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Project Description

Bad diet is a universal, severe and yet preventable health problem that leads to more preventable deaths than smoking, not to mention myriad other complications. Nutrition is a complex field and for most people, especially in today's fast paced world, the information is simply unavailable. A very comprehensive, intelligent and easy to use meal planner would definitely improve the situation. Another obstacle which must be combatted is the harmful myths surrounding meal planners that cause people to think they are not useful. Hopefully, with the release of the first truly user friendly and all-inclusive GPLed meal planner we can combat these problems.

Furthermore, chronic bad diet touches on, affects, and excites many other problems. For instance - depression, violent behaviour (due to low blood sugar) - really the list would be too long to mention, such is the depth of the issue. People tend to desire a certain level of pleasure in their life, and if their meals are not providing a lot of this, they will turn elsewhere. It's very sad.

There are many similar products, but gourmet is a superior meal planner in at least two ways. It is the only program in its class which is completely free and open source software, and its distribution is unlimited. Secondly, it benefits from advanced AI techniques such as Knowledge Based Systems and Collaborative Filtering.

The following features are planned to be supported.

  • Ease of Use
    • A novel system is incorporated which estimates the amount of time that the user must spend to accomplish various tasks.
  • Inventory Management
    • Cut spendings up to 4 times through better utilization and selection of groceries
      • Optimize via stochastic meal planning over price/nutrition/palatability
      • Automatically plans for food expiration in various storage conditions
    • shops Inventory Management System
      • Real-time inventory management
      • Barcode/RFID scanning support
      • Generate shopping lists (Automatic Reordering)
  • Nutritional Information
    • SR20 USDA nutrition database
    • Additional sophisticated axiomatizations of nutrional requirements for multiple diet profiles
    • Detailed nutrional records
    • Modular medical reasoning system for specific dieting, allergies, etc.
    • Preferences modules system
  • Recipe Management
    • Large, open source, machine readable (RecipeML) recipe database with multiple levels of granularity
    • Base on www.recipesource.com
    • Ability to rate recipes and food preferences
    • Ratings-based decision strategy for recipe exploration versus exploitation tradeoff.
  • Meal Planning
    • Automatic learning of food preferences (machine learning/collaborative filtering).
    • Generate comprehensive meal plans with minimal user effort
    • Interactive planning, scheduling and execution of cooking process by semi-automatically translating steps portion of recipes into PDDL2.2 or similar temporal planning with resources domains

gourmet also provides a convenient mechanism through which users can opt to contribute their diet information to help build a body of scientific nutrition knowledge that can be applied

To do this we envision the integration of a P2P knowledge representation and trust management architecture, which when connected to by gourmet allows users to distribute empirically observed health information in this way. Lemmas and theorems are proposed by knowledge-sharing clients to the P2P network, and the knowledge-receiving clients must then estimate the truth value of the theorems. What is interesting is that trust is not monolithic or even wrt a given subject matter. Trust must boil down to a judgement by the receiver based on the truth value of the individual statement. Therefore audit-based justifications, a.k.a. proofs, must be given. The proof may be checked for validity and then the client might believe the information given, and a user mediated approach might also be interesting. Using "trusted" information, the system then proceeds to make dieting inferences, abductions, etc.


