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Project Description

busroute is a bus planning system. But it cannot solve larger problems of transportation. So this project has been created to manage that larger integration, with the initial emphasis being exporting valid route information for verber, especially walking/bike riding times between destinations in various weather conditions. This information is obviously first estimated, and then a transportation model is created. A GPS or topographical map system (say USGS high res topo maps) would help for walking/riding time calculations. This system incorporates notions from planning/scheduling as well as OPSEC considerations.


  • transport: http://matplan.deweerdt.org/
  • Maybe all I need is a system for purifying rainwater, a camp axe, rope, and I can build the rest. I will probably want a gun to kill wildlife that threatens me. Again, all of these would be good, lightweight items. Go with solar power too, and all I need is a battery, and to be honest, I could even use a system to pump water up to a higher elevation and use that to run a generator. Ram pumps. I could use the water as a transport, by having a canoe. Or I could build a secret underwater system for river transport. That would be better. It could be motorized as well, using an electric battery bank for near silent operation. I could don a wet suit. So really, I need to work on the temperature controlled bodysuit.
  • Risks with the shelter system. This system has several risks. First, how do we transport to and from it? Maybe it should be near a rail line and I could hop the railroad. I might get caught if AI improves. So, what about this. I suppose this clearly presumes some kind of contact and dependence on the world. Of course it does. The question is where to build so that I don't get caught. I also need defenses against other kinds of problems.
  • It's probably a good idea to assume we are processes on a computer, trying to learn enough about the kernel to save ourselves and transport ourselves to other computers, and therefore live on.

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