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Project Description

In developing job-search, it became clear that when we wanted to model the user's skills, clear could only model what they had read, not actually done. And one cannot claim to know something by simply reading without demonstrable experience to verify their understanding. The requirement for better modelling of the user's development experience also ties in nicely with our recent initiative towards project internships. So fieldgoal is again a planning module that interfaces with a growing number of systems - architect, job-search, clear, meeting, verber, etc. - to achieve modelling of user experience and interests, determination of suitable projects, and tracking of project status.


  • Maybe its getting time to get field goal working. Now obviously, fieldgoal depends on pse.
  • fieldgoal should have asset management readings as a reference
  • Obviously, use FOAF for fieldgoal, etc, collaboration
  • Could add that as a module to score/problemspace/fieldgoal or something.
  • study/fieldgoal/EM must guarantee familiarity with various areas.
  • The webpage generation can be used for job-search, for machiavelli, for fieldgoal and posi, etc.
  • fieldgoal should support group intentions.
  • fieldgoal should determine whether the people like video games and if they do, get rid of them.
  • Write subsystem of audience (or maybe fieldgoal or boss) to catch up with other developers
  • fieldgoal: see http://hiveminder.com/about/faq.html
  • fieldgoal: http://www.topcoder.com integrate as a possible data source for projects, as some of the projects may have real benefit and should be completed.
  • Setup fieldgoal to work with CW for next year.
  • Send invites to these people for the FRDCSA mailinglist: /var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/internal/fieldgoal/data/positron.csv
    ("completed" "41386")
  • Have fieldgoal print out a schedule of when everyone is going to get here, etc. Another thing to do is start migrating the POSIThon functionaity to programming-marathon, maybe rename this POSITHON
  • Maybe an alternative name for fieldgoal is bazaar
  • obviously BDI is useful for fieldgoal

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