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Project Description


  • Could combine this with a more efficient mechanism if possible for FreeKBS2, such as several arity tables for the different relations, and implement that, and then have our persistence.
  • Record in FRDCSA reasons why or why not a given piece of software can or cannot provide a given service. For instance, what is the status of CIAO prolog providing iaec persistence?
  • Since I don't have persistence working correctly for Cyc, just use FreeKBS2 and convert later.
  • Use KBS2 if necessary for Cyc persistence.
  • Get Cyc persistence working correctly.
  • The techniques I am am currently using for basic-strategy don't scale particularly well. For instance, complete within 1 day depends on how many tasks are in that category. At any rate, it's a start for an idea. Design persistence strategy.
  • Initializing persistence directory 'persist' raise OSError(0, "couldn't make directories", path)

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