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Project Description

folksonomy is a tool for classifying software according to various "folksonomies", which is a (possibly condescending) word for things like the Sourceforge classification scheme, the debtags systems, and the Freshmeat classification system.


  • Have packager automatically add the section tag based on folksonomy results.
  • Work on folksonomy to add the ability to datamine various Flossmole/CSO relationships and add to a website about automatically derived tags.
  • Setup the datamart, and the folksonomy, etc.
  • Should instantiate multiple views of the FRDCSA minor, internal, external and packages, etc. Have a view for categories of internal software. Have multiple category systems. Use folksonomy, etc.
  • Integrate folksonomy results into the FRDCSA page.
  • Run descriptions through folksonomy and put tags on system.

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