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Project Description

This is a collection of utilities to make the FRDCSA more accessible in Emacs.


  • Emacs key assigner (part of frdcsa-el) should use function names to help with the mnemonics, in fact should use a variety of mnemonic techniques and calculate an L2 norm or something, weighted by recorded frequency of use in the dimple file.
  • Make frdcsa-el scripts idempotent
  • Which project does this belong under? frdcsa-el
  • pushd /var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/internal/frdcsa-el
  • Lastly, unilang must not record empty lines, and frdcsa-el must provide a key combination for loading its page. In fact more generally there should be a system for loading relevant pages in a time effective manner. And I should write a cyclify function that cyclify's the last work, sentence, region, at point etc.
  • make frdcsa-el idempotent

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