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Project Description

paralegal is a legal reasoning system. It makes use of reasonbase and other systems to perform legal reasoning. It maintains a formal model of the applicable law. According to this it determines the legitimacy of plans created by verber, preventing verber from knowingly generating plans to accomplish illegal activities. It evaluates the legality of events as reported through RSR. For instance, if the person is the victim of a crime, it may detect this and thus provide person with the appropriate response.


  • paralegal: http://librarylab.law.harvard.edu/projects/free-the-law
  • paralegal: https://public.resource.org/
  • paralegal should analyze legally binding contracts (the small print) that customers tend not to read.
  • Get paralegal handling some of the cases we are fighting at work.
  • paralegal see http://philip.greenspun.com/mjcal/case-space.html
  • paralegal will give us the upper hand in legal cases.

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