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Project Description

auto-packager takes existing Debian packages and their orig.tar.gz files and uses this information to construct a set of rules for packaging software.


  • Reload the items for auto-packager.
  • auto-packager should use data enrichment of package orig.tar.gz, debian/* and included patches via sayer/thinker, nlu and kbfs as input features to various machine learning systems in order to determine how to automatically package something for Debian. brilliant. difficult though.
  • To note with auto-packager, just because a file has been moved intact does not me we can infer it is a simple copy, it could have gone through a filter just in this case remained intact.
  • one way to make auto-packager work better would be to get brainleach working, then run it on packaging several systems, then use the data.
  • auto-packager must deal with multiple systems with the same binary names.
  • Here are some ideas for auto-packager, use a vector of features on the orig.tar.gz and on the source deb.

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