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Event Log

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Project Description

Event log is a system for recording events and provides many functions for assisting the user in visualizing and analyzing the relationships between events. It also handles fitlering events and sending them to other agents using audience for visualization with problemspace.


  • Track activities, it is possible to be doing many things at once. Use the event-log to do this.
  • this is a really good example of how event log should behave: /var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/internal/sinless/old-rsr/event-log/days/Thu Feb 17 22:30:46 EST 2005
  • ELog, -e 1137682410.421046,display /var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/internal/event-log/ELog.pm
  • From the event-log, we can infer scores.
  • I can see now long chain events like Something happening -> verber -> event-log -> audience -> machiavelli -> audience -> (internet) -> etc.etc.etc.
  • This functionality should be distributed between audience and event-log

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