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Project Description

This system uses a frame-based slot system to track different metadata about computer functions. It statically (and sometimes dynamically) analyzes programs and extracts out this information. It is similar to Eurisko in this regard. It is a knowledge base about functions, vaguely consonant to the Master Control Program from the first Tron movie.


  • cfo should use KM
  • Just got back from an event with mike Stevens. We drove to Baltimore, and met at a CMU Alumni networking event. We met the cfo of Capital One, and got a whole bunch of networking contacts. I got two business cards for websites that people wanted developed just because I was a staff "web developer", and you know I can't stand that stuff. But, now we got some stuff there. I would have told you about it except that I had 1 days notice and that also, things are easier for me socially if there are fewer social variables. Anyhow, I'm telling you this mike guy is the real thing. He wants to purchase a house in Pittsburgh to be the tech commune. He has some very real business plans and anyhow you need to meet with him.

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