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Project Description

This is all the software for running posi, similar to field goal.


  • Replace posi machine with a 6GB system from Bellwood.
  • Interface Ball in court with posi for tracking the status of communications.
  • Integrate posi functionality or develop separate posi system. Change the name.
  • Get posi.frdcsa.org back up.
  • Develop something akin to academician which allows me to assert skills that I have into posi/job-search
  • posi needs FoxTrot recommender system or similar.
  • Make a database of channels posi-log-bot and others are not permitted to access.
    ("due-date-for-entry" "112760" "3 days")
  • posi should try to integrate with people's existing workflows
  • Checkout we.riseup.net and crabgrass, see if they are interested in the posi technology
  • Use posi interest system for setting up film making projects.
  • Setup code in joomla for posi job-search so it tracks who is logged in
  • Need the ability to do things like search for the phone numbers of posi members in Chicagoland with one search.
  • do a conference call using teamspeak for posi.
  • Get posi mailinglist logs working
  • Fix posi mailinglist bounces
    ("pse-has-property" "111075" "very important")
  • Figure out how to refile messages in folders like %work, %posi, %action, etc.
  • posi check out http://ontolog.cim3.net/
  • Fix posi mailinglists
  • Write a document explaining tasks of posi administrators...
    ("due-date-for-entry" "107070" "1 days")
    ("pse-has-property" "107070" "very important")
    ("completed" "107070")
  • Maybe make the posi consultancy a not for profit.
  • Restart the posi and FRDCSA mailinglists.
  • Appoint various people to various positions within posi-core.
  • Have posi/FRDCSA swag printed up and ready to hand out.
  • Have posi index not just members but other people's interests, and use this for routing and potential presentation of suitable interesting stuff to them to possibly encourage their joining.
  • Put Possibility Thinking on posi.
    ("due-date-for-entry" "105755" "1 days")
    ("completed" "105755")
  • Make a job-search website, put it on posi and solicit donations.
  • Integrate the "assigned-to" with posi.
  • Ensure jrockway joins #posi
  • Create better introduction on the posi site.
  • Fix posi bots, remove FSF stuff, etc.
    ("due-date-for-entry" "104998" "3 days")
    ("completed" "104998")
  • Figure out how to get the posi wiki publically viewable
  • Enhance posi-unilang-bot, adding all the features we envision
    ("due-date-for-entry" "102954" "12 hours")
    ("pse-has-property" "102954" "very important")
  • Create a system so people will know whether I will be at the posi meeting.
  • The webpage generation can be used for job-search, for machiavelli, for fieldgoal and posi, etc.
  • Add in a periodic check to make sure posi-log-bot is logged in to the irc channel...
    ("pse-has-property" "86602" "important")
  • For posi, perhaps just have the system freekbs-assert ("requestor" 230953 "aindilis") for goal ids
  • Locate feedback from people on posi
    ("depends" "68367" "84238")
  • Set it up so others can post events on posi...
  • do an inner-annotator agreement test on the FRDCSA Cleanse project, make sure all interested parties are signed up to the FRDCSA mailinglist, and email them with a request to join the release party. Put the date on a calendar, maybe the posi calendar.
    ("pse-has-property" "83499" "very important")
  • Come up with a way to RSVP for workshops for posi.
  • Get posi-log-bot working again
    ("completed" "76379")
  • Tell the various programming groups in the area about posi when it is more ready.
  • Get posi-log-bot working again.
  • Fix problems with posi-log-bot, which seems to have lost all our messages for over 2 months.
    ("completed" "74534")
  • Start a posi project for inventory management
  • Look into project management software for posi
  • recruit to posi from other channels of interest in due time
  • Setup posi social meetings to coexist with ChiGLUG
  • Transfer main posi page over.
    ("completed" "73859")
  • Ask everyone to invite someone to come to posi
  • Create a posi public calendar that everyone can incorporate into theirs.
    ("pse-has-property" "73730" "important")
    ("completed" "73730")
  • do something about posi being "open source"...
  • Once posi website is working, then contact the LUG etc....
    ("pse-has-property" "71079" "important")
  • Contact people from western suburbs lug about posi, send announcement on LUNI about posi, when posi software is working....
  • figure out WTF is wrong with posi-log-bot
    ("comment" "70842" "it won't log in when run as a daemon")
    ("completed" "70842")
  • Write more succint stuff on posi for the posi homepage
  • Create a topology map of the system. A gui written in vxwidgets for making queries in posi...
  • Create a webpage for FRDCSA and posi with Z
    ("completed" "69761")
  • posi: Add search capabilities
  • Get posi software working better.
  • Create chat bot for posi.
  • Look at feedback from people on posi, review logs.
    ("feeling-for-entry" "68367" "I plan to do this later")
    ("same-as" "68367" "67085")
    ("depends" "68367" "84238")
    ("due-date-for-entry" "68367" "1 months")
  • Email Mary Hart asking if it is okay to tell CW people about posi
    ("pse-has-property" "67236" "optional")
  • Setup posi announcements.
  • Make sure to analyze all feedback on posi.
    ("same-as" "68367" "67085")
  • Matt Lechleider is too busy to work on posi
    ("critic-unilang-classification" "66840" "observation")
  • One area in which posi may fail is there is more to assembling teams than goal/interest/ability.
  • Ask Matt to help me install Drupal on the posi server.
    ("depends" "66562" "66560")
    ("obsolete" "66562")
  • Get a dedicated computer for posi.
    ("depends" "66562" "66560")
    ("completed" "66560")
  • Set it up so it gives me message whenever anyone says anything on #posi or #frdcsa
    ("completed" "66546")
  • posi: get everyone's online social network sites so we know more about them, can process those automatically
  • posi Get everyone's website to begin extracting their interests.
  • Get resumes from everyone involved in posi to begin extracting their capabilities.
  • Give a good overview of posi
    ("completed" "66519")
  • Setup an IRC bot for posi that allows you to do things like they do in Debian, i.e. 'tell soandso about rt'
  • Write a tutorial on using RT for posi
  • Get a dedicated server for posi
    ("completed" "66504")
  • posi have something for dating.
  • posi: http://www.collegedegree.com/library/college-life/the_ultimate_guide_to_using_open_courseware
  • Setup logging on FRDCSA and posi chatrooms.
    ("comment" "59223" "e.g. http://koha.org/cgi-bin/logs.pl")
    ("comment" "59223" "I've set up logging, but it still needs to be daemonized, and have a search interface.")
  • posi check out the 43things web API: http://www.43things.com/about/view/web_service_api
  • Note the similarity between hackontest and posi
  • How can we really know where the posi like groups are?
  • Setup a posi rt queue
    ("completed" "56133")
  • Add a bandwidth limiting script to posi.club.cc.cmu.edu
  • The only time when I really need to be on the net is around when people are showing up for posi meetings.
  • Get a videotaped joint statement of Linux Torvalds, Richard Stallman, and Eric Raymond, imploring my parents to help me, followed by a truck load of people wearing the posi shirts!
  • posi should have typing sessions and breaks.
  • Leave Brian alone leading up to a posi event.
  • Make sure someone video records and photographs the next posi meeting.
  • Could have Justin subtitle his book as Possibility Thinking, explorations in logic, posi implementation reference manual
  • Go through Machiavelli lists to find good people for posi.
  • The FRDCSA is separate from posi, so I do not face a total threat of difficulty, I can always choose to secede.
  • posi should look at http://www.akshaya.net/
  • Maybe put Pittsburgh skyline in the posi logo.

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