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Project Description

Job search has been greatly extended. It is now scraping jobs off the internet, and ordering them according to relevance to a candidate's profile, albeit inaccurately, so work is moving forward smoothly using MinorThird and the provided job labelled data set, which seems to work extremely well. I believe there is labelled resume data lying around here somewhere. We already have large resume and position copora.

It already does almost everything else we need it to. Audience is getting to the point where it will not be difficult to write a simple statemachine to proxy all communications and review them. Used Sorcerer to locate a statemachine editor. Resume generation is working but is inaccurate until the task of extraction of position attributes using MinorThird is finished, since resumes are generated per position.

The task of resume extraction will help in expanding resumes. FieldGoal/CLEAR are used to certify experience and familiarity with some given field in very quantitative terms.

Here is some old stuff, an example negotiation session taken from Audience conversation training simulator:

**** Imsorrywecouldntworksomethingouttoday63
	Human-0	Good, and you?
	Human-1	I'm doing well.
	Human-0	Good.  I would like to discuss my pay now.
	Human-1	Okay, let's move to a different room.
	Human-0	What is your offer?
	Human-1	Our offer is X (too low)
	Human-0	At that rate I can't afford to work here.  Do you have a better offer?
	Human-1	No
	Human-0	Let me counter offer.  How about Z? (too high)
	Human-1	We cannot do that.
	Human-0	Okay, then what can you do?
	Human-1	We offer X (same value as before)
	Human-0	I'm sorry we couldn't work something out today.
Player: Human-1
State: Imsorrywecouldntworksomethingouttoday63
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5) <Backup>
Other working features are we have a corpus of homepages and resumes and a statistical coauthoring system (functionality in coauthor) that helps the user write their homepage/resume using language models trained from the corpus. Resume generation is done using resumexml. There is a module for CLEAR which ensures the users familiarity with the subjects (based on the doctrinal hierarchy) parsed from the job description stored in the potential-job manager.


  • Develop something akin to academician which allows me to assert skills that I have into posi/job-search
  • Take the job-search system and have it learn which types of jobs to apply for, have it figure out when I'm not looking at it and only train on examples where it was clear I was reviewing
  • job-search should have a program which critiques resumes.
  • Setup code in joomla for posi job-search so it tracks who is logged in
  • job-search should also watch the mailinglists to get a job.
  • Add a feature to job-search where it determines which key words are associated with things we like.
  • Add a feature to job-search where people browse jobs and select the ones they think they are qualified for.
  • For job-search have analysis ready for Computing Workshop.
  • As part of job-search, extract top capabilities that are being requested by various groups, correlate to community value and, and study those areas/ recommend they be studied. For instance, drupal was mentioned several times, though I don't know how to administer it - hence go to a few drupal meetings.
  • Extentd job-search to send people new jobs that are matches...
  • Setup video consultancy job-search stuff
  • Use job-search, ems etc to handle the capabilities of our programs as well and match them to tasks
  • Make job-search resume matcher have multiple backend implementations, testing different systems.
  • Also record things that we have working on various systems. For instance, checking bank account, checking liferea, job-search resume analysis, etc.
  • Add automated resume rating and analysis to job-search. Like flesh kincaid, etc.
  • Make a job-search website, put it on posi and solicit donations.
  • Fix bug with job-search that it copies resumes to "andrewdo-resume..."
  • job-search will help people get good jobs.
  • Market job-search for lower income people.
  • job-search could use that
  • Since the job has been found, other functionality becomes more essential than job-search at this point.
  • Market job-search for lower income people.
  • job-search will help people get good jobs.
  • Adopt job-search to get information from my server
  • job-search should use http://jobs.perl.org/
  • The webpage generation can be used for job-search, for machiavelli, for fieldgoal and posi, etc.
  • This thing I've made for Sorcerer sure looks useful, it is being used in Sorcerer, broker, should be used in job-search, and could be used in busroute, clear, corpus, critic, cso, digilib, and verber.
  • audience will be necessary for job-search, and even manager if I recall correctly.
  • In all this time this morning I have succeeded in getting job-search to scrape some jobs and almost got it processing these, if we get the resume and cover letter generation functionality working today I would be happy.
  • For job-search calculate optimal reading/practice for all jobs together.
  • Add stuff to job-search and other code for which we run a central service, to warn the user if they are not on the machine that the service is based off of, to try using the client software instead.
  • Put a job-ethicality annotator on job-search, to let people know whether anyone has any objections to them doing that job. to wit, military or abortion clinic...
  • job-search: http://tcc.itc.it/research/textec/tools-resources/learningpinocchio/resumees.html
  • Setup job-search to continuously spider the latest stuff from Craigslist, and use that to hook people up with jobs...
  • Fix the frdcsa.org/job-search not displaying
  • job-search: http://ns.hr-xml.org/schemas/org_hr-xml/3_0/Documentation/Guidelines/ix01.php
  • add this to the emergency job searching list /var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/internal/job-search/data/current/imsa
  • job-search is one of the "rewards" that people who do good work for open source software get. We set it up on a secure server, and people connect to it to obtain their profiles, etc.
  • for job-search www.monster.com, careers.pghtech.org , www.ajb.dni.us www.net-temps.com
  • Humorous twist would be to generate resumes for some of my projects using job-search/capabilities management.
  • job-search should really just become savant, and profile should be changed to agent. Thus, capabilities management for agents is completed. That is useful, more generally. job-search then uses capabilities management for the agents. Pretty cool.
  • job-search can use baysian classification to predict the success of a resume.
  • Another thing is we can have a "skills explorer" or something that maps out accomplishments from pse to job-search.
  • First job-search is really managing the data about the user's capabilities. Therefore, bidirectional communication between job-search and capabilities management systems is in order.
  • A great many ideas come to mind as I get back into, of all things, job-search.
  • For job-search we want it to customize resumes by looking to match what the employee wants with previous experience.

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