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Packager Agent

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Project Description

Packager-agent is a SoftBot (i.e. a software agent living in a computing environment) that seeks to help make OS packages of external software. Currently the technology is lacking, because we cannot obtain the PUCCINI or XII softbot planners. Prolog-agent is supposed to have this functionality but we ran into severe limitations during development. We are also looking at using the planner from Marty's Interactive Fiction Engine in order to do metaplanning - that is planning where you may have adding a goal to the objectives as an effect of an action, and also invoking the planner as an action, etc. There is a good document here describing some of this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1T-TV4luNRqkxCR4FgwP6mPyR5FkLOhfl0NraM8dq3qg/edit

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