  • gourmet: Inventory management and meal planning should have access to class action lawsuits like tunalawsuit.com
  • gourmet: http://wikitaaable.loria.fr/index.php/Baked_apple_pancake
  • gourmet: http://ccc2015.loria.fr/?id=resources
  • gourmet: http://ccc2015.loria.fr/
  • put Meredith's health values into the gourmet program.
  • gourmet: http://world.openfoodfacts.org/
  • See if the "Community Food Security Coalition" will support work on gourmet.
  • gourmet: http://sourceforge.net/projects/foodie/
  • strength.org for gourmet
  • gourmet: see Personal trainer cooking
  • gourmet needs to know how to speak the languages of cooking.
  • Just had a rather neat idea for a service to help people with weight/health problems. Like meals on wheels. It is a not for profit, but they don't come every day. You simply order a freezer, (perhaps even a specially designed freezer) and little food capsules containing your favorite gourmet related food are brought and store. Robotic retrieval ensures the proper food at the right time. You use a menu system. The system flatly refuses to serve you bad foods, forcing you to eat better. Does watch what you are eating. Get's you hooked at first with good tasting not necessarily healthy foods. The new idea is a modular food system. The individual packages could be self-refrigerating for whatever reason.
  • Okay, here are some things I've been realizing about gourmet. The features we need in the next few days relate to what I'm going to eat due to how palatable the food is. We should record what we are eating in an SQL db, as well as ratings about the food. This information is necessary in order to incorporate food taste information. We want to ...
  • Should really get gourmet into a working state.
  • gourmet figures out what the best thing to buy is for your money.
  • for gourmet, new recipes if licensed correctlyhttp://www.cooks.com/rec/search/0,1-0,cheese_using_velveeta,FF.html
  • gourmet should have automatic error detection in gourmet
  • gourmet can learn the cooking times for your microwave oven.
  • gourmet's new selling point is "health-food planner".
  • Would be interesting if gourmet actually calculated for the independent use of your arms
  • Add classes (i.e. chinese food, etc) to gourmet.
  • gourmet should adapt to changing food scares.
  • gourmet should use Opt as its type system for ingredients.
  • The medical type system will be similar to the gourmet food ontology/ type system.
  • Could have trust networks and programs that detect possible bad foods in gourmet.
  • gourmet needs to know how to speak the languages of cooking.
  • Write a professor at UofI or some such place (in fact write many of them) asking whether any of them were interested in or knew who to contact regarding this way to collect data (gourmet) and help large groups of people (windows and linux), DSL, etc.
  • Switch to a more universal date format for gourmet.
  • Before writing gourmet, start to look at how other applications use perl's DBI.
  • Some features for gourmet, scan reeceipts, guess what they are.
  • The system didn't appear to get most of the work on pgourmet, then again, most of it took place in gourmet.
  • Work with Budget gourmet to make an entirely vegan food line, and use recipes from the various vegans.
  • gourmet to Food For Thought
  • gourmet can be used at a hospital.
  • I've made quite some progress on gourmet finally - we can create an isa hierarchy, and do planning over that.
  • This new system is the basis for critic, kbfs (now we have the KB for it), gourmet's ontology, etc, etc, etc.
  • gourmet: Support Materials for Software Developers : Nutrient Standard Menu Planning : Healthy Meals Resource System: http://healthymeals.nal.usda.gov/nal_display/index.php?info_center=14&tax_level=2&tax_subject=234&topic_id=1944&&placement_default=0
  • Use with gourmet: http://kdl.cs.umass.edu/causality/index.html
  • submit gourmet and other ideas to http://www.money.co.uk/article/1001529-google-offers-10-million-dollar-prize-fund-for-ideas-that-will-change-the-world.htm
  • gourmet should handle special cases like people who can't eat wheat, barley, oats or rye.
  • gourmet should help identify food allergies.
  • gourmet should have an entire segment dedicated to converting people who choose to, to a raw food diet, including so-called recipes i.e. means of preparation, and other "intelligences" such as plant identification, built in. gourmet should be the raw foodists best friend.
  • gourmet: http://www.cs.washington.edu/research/textrunner/
    ("unilang-message-classify" "55512" "icodebase-resource")
  • gourmet: test command
  • gourmet: http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=1839307
  • In order to account for throwing things out for gourmet, normal-forms, shops, etc, should have a barcode on the trash and simply move the item to the trash location.
  • gourmet should recommend items to be thrown out.
  • Find the chicago python users group, and ask for their help with gourmet
    ("completed" "27950")
  • gourmet should account for differences in taste over time.
  • gourmet - Next step is to fix broken import data if possible.
  • gourmet: http://www.kalorio.de/
  • gourmet: it would be better if all packaging had an IPv6 number and you could just send an XML query to it asking what it contains :)
  • gourmet:
  • gourmet should recognize which recipes are vegetarian octavarian or whatever, raw foodist, etc.
  • Incorporate http://www.anthus.com/Recipes/CompCook.html to gourmet.
  • gourmet: http://www.anthus.com/Recipes/CompCook.html
  • We should pretend that gourmet was never intended to spread.
