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Project Description

Searches are more profitable when the correct procedures for searches are followed. This generally includes writing a definition for the search. seeker integrates all the searchers tools into a reusable platform. It maintains a database of current searches and even generates subsearches of its own based on other system activities. It also helps to regulate internet access by changing usage patterns from browsing to specific retrievals.


  • Index frustrating searches. Store all previous searches in seeker.
  • Should sanctus handle seeker functionality?
  • seeker should definitely determine how heavily to stress certain channels.
  • seeker can even help us find things on our own computer.
  • seeker should make use of the linkranker software
  • seeker might eventually make use of web intelligence (measure popularity of various things), and web information extraction technologies, query planning (like Fetch technologies Ariadne...)
  • Setup a general troubleshooting assistant (that uses seeker to launch web searches for given problems, and breaks things down into steps that can be solved by annotated web searches, etc.)
  • Search (for seeker) often uses specialized searches.
  • Should sanctus handle seeker functionality?
  • (write system to browse fravia (seeker itself should do that))
  • Maybe seeker should actually handle requests for software, and utilize cso, radar, etc.
  • Pipe cso searches through seeker
  • Integrate seeker with IRC.

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