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Project Description


  • Gather all pddl, ppddl, rddl, etc files into an archive, and use that to extract formalizations we can use in our systems
  • Also come up with a translator between pddl 2.2 and FLUX, and GDL-II and FLUX.
  • Use existing pddl planning domains that we can find to handle as many of our needs as possible.
  • Have this rotate, so CLEAR should read books for part of the day, old unilang messages for part of the day, text files from projects for part of the day, etc. Then we should watch a movie as recreation for part of the day, and so on. Develop a scheduler for these kinds of things. Use pddl possibly. Have it know to not repeat the same subject. Have it directed by research interests in academician.
  • Add a pddl planner to BDI infrastructure, or use that one that already did that.
  • Write rules for combining pddl domains, so that they are consistent, i.e. you don't have both A and not A, and you don't have rules which overdetermine things
  • Verber should learn what type of pddl features get in the way of the systems.
  • I need a system that answers questions like: which systems are using "verber::Ext::pddl"
  • verber should learn what type of pddl features get in the way of the systems.
  • It occurred to me just now it would not be hard to write a general purpose interface to Verber which interacted with people in order to extract the correct pddl description of events, etc, they wish to join.

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