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Project Description


  • Fix the fact that csa conflates the dates on software.
  • Using recovery-frdcsa, make a list of all files that have not changed presumably based on file dates if possible, or at least sizes.
  • Date => $dates,
  • use Lingua::EN::Extract::dates;
  • my $dates = $res->{dates};
  • my $dateextract = Lingua::EN::Extract::dates->new();
  • Write a scheduler to remind me to do things on certain dates - include taxes.
    ("due-date-for-entry" "106714" "3 days")
  • Write a system for determining the due dates of various assigned tasks...
  • Attempt to automatically extract due dates from goals through reasoning, etc.
  • Detect writings that sound like entries, and insert them as entries after parsing, deleting the original files (unless they have been linked to from somewhere else) and marking them as special and perhaps with dates from the file creation time.
  • Fix done.cgi redacting sunday and other dates.
  • Promulgate due dates on dependencies.
  • Create a snarf function for pse due date stuff that uses time3 annotations to snarf dates from the emacs region.
  • Archive all early FRDCSA pages with dates and times in case of a new for prior art.
  • Fix discrepancy in dates of various clocks...
  • Setup tracking of how far behind release dates various packages are.
  • be sure to put all important dates on the calendar, so we can see what is coming, for instance, any Debian conventions, any CMU lectures, etc. Also, at certain times one can expect new information to be posted, so we should retrieve that as well.

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