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Project Description

disciple consists of a system of checklists that the user can follow. Learning is applied to the singular task of completing the checklist (baby steps), rather than the multiple tasks on the checklist, reducing the number of parameters. A library of checklists aids the user in completing common tasks. A parallel should be drawn to the comprehensive checklists used by pilots.


  • Try using disciple for certain problems until we get a better system working.
  • lockout must be part of disciple or manager, etc.
  • for disciple, critiquing why a checklist step failed could involve (impossible or unlikely step)
  • got the beginning of disciple and improve critic dramatically. critic now seems to be geniunely working, although we should add the ability to infer from time spent looking at an item what the user's interest is, put an interval of expected rating, distinguish between the internal rating and the users rating, maybe call it utility, and add time-dependent features to the analysis. Also look at carbonell's javelin algorithm as a metric.

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