  • My short term goals are to improve on gourmet, get it loaded into the subversion repository, get many things working include barcodes, as well as nutrition look up, and dynamic user model.
  • Also should work on more recipes for gourmet.
  • gourmet needs to be able to know whether a give piece of food should be after opening.
  • I need to get isolated, one of the last remaining things I need is gourmet to be done.
  • Also - workouts should be integrated. gourmet or whatever out to have a physical trainer. The speakers should read out instructions or whatever for the various phases of the workouts so I don't have to think about that boring stuff.
  • I realized that the same system that is holding up both corpus and RSR is also holding up gourmet. An ontology editor of sorts.
  • Great idea - finally, the solution to gourmet is at hand.
  • gourmet should have some statistics on what people usually eat. is that built into the meal rater?
  • two fishes & five loaves - replace name for gourmet?
  • two fishes & five loaves - replace name for gourmet?
  • As well as gourmet.
  • gourmet should support requirements of Kosher cooking.
  • Whereas shops was the tough product with Al, gourmet is the tough product with Mike.
  • Just some thoughts here: Mike doesn't yet know the intricate interproject dependencies and so I have to be accomodating towards him and not take his ideas as law - otherwise will run into the "gourmet trap" - where I went too hard on one thing at the expense of the others.
  • Need to add a usability verber module to gourmet - but have other usability aspects as well.
  • Use Math::PartialOrdering for subsumption hierarchies for corpus and possibly gourmet
  • If going on trip home, be sure to set up gourmet working there.
  • One thing to recognize is that the peer to peer architecture for gourmet already exists.
  • Also get gourmet item scaled down and do resume. all this should be done first thing in the morning - it will be like a race.
  • To get shelter I need to finish gourmet and verber.
  • Could do the gourmet data extraction just by asking - is this a subtype of this?
  • If you ever find yourself doing (chess|porn|etc), stop it immediately. I need to get this work done. I should stop working so hard on simply gourmet at this point and take a breather.
  • gourmet should compute complexity measures for recipes. You can start out by saying I don't want any recipe more complex than X., etc.
  • Remember to warn users of gourmet about manipulated recipes.
  • Mike is becoming worried about me due to the failed campaign for a job in which I didn't demonstrate leadership and due to things like gourmet not being finished.
  • gourmet needs to be refactored to be more like busroute which is nice and clean.
  • Need to implement inventory management so that I can scan what groceries I get into gourmet.
  • gourmet should check back with the user to determine how much energy he has after eating certain foods. This could also be measured via productivity measures.
  • I don't need to sell gourmet to anyone. In other words, any talking about my project with other people is a waste of time. If only I could remember this.
  • With gourmet, we'll want to go through a few examples of translating the items it the recipes manually, and what results.
  • Implement cooking timer, as part of gourmet.
  • Come up with precise way to communicate vision of gourmet project.
  • Use Flogic for gourmet?
  • It is important to realize that Justin's situation is somewhat permanent (if he lives) - therefore, he is reliable in that sense. Now, if gourmet is finished and he is otherwise improved, in health and so on, well, then you sort of have a stable guy. But I think he's just gonna want to do his own thing. We'll see what happens.
  • Need to sit down and figure out our priorities for now. Mainly, I imagine this to be getting the classes system done. I can always work on gourmet - too bad about Peter.
  • Just need to get people working on stuff. Justin is not my only concern. With Justin - just finishing gourmet will save his life.
  • It will be nice to go ahead and get this system operational so that Justin can have some good reading. Should assemble a bunch of nice texts for the lad - not ones that focus on survival so much - since he's inclined to abuse that - but one's that aim to build intellectual stamina - he should rate them! He has a fast enough computer to do voice recognition. Seth should provide us with the "Justin Coslor is the master of the universe stuff". To get programming I will work on manager and "fun" stuff as to focus only on gourmet is a mistake - since I dally.
  • I am happy with the seeming progress that we have made today. Although my gut is huge now on account of this aweful food. I may want to work some more on gourmet later. I think I'll look at the recipes, then set my sleep timer for a while.
  • (for gourmet have automatic construction of resource ontology from long_desc strings, you know, identification of what those things are, and what properties apply to them, so that we can use inferencing here to support substitution equivalence classes over recipe ingredients.)
  • (Write my paper and add it to frdcsa-reference, or just have my software write my paper for me. I cannot tolerate this falling into stupidity - it has no doubt been caused by work here. I must find a way to isolate myself - that is to write to gourmet meal planner.)
  • prepare items for Peter Walker to work on making presentations and materials for the gourmet system.
  • Mistake: defended gourmet/project against Orinoco.
