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Project Description


  • Have life-planner/index.html">free-life-planner fcms go through a list of high probability commonly possessed items of the homeless and have a quick selection interface which allows them to bootstrap their inventory quickly.
  • Host a conference to teach homeless people how to use it with their phone.
  • Giant plot hole - how are they supposed to have the FRDCSA on their own personal computer if they are homeless. At least would need an always on laptop.
  • Get new laptop so that if I go homeless, at least I have a nice new laptop...
  • If I am going to go homeless, I am going to need rsr and verber functioning. Which means, I ought to work some on these two.
  • I heard a voice say, "I acceptd this difficult position, its so stupid out there." note that this refers to going homeless and hanging out with the undergrads.
  • I have been forced, against my will, by circumstance, to adopt to other people, due to being homeless. This is opposite why I left in the first place. This is problematic. Talking with Ryan reminds me of my earlier ways of thinking. Therefore - finding progress from back then would be important. In leui of this I may simply record my stuff - this made no sense I may simly glimpse search for notes on Asperger's syndrome, and show this to Ryan, possibly. I am impaired right now - due to interactions with other people.
  • didn't look right when getting off bus, got bad look from homeless person, left security cable in an unknown state, allowed laptop to discharge fully in bookbag, didn't finish a task in the correct time, allowed Jesse to see a political sigsite I was watching, was made fun of by Marcus, was not perfectly polite to il-chun, don't remember the substance of conversations, left my cubile, failed to do a task I said I would, made an unplanned movement, did not plan out day in advance, lost compsure and awareness multiple times, offended mike Stevens subtly, did not tend to Justin's emotional state, shifted mentality away from ai, tempted to make unplanned movemnts, made an offensive possibly racist comment, not using my logic enough, did not relecutant to pursue certain important goals, procrastination, made noise early in the morning, talked too much, given too much credence to a person like seth, not acted soon enough to tell Justin how to handle the case with Aaron,
  • It is incumbant upon me to plan out going homeless again, since that event may arise.
  • Need to sit down and plan out everything I need. Here is some thinking in terms of being homeless. A combination of movements is going to most effective. The goal of course is to minimize at a rather large cost the number of times one is discovered sleeping in places that they shouldn't. Therefore, a schedule of sleeping in different places is advised. For instance, always being at my computer is a problem. Also, this problem with laundry is bad. But I shouldn't do laundry until the evening when fewer people are around, or no? Anyhow, I should find a local laundromat, ok, so let's make a todo list - asking for the nearest laundromat.
  • http://homeless-mis.net/hmis/READ_ME.html#walk_through

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