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Project Description


  • send Chris - brainstorm about inputs I can have into this script 1-2 page
    ("assigned-by" "104975" "Chris Lampkin")
  • brainstorm viable products.
    ("assigned-to" "104961" "Justin Coslor")
    ("assigned-to" "104961" "Chris Lampkin")
    ("due-date-for-entry" "104961" "1 days")
    ("completed" "104961")
  • Certain tasks need to be done for next years computing workshop. We should brainstorm about what we can do to help improve certain things. I didn't do any real lesson planning due to time and effort constraints and this was my main difficulty. I think CLEAR has applications of course, but to be an its its going to have to know more about learning styles than it presently seems to.
  • brainstorm is the same thing as neurogrid, methinks.
  • In order to get justin, or most people in fact, to work with us, we should not make their projects sub projects of the frdcsa. Justin has already said the FRDCSA project is my project. Therefore, we might rework it, so that Justin creates HIS project, the brainstorm Thinktank or whatever, and together, with as many other people as possible, we create the Creativity and Life Center or something. It just occurred to me that SubSystem is a fragile distinction for these very reasons, and that we could say, Iterative Dependency or something.
  • brainstorm what is the definitive solution in terms of making a web cache that maintains older versions of same document in cache, is permanent, can link between documents, can be indexed, can be queried according to properties?
  • implement Sameer's "confirmation" system as part of brainstorm
  • in asking people to help us, we should find out what their interests are, using a chat program or the like, or even an interactive graph system, and then use this information as part of brainstorm and in general capabilities managers. we ought to also work on getting a common vocabulary going as soon as possible, in order to standardize concepts such as capability.

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