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Project Description


  • Involve mike Iltis if he is still interested in AM.
  • Contact mike Stevens.
  • Invite mike and maybe Justin to recruit programmers from IMSA.
  • Now we have enough demos to definitely get people working on our projects. mike is right that I should learn persuasion.
  • Should probably find a more standardized way of talking between UniLang and clients. Protocols are nonsense right now. mike is right - develop a protocol system.
  • mike should probably talk with Sameer
  • There have got to be tons of really cool people who want to get together and collaborate like Justin, mike and I, therefore we need Audience to be able to scale to that many people. We should eventually convert audience to use MySQL.
  • Draft will saying that copies of my hard drive are to be distributed to Justin Coslor, mike Stevens, and Brian Sammon.
  • Find mike Stevens.
    ("completed" "60345")
  • Bring up mike S. idea of statically linked packages.
  • mike says that usually with open source stuff, they divide the project into modules with different maintainers developing different modules.
  • Ask mike when that new girl is coming.
  • Things to do once connected to the internet: send url of plans to Justin, find out when Mary is going to take me shopping, email mike asking for a time that we can move the server in and maybe swing by the store, look into writing a spider for craigs list shopping items for Broker.
  • Come up with corpus of items for mike Stevens to look at.
  • Ask mike about the switch, so I can copy files off the laptop.
  • mike said I was supposed to send out several resumes. I am also to fill out the Student summaries for Noel and everyone else.
  • mike says, Signed elf files. (also debian interaction)
  • There is no excuse for not getting in contact with people by email, who could help us. I guess mike should write a bunch of stuff.
  • Perhaps mike can use the demo to solidify control over the Asperger's.
  • I can't be a drain on mike.
  • Mary said that I should compare myself to mike, which I don't think is fair at all.
  • Tell Greg to contact mike at his email.
  • Send mike an email.
  • Get mike individual text files for different stops.
  • Talked with mike about Stallman trip
  • Ask mike's help in contacting RMS.
  • Whereas SHOPS was the tough product with Al, gourmet is the tough product with mike.
  • Just some thoughts here: mike doesn't yet know the intricate interproject dependencies and so I have to be accomodating towards him and not take his ideas as law - otherwise will run into the "Gourmet trap" - where I went too hard on one thing at the expense of the others.
  • Tell mike that I want to make lunches for all of the days in advance so I don't have to pay lots of money to eat.
  • Don't go running over to mike, he usually has his girlfriend over or something.
  • Tell mike when I see him about cell phone scrambler for bus driver, and ask about Mary
  • While thinking abstractly abou thow it is that mike is able to remember related projects when he sees something, so well, I thought about that maybe maybe he is precomputing if then triggers, like if I see Andy, tell him X. And storing these. But the question is how does he fire these rules? And I got an idea though, using spreading activation using common sensenet you could set triggers and spread when events happen - they are parsed semantic activation spreads. spreads
  • Here are the thoughts: ask mike about Mary's car, then send email off to Mary.
  • Dad's statement at the end about how we were going to get rolling on this is perfectly indicative of his plan - all along. He wants to make me feel as though I've made a commitment. In other words I opened a new front. I do best when I reduce complexity so this was an error - now I have anxiety about it. And that is all fine and well. That may be enough to do me in. mike is right I have to write that software and yet I am pressured by all these factors. The truth is isolation but even that is complex. I should none-the-less ask Mary to pick up the drums and perhaps drive them to Justin's. But not after we pick up a dolly.
  • I have only myself with which to achieve my goals. This means that I have to build these systems anyway - although mike has a point.
  • Ask mike about thing bus driver was asking.
  • mike is still fresh - we have to keep him fresh - so is Ryan. I really thikn Ryan should be the judge and secondly
  • mike was slightly upset at me being behind schedule. Until I have a lamborghini I will continue to be unproductive.
  • Secondly we can seek grant money through Mary from Hunt or other places - mike will look that up.
  • Here are some ideas that mike and I discussed - we could obtain the contact info of a celebrity and seek aid from them. Our selling point is we are not scam artists, but caring individuals.
  • Mary said she can write grant proposals and mike said Hunt might do it.
  • A few points of order - mike says move toilet paper.
  • I like mike's thinking but the cooking this is 80/20, not a super project - it is just to help people not starve.
  • Tell mike I would rather not discuss personal things until I get rsr done - so that I can improve my OPSEC.
  • Tell mike about the $42 networking kit.
  • notes when interacting with Fred - I tried hard to not act patronizing but given my Asperger's syndrome I was probably slightly patronizing. Ways to avoid this are to have mike explain things to him, and to adhere to a specific,trained form of interaction.