  • Let everything hinge on gourmet, which will be a success, and hide everything else in the background.
  • In fact, can only talk about gourmet.
  • Some of the things I am thinking about. It will be nice when we have the gourmet system done. It will then simply be a matter of heading to my selected food location at the proper time, preparing my food with minimal effort, and eating. Then rating. In order to get gourmet done, we have to schedule a meeting for gourmet in which we sit down and do most of the planning. This depends on the meeting scheduler. Perhaps there is such software that we could use.
  • Should also monitor for packages the reasons why experts recommend or do not recommend them, such as say for instance, why glimpse is not available through Debian (maybe there is something equivalent or better? This is related to the gourmet equivalency functionality and could be explored as its own problem.)
  • We could see whether any medical school was interested in the creation of gourmet
  • Get Justin writing gourmet, although I find that rather difficult to believe that that would be an easy task. But really enough of this bullshit. Everyone wants a piece of me.
  • Give the gourmet program to Ken.
  • Email these people about gourmet. Tell them about Debian.
  • ideas: use profiles of related software systems to estimate the complexity involved in writing a new system. example: use nut to calculate complexity for gourmet.
  • More so than even gourmet.
  • We shall go ahead then and declare a jihad, that we have to finish gourmet, and make a package, within 3 days. Then on to shops after a brief break.
  • Perhaps we can use trellis with gourmet to annotate health information.
  • Am interested in making a distributed trust management system for knowledge. So for instance, one gets their knowledge from different sources. They audit their sources. The program computes whether to trust the audited trail of information, to determine whether it has been tampered with and which sources are reliable, which specific information is credible, etc. The information contains assertions which are asserted by the party to be true. So for instance, we want a system that does not allow an industry to corrupt our gourmet systems knowledge of diet. So, their are two ways to do this. The first is that health information is entered into the gourmet system from research studies and sources are cited. And the second way is that gourmet actually learns for itself what specific diets are good for what people.
  • contact gopi flaherty about gourmet, maybe he is interested?
  • With gourmet on it.
  • should send out requests for comment for gourmet
  • forgot to mention the following: gourmet should allow the people who have eaten food to comment in natural language about what they did and didn't like about the food, and this will be incorporated into messages for the cooks.
  • Food processing will be done with the gourmet system.
  • Things remaining for gourmet: Finish XML generation code, clean it up. Find-or-create database standardization system, add to recipe managment. Find-or-create a queryable (XML|RDF) database to store recipeml files and provide utilities for searching. Write interface to SR16, as well as other modules and databases for nutrition calculation. Find-or-create solution to the nutrition management problem. Interface to pse to generate meal plans. Find-or-create reinforcement learning to model users tastes. Interface to manager to know when to review a meal. Look into open system for interactively managing food planning by providing a food preparation library.
  • Withc gourmet we can even simply populate a cache with these, although that noolves rewriting the cache interface somewhat, still.
  • with gourmet, also do expected cost
  • Tell Al the main problems so far are we don't have gourmet done and inventory management done, so we can solve the food problem. We are tempted to use an off the shelf system, but they never do what you want.
  • when we get a little further along write stallman asking him to review our site and suggest things, as well as his idea of the gourmet project legalities, etc.
  • email peter jansen with questions about the gourmet system: what do you think of this information, can you suggest anything related to making this better, health information, using KB to plan health, legality of product barcode?
  • use doit ratings explor exploit for gourmet recipe selection
  • obviously do CPAN stuff before gourmet and Reviewer
  • with gourmet we must deal with missing, inconsistent data
  • todo for gourmet: determine whether there is a corresponding nutrition and inventory expression language and how to integrate these.
  • Tell Sameer that he originally gave me the concept of local versus global planning, and ask him why then he doesn't agree with the principles of gourmet. I ask this because I want to improve gourmet to help people.
  • The manager systems functions as a goal planning system for persons, much like pse, only that the goals involve satisfying certain properties like getting enough rest, getting a good meal --- haha, we can integrate gourmet and manager here.
  • Get overweight people interested in gourmet, as well as get nutritionists. Find a nutritionist and ask them to help formalize knowledge. Perhaps use the Shaken system.
  • no progress on gourmet today, except that I asked sschuresko to join me.
  • Here are the things to do with respect to gourmet
  • I should ask sameer and some other people to work on gourmet with me, citing it has great need.

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