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Project Description

KOMS duck-types strings, so for instance, if you have a string that matches the regex for a URL, one possible duck-type for it would be URL. In this case, affordances for the URL would be opened in the contextual menu. For instance, you might want to open it in a browser, record it as a metasite, mirror or spider it, etc. If further, it were a GitHub URL, you might want to store it in the git repository repository. The main motivation for KOMS is to cut down on the number of nonessential keybindings that one has to memorize, freeing the user up to memorize more frequently used or efficient combinations of bindings.


  • Maybe study more about type systems and the like before writing the system/index.html">kmax-object-manipulation-system
  • Develop a system for, in addition to the system/index.html">kmax-object-manipulation-system, classical planning for it's use for people who do not yet know the functions.
  • There is a notion of what are all the commands I can run at point, so for instance if certain commands would fail at point, then they would not count. This concept is part of the system/index.html">kmax-object-manipulation-system.
  • Write the system/index.html">kmax-object-manipulation-system system - although try to read about EIEIO etc first, type systems, and so on. Read about Category Theory.
  • For system/index.html">kmax-object-manipulation-system, the thing at point, and like for instance, in w3m, a URL under point, should automatically hint at certain actions. For instance, the URL will have different actions possible to undertake on it. Perhaps what we need to do is use EIEIO and duck typing or something.
  • For the system/index.html">kmax-object-manipulation-system, have it so that you can bring up a gloss page which allows navigation across common actions, facts, etc about the object. So for instance if the type of object you selected was a paper as in research paper, you would have affordances for obtaining the citations, etc.

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