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Project Description

System to translate NL to logic. Currently based on OpenCyc, Wordnet, Ted Pedersen's WSD modules, etc. May possibly add Alvis to the chain. Converts NL to Logic Form using Enju.


  • our system should pass all downloaded and visited webpages, probably using a squid proxy, through an analysis system. It can check for things like repo links, formalize the text knowledge using workhorse, etc. etc.
  • Setup multiple Cyc instances on different computers and have them communicate - have them explore different areas and formalize different text etc.
  • formalize the Comment attribute from Cyc into CycL
  • Develop an index of all the news we read, using the GNUS 'setting marks' capabilities, and build a database of that news and analyze the sentiment of various named entities in the news, and various notes about those entities. formalize the news contents.
  • Create a system to browse recently added desires, formalize them.
  • KBS, MySQL2:freekbs2:formalize all-asserted-knowledge
  • KBS, MySQL2:freekbs2:formalize all-assertions
  • KBS, MySQL2:freekbs2:formalize clear-context
  • KBS, MySQL2:freekbs2:formalize assert ("and" ("start'" var-e2 var-x1) ("Dad#n#1'" var-x1) ("stories-SLASH-recollections-SLASH-etc#n#2'" var-x1) ("project#n#2'" var-x1))
  • formalize the reward system for things like a laptop if I balance my budget.
    ("due-date-for-entry" "106742" "3 days")
  • formalize the process of making a circuit of my contacts to see who is available - also add the notion of high potential starter communications with others.
  • Can formalize recipe steps.
  • score should be able to merge the context of the creation to formalize goals.
  • problemspace should formalize wikipedia, although the corporations are doing so as well.
  • Fix the system to remove the logging of formalize entries.
  • formalize should cache results.
  • Fix formalize so that it doesn't always load things it shouldn't.
  • formalize
  • formalize use CHILL
  • using kissinger corpus, formalize domains they are discussing, and represent communication actions formally, classify them, etc.
  • formalize old todo lists into verber.
  • Had some pretty far out ideas of creating a planning domain for "international relations". I think we could formalize some texts on this for our project, and this would aid us in creating systems for doing that. We could then use adversarial planning tools in order to model multiparty interactions.
  • Need to formalize go knowledge, and apply this to communications.
  • When taking classes, take enough of recursion theory, etc, to formalize the thesis appropriately.
  • formalize my own writings using rapid knowledge formation tools
  • (Necessity is the mother of invention. My inability to reason with eliptical steps has led to this great need to formalize everything completely, hence this project.)
  • Sit down sometime and formalize all concepts for the system. Refer to work on formalizing enterprise concepts by Austin Tate.
  • should formalize the concepts involved with links, i.e. provide link types, attributes, or logic, etc.
  • we should probably formalize this all in a KB sometime, if we ever get a KB!
  • Get overweight people interested in gourmet, as well as get nutritionists. Find a nutritionist and ask them to help formalize knowledge. Perhaps use the Shaken system.
  • So clearly, we have a lot of work to do in order to formalize things.
  • If we do formalize everything, this has the advantage that we can translate it among our tools.

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