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Project Description


  • Emacs-Client-7302, eval (find-file "/var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/minor/normal-form/to.do")
  • Create the ability for normal-form to set a deadline for a task.
  • Add a possible or necessary modal operator to normal-form do-todo-mode
  • Syncronize the color schemes of SPSE2 and normal-form/Do-Todo-Mode etc.
  • Add forgot modal to normal-form.
  • Make the SPSE2 system have a component associated with normal-form which associates tasks to be completed with rewards for completing them - then integrate the normal-form and execution-engine permission systems.
  • look into using Interactive Fiction Mapper with verber/inform7/normal-form etc
  • Integrate into the normal-form system, not only protocols for managing stuff, but also security protocols and the alarm systems.
  • remember /var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/releases/manager-0.1/manager-0.1/scripts/normal-form/data.pl
  • normal-form: create a function for updating the upcdatabase with our results.
  • normal-form: be able to export to Verber.
  • normal-form: create an NL interface, i.e. where is a scizzors? what is on the table?, etc.
  • normal-form should have paths to objects:
  • normal-form should have a classifier that tells you where to put things.

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