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Project Description

This is a simulator of the android end of the FRDCSA client for walking us through tasks, and a whole bunch of other things, like speech recognition and barcode recognition.


  • Fix this question mark based error: request: (cyclify "\'The recent vulnerabilities "StageFright" and "One Class to Rule them All" affect hundreds of millions of android systems, and are just the latest entries in a long series of incidents that show the magnitude of the problem.\'")'
  • Write google android software for inventory management and also for task management and every other kind of management. Include commands to control picture taking. Make sensible controls, use trained vocabulary etc.
  • Write some Jason agents for fun. Write an android app.
  • Get android speech to text to work, contract for someone to help develop the code
  • Add the Jade android manual to the android reference collection.
  • Find out about speech recognition on the android phone
  • Develop CW lesson plans for android software
  • Build in encryption for android phone manager software.
  • Have different sounds play for different messages on the android.
  • Add a capability to know what NOT to say in public for android TTS Manager system.

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