  • mike is becoming worried about me due to the failed campaign for a job in which I didn't demonstrate leadership and due to things like Gourmet not being finished.
  • mike critiqued the plan for looking for people saying that there were two kinds of people, those who are motivated and those trying to stay alive, and that this would be a problem.
  • Ask mike how to do that.
  • mike and I did get a little good work done on engineering the whole thing, but perhaps after sleeping I will feel better.
  • rsr today too many things to mention - slept until 3:00 pm, went of and got food, slow to achieve all tasks, way too much recreation. However, good things are that made some progress after in depth discussion with mike. Goal is to make Jeff not realize I knew so much about C++, time is dwindling. Very hot in here, no comfortable clothes, etc.
  • didn't look right when getting off bus, got bad look from homeless person, left security cable in an unknown state, allowed laptop to discharge fully in bookbag, didn't finish a task in the correct time, allowed Jesse to see a political sigsite I was watching, was made fun of by Marcus, was not perfectly polite to il-chun, don't remember the substance of conversations, left my cubile, failed to do a task I said I would, made an unplanned movement, did not plan out day in advance, lost compsure and awareness multiple times, offended mike Stevens subtly, did not tend to Justin's emotional state, shifted mentality away from ai, tempted to make unplanned movemnts, made an offensive possibly racist comment, not using my logic enough, did not relecutant to pursue certain important goals, procrastination, made noise early in the morning, talked too much, given too much credence to a person like seth, not acted soon enough to tell Justin how to handle the case with Aaron,
  • Automatically read requirements to mike
  • mike says best feature for IDE is microsoft.
  • If I make mike my security head, he will also have the power to break my security.
  • mike Stevens and I should practice this, mike should be the pitchman.
  • Ask mike to order me some DVD disks. This will help in freeing up hard drives. Schedule to do this on one day.
  • mike was interested in helping gutenberg.
  • Fix up busroute system for mike.
  • Right now I can't concentrate because Kavita and mike are chatting loudly
  • When I meet Al next I should have prepared an ansible. I will ask Al when he leaves and I will also ask mike to make one with me, although best would be to make it myself.
  • A basic measure of a person is whether he is willing to work with you to accomplish some goal - look at mike and Al as examples of this.
  • Schedule dinner with mike S.
  • Perhaps tell mike Stevenson about the predictors.
  • mike called the hand held keyboards: Fliipers or something
  • Just got back from an event with mike Stevens. We drove to Baltimore, and met at a CMU Alumni networking event. We met the cfo of Capital One, and got a whole bunch of networking contacts. I got two business cards for websites that people wanted developed just because I was a staff "web developer", and you know I can't stand that stuff. But, now we got some stuff there. I would have told you about it except that I had 1 days notice and that also, things are easier for me socially if there are fewer social variables. Anyhow, I'm telling you this mike guy is the real thing. He wants to purchase a house in Pittsburgh to be the tech commune. He has some very real business plans and anyhow you need to meet with him.
  • The reason mike objects to those things about anti-social behaviour is because he would become antisocial if not for these programmed instructions.
  • I think I can ask mike Stevens about high quality microphones. In addition to an OCR server, we ought to have a multispeaker speech recognition system that we can use to recongitize contents/speakers of all conversations. As a CMU student, I should have access to this. And it occurred to me that mstevens has access to my system, so naturally, he would attempt to gather as much interesting stuff about it as possible. Therefore, I ought to leave it unplugged by default. I also don't have a way to see if it is transfering any files, and he could have transfered some.
  • Add ability to send mail to other people through bbdb. mike says we'll get the internet running now.
  • If I get the CMU job, don't tell anyone save mike O'Connor of course.
  • there are better ways to find out, of of my mad concepts, which mike myers
  • There was some funny stuff in my dreams. I was lost and locked out somewhere late at night, and I managed to get into to flight visions. Inside tehere was some chess playing going on, with mike Liu an dRicky Moreno. Who both had thick stuble. They kind of ignored me at first. Later I was driving somewhere with them, and I kind of sat there waiting in the car. Really though, I was pplaying a wierd game of chess, with some knight defenses etc. Then I was lying there when Haydee, calling herself Jaime knocked on the door,a sking if I wanted to go rolerblading. I was paralyzed, but I wanted her to come over and sit down (on me.) So I was whispering, Yeah, Yeah, I'm purulized, com ofer, com ofer. And she came over, but didn't quite understand what I was doing. Then finally I was able to move my arm, and of course she wasn't really there after all.

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