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Project Description

This tool provides a set of helper functionality for conducting research, such as correctly parsing citations in documents. One could think of it as being related to researchindex.com, Google Scholar, and other systems that deal with the world of academic resources.


  • Implement a system for permamently storing certain window configurations, especially documents being read, or if not window configurations, academician documents being visited by Emacs.
  • Have an academician function which indexes table of contents, adjusts for the pages, and allows us to search through table of contents and go to the correct locaiton.
  • Farm out the academician PDF stuff to a OCR program that gives us spans for text, and highlight on the PDF the sentence being read - or load an HTML page mirroring it and highlight that sentence.
  • Implement a system for recording when we learn different Cyc concepts. Integrate into Clear/academician/Study space.
  • Work out the KBFS system and then backpropagate information from academician to refer to the correct documents in KBFS.
  • Add a feature to Clear/academician to start reading from the page that the 'c b' command is sent from.
  • Then write a function so that emacs academician can skip forward to the next unread page.
  • Make an interface between academician, news-monitor and clear that records when we have read from an RSS feed, that we did read it.
  • Improve the functioning of CLEAR's and academician's recording of when a document has been fully read, and especially the DESTROY saving capabilities of CLEAR.
  • Note how by hitting "a n" in academician mode, if you then hit space before it completes, it doesn't advance to the next page, and it seems to wait for input, such that Ctrl-G is necessary.
  • academician should tell you how long to the next chapter/section/etc.
  • Make an unassert page read function for academician.
  • academician add function for OCRing document.
  • Use nlu and academician etc to have a declare-region-read function.
  • Have the ability in academician to assert that something (e.g. a page) was read out of order or without prerequisites.
  • Create tabs for academician.
  • Make academician-cycle-next-publication cycle through different topics separately, using different rings.
  • Add to academician assertions about the length of files in pages, add to KBFS actually.
  • Make KBFS2 very robust, add a lot of features. Then use it to classify different files for release. Have it inspect files using a decision agent, and auto-redact parts as needed. Make as part of a separate codebase to MyFRDCSA. Have it have multiple modes about reckoning about files. Then start asserting a lot of stuff, rewrite academician and nlu to use it, and so on.
  • Have the ability to OCR something in academician and return a searchable pdf.
  • Fix goddamn citation stuff in academician.
  • Add to academician the ability to make notes specific to individual pages or sentences, use nlu type constraints.
  • Do like a paperless office type frontend for academician which tells you which pages have been read, of which texts.
  • Develop a search engine like thing for academician.
  • Merge the Eurisko and Cyc documentation I've obtained with the academician system.
  • Add to academician / nlu / system/index.html">argument-system / etc the ability to argue with a text and store the argument.
  • Develop interface for academician which records which info and man pages have been read, or to what extent.
  • Have the title parser function of academician strip out bad characters.
  • Figure out why academician-declare-desire-to-have-software hangs everytime and you have to hit C-g
  • Add a feature to academician to record page ranges for chapters or articles in a publication.
  • Have this rotate, so CLEAR should read books for part of the day, old unilang messages for part of the day, text files from projects for part of the day, etc. Then we should watch a movie as recreation for part of the day, and so on. Develop a scheduler for these kinds of things. Use pddl possibly. Have it know to not repeat the same subject. Have it directed by research interests in academician.
  • Create an interface for snipping quotes from documents for academician.
  • Could add eye tracking to academician and interface it with a document layout understanding program such that doc-view would redraw the page including "highlighting" of what had already been read and the degree to which it had been read.
  • Have academician understand different syntax for citations and be able to follow it doing a thing-at-point command over it: i.e. '[74]' from 'Various formal systems have been devised to represent the interaction between knowledge and action, including those of Fagin et al. [25], Parikh and Ramanujam [74] and Batlag et al. [8]. Recent work on the foundations of epistemic dynamic logic has shown these different perspectives to be essentially equivalent [73, 118], and they can be briefly summarised as follows.'
  • It should be possible to define an extra type of syntax for KBS2::ImportExport such that what is currently processed as '("comment" ("unilang-entry-fn" "392228") "for academician")' would come out to '(comment (unilang-entry-fn 392228) "for academician")'
  • For academician, make a browsing history.
  • Create a default academician page which allows you to search for papers online and in your local repos.
  • Develop a dashboard for academician in Emacs.
  • Make academician-start-reading use a context mechanism, so that we have different read lists for different contexts. Auto compute context using hierarchical text classification?
  • Transition academician over to using KBFS because, for instance, when you mark a page as read, that is relative to the specific version of the document, and not to the title of the document.
  • Possibly add something to academician where it allows you to cycle through documents to skip ones that are already opened in another window.
  • Add stuff to academician for handling individual page information.
  • Fix problem with 'k a' in academician not properly updating the values.
  • Rewrite academician to use KBFS. Fix KBFS.
  • Rewrite academician stuff to use KBFS.
  • Figure out whatever is the matter with academician "a s" command
  • Have the ability to assert in academician that a page was skimmed instead of read.
  • Fix bug that requires us typing in M-x doc-view-mode in order to get some academician mode stuff to actually display.
  • Use academician in conjuction with nlu to represent in a cryptographically strong fashion the various text "snippets" and documents and data files.
  • academician domains should be tied together and it should be possible to launch special topic searches, for instance, one into packaging for Debian for instance.
  • Add to CLEAR/academician the ability to assert that a given chapter has been read, etc. Extract the knowledge about chapters and so on from texts on literary analysis
  • academician should make use of suppositional-reasoner in order to plan out what to study, etc.
  • Tie CLEAR with academician for recording which pages have been read. Then have clear send commands to Emacs-Client in order to turn the pages so to speak of academician mode.
  • KBS2, MySQL2:freekbs2:_Contexts query-cyclike ("generalizes-context" "Org::FRDCSA::academician" ?X)
  • KBS2, MySQL2:freekbs2:_Contexts query ("generalizes-context" "Org::FRDCSA::academician" ?X)
  • Write a function to redefine a title in academician.
  • Eliminate the garbage in the title's of publications in academician.
  • Get the page tracking system working for academician.
  • Interface academician with CLEAR, so that when you add something as an interest it schedules reading for you.
  • academician must use the stuff that KBFS does, in order to represent knowledge about files.
  • academician should, when run with academcian-start-reading, return to the previous pages that it left on. Also add something, a special keybinding, for marking the page done, to the academician mode which should be derived in part from docviewmode
  • Use academician to specify reading lists.
  • Make academician a derived mode of docview, or at least an academicianview mode that can be enhanced as seen fit
  • add a skip-to-next-unread-page command to academician
  • docview mode should, using the academician tools, or maybe vice versa, tell you which page has been read.
  • Integrate the paper reading system from academician with clear.
  • Add a function to academician to show all the assertions that are related to the current buffer.
  • Implement info to piece together all that is known about a current buffer from academician.
  • Add a "following-link" item to academician
  • Look into the use of Emacs bookmarks in conjunction with academician
  • Add the option to state in academician that a particular concept is understood.
  • Provide a method for defining something in academician.
  • Rewrite academician-declare-publication-read to include implicitly the declare-url-read function
  • Add the ability to quickly remove papers from academician
  • Add the ability to clean up entries downloaded to academician that were actually html and not pdf or ps.
  • Have the ability to tag papers in academician with properties and search later by those properties.
  • Develop something akin to academician which allows me to assert skills that I have into POSI/Job-Search
  • Set up a text to speech mode for academician which reads a page at a time and can be set to go backwords, forwards, etc.
  • Process with academician: http://mil-oss.org/get-involved/existing-projects
  • Add the ability to make quotations from documents. academician

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