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Project Description

The recent move by Meetup.com to become non-free is yet another reminder why we ought to have free alternatives to proprietary systems. meeting is the blanket project for organizing, recording and processing meetings.


  • Create a meeting scheduling agent for FRDCSA using: 6_assistant2.pl
  • Agenda: meeting> Tue Sep 21 07:30:00 CDT 2010
  • Agenda: meeting> Wed Jul 21 07:30:00 CDT 2010
  • Agenda: meeting> Mon Jun 21 07:30:00 CDT 2010
    ("due-date-for-entry" "141114" "3 hours")
  • Agenda: meeting> Wed Apr 21 07:30:00 CDT 2010
    ("due-date-for-entry" "132399" "3 hours")
  • Agenda: meeting> Sat Nov 21 07:30:00 CST 2009
    ("due-date-for-entry" "121917" "3 hours")
  • Agenda: meeting> Wed Oct 21 07:30:00 CDT 2009
    ("due-date-for-entry" "115406" "3 hours")
  • Agenda: meeting> Fri Aug 21 07:30:00 CDT 2009
    ("due-date-for-entry" "113647" "3 hours")
  • Create a system so people will know whether I will be at the posi meeting.
  • Sorcerer, meeting schedul
  • Develop meeting stipulations.
  • Sorcerer, meeting schedul
  • Sorcerer, -a meeting schedul
  • Develop an iternerary well in advance for meeting people, etc.
  • Calling a meeting on less than 24 hour notice will make it very
  • Sorcerer, -a meeting
  • Schedule meeting with Josh Gerlich to market some of my technology.
  • Tell the Scrabble people to hold the scrabble meeting at Swim.
  • A very good principle of reasoning is this: suppose you know that: Calling a meeting on less than 24 hour notice can make it very difficult for people to attend., the A.I. can then say, this is true, but perhaps in this particular there is something that makes it easy for them to attend, etc.
  • Schedule a meeting for the FRDCSA.
  • Email specific people that have shown a positive response, also send out an email that we will be having a meeting for the FRDCSA on such and such a date at such and such a place.
    ("comment" "25965" "Have FRDCSA meetings coincide with POSI meetings.")
  • Ensure people can post todo items for the next meeting.
  • Make sure someone video records and photographs the next posi meeting.
  • Perhaps should conduct posicore meetings remotely. Have a midweek small number of hours, POSICORE virtual meeting - so that we can work, etc. We also need to establish join intentions, etc.
  • We could send out emails to all the people on the Cyc discussion list who look to be somewhat Amatuer or not. Perhaps we could get them officially to be CycL groups. This would be useful in terms of getting their attention - appeal to authority. We could ask them to send back either their address or a rated list of major cities they would be willing to drive to in order to meet - and we will use this information to automatically construct a list of meeting spots that requires the least driving for everyone. We would then meet at a free venue in that city for a period of one or two days.
  • WRite letter to Ryan about next meeting.
  • I think I was able to defeat this silly mindframe as soon as I remembered AI. Perhaps I believed the bullshit arguments I was making. My purpose is to gain my isolation, and to do this I have to appear to kathleen as competent to do what she needs. I have a meeting with her but each time I prepare I get shunned. However, this is a meeting with Kathleen. I will prepare extensively, including doing C/C++ learning, as well as intelligence work and even grid programming. I will write a globus program tonight so that I may say that I have done this.
  • http://cujo.stanford.edu/twiki/bin/view/Corpora/CsliMeetingAnnotationCorpus for meeting
  • meeting should look at: http://www.w3.org/2001/12/zakim-irc-bot.html and RSSAgent
  • ES meeting with mstevens at 10:30 to work on cover letter and medical fund raising.
  • A tactic that will be useful when meeting other people is to not tell them about our project at all. Or to have a pitchman for our project, and watch on the sidelines. Have the mark, and the helper, whatever he is called. This has to work. This will be a way to get commitments out of people.
  • Organize a meeting for all people who feel like they are working very hard behind the scenes trying to support free software but that there software is either not being completed and hence not being used, or that for some reason or another they have not been able to get in contact with the community.
  • When meeting a person, a basic assumption of their actions models is necessary, and the result is that we act in a way that gets them to do what we want.
  • I think trying to get M.Stevens interested in meeting open source people is probably the best idea.
  • Read something on project management for tomorrows meeting.
  • Should get Justin interacting with Peter - but not before we can guarantee that they don't hurt each other. If they are going to meet - they follow meeting plans to have structure to the meeting, and report these back to me.
  • Nitpick should be aware that when meeting with a professor, we should be sure to look very good. Previous experience with William Cohen and Frank Pfenning illustrate that on the days I looked presentable, an enormous difference in terms of response.
  • (Definitely we are going to need to do the following. Before meeting my parents I am going to have to finish the MKS, and this will include a bidirectional speech interface that interfaces to audience and uses dialog management in order to do these things.)
  • meeting should generate flyers for meetings automatically.
  • I think that I could ask someone at the bug squashing party to write a classifier for the unilang file that does the automatic stuff (although I don't know anyone who can do that, we'll have to find them. It would be a cool way to get stuff done, to have the code online and these people would improve the code at the meeting, and we would reward them in someway, such as giving them more code in exchange, etc. The FRDCSA could simply be the wrapper, or the project information site, for everyone's projects, and in this way we would do this. We could alternate who's projects we worked on each time, or something, if necessary :)
  • Should have a meeting and a paper that we sign - the constitution of the commune - which details the reasons why people wish to join, and specifies their commitment.
  • Secondly, we want to have all the materials planned out for the meeting coming up soon.
  • Need to add a function similar to LAS to meeting, so that I can edit the meeting plans whenever. More generally, this should be part of unilang I believe.
  • Some of the things I am thinking about. It will be nice when we have the gourmet system done. It will then simply be a matter of heading to my selected food location at the proper time, preparing my food with minimal effort, and eating. Then rating. In order to get gourmet done, we have to schedule a meeting for gourmet in which we sit down and do most of the planning. This depends on the meeting scheduler. Perhaps there is such software that we could use.
  • meeting: http://penance.is.cs.cmu.edu/meeting_room/index.html
  • We need the planning system to be sure to tell us how to set up the system for meetings, for instance, if a meeting is scheduled, the system must ensure that it is working first, etc, and get the users to verify this.
  • add travelling salesmen GIS system to the distributed meeting system, and interact with flight system, if necessary.
  • Next meeting of #$Cyclify-Austin is August 12, 2004. Email opencyc@cyc.com for details. Open to the public.
  • find way to launch meeting recorder in background
  • With the air conditioner, now I will be able to turn on some more computers. Best is to create the server room. Should first create a prototype of manager that uses "motion" and also a prototype of meeting that uses the microphone.
  • we can transcribe the meeting recordings.
  • transcriber should help with meeting
  • There is an OSINT meeting June 2nd.
  • hold a meeting with some people from CMU to determine /home/jasayne/frdcsa/source/unilang/older/unilang.pl

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