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Project Description

Agents advertise their abilities or request services and savant matches requests to advertisements. Normally used for MAS but can also be applied to business domain - the "handyman problem". Also, automatically computes feedback from all parties as to the validity of the services, thus learning from experience.


  • savant Sanctuary
  • savant or whatever the capabilities management system, should come up with a large database of existing capabilities, probably expressed in some language like the PI calculus.
  • Like an infant, and a savant.
  • job-search should really just become savant, and profile should be changed to agent. Thus, capabilities management for agents is completed. That is useful, more generally. job-search then uses capabilities management for the agents. Pretty cool.
  • Contact Marcel Just or whoever about inducing savant behaviour (since he studies it).
  • Dad himself said to the effect that, perhaps I was an idiot savant.

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