an architecture.
  • Add a no filtering option to "boss capabilities"
  • Write a better version of boss Grep
  • boss QC Setup unit testing.
  • boss QC Use best practices - verified in perl code using Perl::critic, etc.
  • /var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/internal/boss/scripts/stat.pl can be used in fweb.
  • Add flawfinder to boss, and create a more thorough security system.
  • Write subsystem of audience (or maybe fieldgoal or boss) to catch up with other developers
  • Build a classifier for architect that concerns which software belongs in which system (or maybe in boss)
  • Make this from the radar or predator script get dependencies run on all the boss codebases.
  • boss should keep track of all renamings of projects over time, so for instance, since today we merged Sorcerer into cso, should record that and add it to a log of operations on systems.
  • boss capabilities should utilize case if the word is a common word, such as all.
  • Fix problem with "boss capabilities"
    ("completed" "52138")
  • Replace boss grep
    ("is the same as" "47837" "51170")
  • Implement a local code search engine to improve on boss grep.
    ("is the same as" "47837" "51170")
  • Add to boss create (or something) the ability to create the link to the /var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/data part
  • Make sure boss has a better grep feature, or at least a search feature.
  • Replace boss grep with a search index.
  • Fix boss grep to not search modules outside our project.
  • boss can use the perl source to determine whether all CLI options are covered in the manual.
  • The capabilities of the various systems (for instance "boss backup") should have explanations written about them. From these "requirements", both tests as well as documentation may be generated
  • Add code to boss to automatically copy over those files.
  • Why didn't boss get Calendar and Calendar.pm for event system when run with updatelinks
  • Must worry about if boss uncleanly packages a few icodebases, and these are later archived, we will be leaking personal information.
    ("completed" "3291")
  • Need to have boss or whatever, track the popularity and usage of various software. For instance, mysql is being used how often. This information could come from Debian's popularity contest software.
    ("completed" "2884")
  • boss and fweb should use http://readyset.tigris.org/
  • Perhaps boss could serve as a system which had "Integration Experiments", "Demonstrations", or "Milestones", etc.
  • boss should have the ability to rename an internal codebase.
  • Add a function to boss like "boss index <DIRNAME>", so that it puts the directory in the project or source hatcheries.
  • Add a function to boss like "boss index ", so that it puts the directory in the project or source hatcheries.
  • Add boss capabilities to clean dirs of our projects.
  • It is interesting that I can write some code to have boss automatically rebuild packages after I've editted some code. Furthermore, supposing these pass certain tests, they can be uploaded and even clients can be contacted to upgrade automatically. This is a quick way to push the code.
  • Add boss detection to manager (dogbert intrusion detection)
  • can be useful for boss to upload stuff to sourceforge Module::Release::SourceForge
  • radar can use boss to build up models of what other projects are doing and therefore, predict project behaviour over time.
  • use http://search.cpan.org/~markov/OODoc-0.90/lib/OODoc.pod for boss documentation project
  • Add a boss::Config CLI front end to predator so we can do things like search archived and packaged software by name, etc.
  • Note that all this capability will be destroyed in a little time when school resumes. To counter this, we must have everything planned out for this. We must create a new project, if we haven't already, that manages communication with my boss and also finish the event-system with course auditing information for John Parker, Peter Walker, and so on. Not to mention, that we should really get OpenCyc operational so we can start logging things semantically, like who works on what. New project Paper Authoring System.
    ("critic-unilang-classification" "10" "personal")
  • Bugzilla emacs client, command line client, and boss client (that update automatically the project information for bugzilla)
  • rough system to look back through the unilang logs for features, etc, to be called during development phases. high level prognosis of phases should be executed by boss via a manager module.
  • Find the relationships file and put it into boss, maybe its in myfrdcsa
  • predator,boss should look at dpkg-repack
  • perhaps move related systems into boss or into normal area, with simple declarations in FRDCSA.xml that these are related systems. That way, all code in a given directory is ours, and this encourages things to be more modular.
  • I was thinking that boss could handle FRDCSA.xml files and specifically would be able to, interfacing with unilang, add feature requests, dependencies, etc, all project related information to the file with tagging of which messages justify the inclusion.
  • I figured out how they do that stuff for boss, where they work on it and test it and also can install it. this is simply done with something like CVS checkout. when they need to they build it to fit in a directory, and otherwise, then they just package it as a source.
  • ecb for boss
  • aegis for boss?
  • Create a lintian style system for tracking software features to boss.
  • The boss project should have a Matrix of what standards various projects have implemented, such as whether their documentation meets certain criteria. This should help to ensure system wide conformance to Software Engineering principles: a sort of Lintian for FRDCSA sources, which ought to be considered to have a specific format anyhow.

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