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Project Description


  • Resolve conflict between fcms and guard-on
  • Also add an Emacs hotkey to the *fcms* and other special buffers.
  • Create the fcms object affordance system. So for any given object you can have a range of affordances for it and such.
  • Fix fcms so it doesn't register a boatload of new agents all the time.
  • Have life-planner/index.html">free-life-planner fcms go through a list of high probability commonly possessed items of the homeless and have a quick selection interface which allows them to bootstrap their inventory quickly.
  • Add to C-cC-eC-ek and x to only do the fcms stuff if it's installed.
  • Make fcms handle FRDCSA data on planner.frdcsa.org
  • Make sure we use an appropriate caching scheme for fcms.
  • Possibly create a separate interface for fcms for FLUX, as the Verber one won't necessarily fit.
  • Create a DigiLib interface for fcms.

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