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Project Description

rsr is a psychometric reporting system for users to record their present condition and beliefs, etc. rsr combines this information with that from other systems and mines causal relationships. Behaviour modification training, changes to SOPs, and new goals are used to eliminate undesirable states. rsr also exports its functionality as a decision aid to other systems. For instance machiavelli will use it to model/monitor other people's emotions.


  • rsr should work with execution-engine
  • rsr / sinless check out 2 r-cran-psy 7606.098 GNU R procedures for psychometrics This package includes several procedures used in psychometrics scaling, including:
  • Here are some ideas about rsr. rsr should act like a game, where it gives you a multi-dimensional score for the day. You get extra points for coverage for everything you admit. You get penalized for bad things.
  • That's something I'm not good at, so after get verber up and running, get rsr
  • this is a really good example of how event log should behave: /var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/internal/sinless/old-rsr/event-log/days/Thu Feb 17 22:30:46 EST 2005
  • do not install anything that conflicts with rsr.
  • Some more ideas for audience - of course it should regulate interaction in many ways - another things it should do is that if you are talking with people on IM (this being permitted by diplomat and rsr in the first place) Yeah - that's great - rsr can act as the guardian - approving various things.
  • Once installed rsr, can prevent its removal by monitoring all commands.
  • rsr should monitor your usage patterns and determine when you are not using your time wisely.
  • rsr should note that going outside to do anything exposes me to women.
  • rsr get's information on bad habits from the event stream.
  • Note that the reason that I become unproductive after _that_ is because my hands can't type as well. So I do other things than programming, and the cycle continues. Luckily, my mind can recognize such basic things. So should rsr.
  • Going to sleep by a certain time is useful to maintain a schedule. Certain actions or events could push you past that schedule. rsr can learn these. For instance, drinking caffeine rich drinks before going to bed.
  • I realized that the same system that is holding up both Corpus and rsr is also holding up Gourmet. An ontology editor of sorts.
  • rsr depends upon the class builder.
  • For starters rsr need only record what the user did each day.ell, didn't get food cuick enough, did laundry, but took too long and dnever got stuff out of dryer.
  • I am start enough to train myself, the question is how can I et there in these circumstances. The answer has to do with rsr?
  • Could use the typing tutor to improve typing performance over time, by rigidly adhering and using rsr afterwards.> In other words rsr should have an evenet specific functionality.
  • rsr can have a problem based approach. And create and maintain momentum, in attacking resilient problems. Tactical symbology is appropriate but not necessary.
  • rsr needs to be finished soon.
  • All the discipline I create will be magnified 10000000 times by my software If I am to get a new job, rsr MUST be functioning.
  • rsr could integrate with the scam detector.
  • We can use this to code relations through audience. In reality, audience should be monitoring communications, using rsr or dialog or whatever.
  • rsr should incorporate phase lines, steps and something else which I am forgetting.
  • If rsr is being used on other people - they can meet various certifications. It must be stressed that it is inappropriate and not useful to lie to rsr.
  • If I am going to go homeless, I am going to need rsr and verber functioning. Which means, I ought to work some on these two.
  • rsr should not only take into account whether you did something bad, but whether you thought about doing it.
  • If I ever need to - here is a great survival plan. rsr, verber, audience, etc must be functioning. Bury all my important belongings except for necessities - as planned by verber. Then, having maybe one system hopefully a laptop, leave town with enough money and possibly a bike, and move to an area where there should be lots of low paying jobs (walmart, etc.)
  • rsr can be used to train OTHER people, through audience.
  • rsr should note: http://gking.harvard.edu/stats.shtml
  • This is sort of a joke, but its worth mentioning. Could have a revenge-system. A simple to-kill does not suffice to bring an adequate sense of justice to the situation, rather, several metrics are recorded - first logged events are mined and from rsr many properties of the ill-effects of an unjust action are recorded, for instance, the overall qualia of pain experience, the pattern of pain and to what extent did this disable the recipient, etc,etc. From this an the model of the other person an exact formula for revenge is calculated. As Mao Tse Tung would say, slightly excessive force is necessary to right the wrong.
  • Manager may wish to record events instead of rsr.
  • One idea is that we can probably determine which ideas were good and look at distributions of these also in line with rsr event mining...
  • I should set up rsr to start recording so I can begin to get some feedback on my situation. A great solution is to use Critic::Classifier on rsr::Event s.
  • rsr really needs an event hierarchy from say, Cyc.
  • Mary mentioned some Emotive/Systemative psychometric tools that could be useful for rsr.
  • rsr can use the Critic::Classifier system to classify its events into habits.
  • I need to revisit the theory of rsr or study more.
  • Need to create new software that models Ryan's interaction, in addition to an rsr module. In other words, he might develop coping strategies if I am not adaptive to his needs. For instance, he said he is not interested in reading. I should show him CLEAR and see what he thinks. I should record his reaction, and base decisions off this. In fact, software to do this would be quite simple. So that is what I should do. Maybe I should write it by tomorrow.
  • Tell mike I would rather not discuss personal things until I get rsr done - so that I can improve my OPSEC.
  • rsr should query user about OPSEC - in other words - there should be rsr modules.
  • rsr should determine the names of all people I talked to in a day, and have me record memcons.
  • I would very much like manager to record a trace of what work I am accomplishing. This will be useful for the self-assessment purposes of rsr as well.
  • When restricted bad habits, rsr should impose decreasing sequences of maximums
  • For adopting new users to our system, we ought to first get them using rsr so that they develop good OPSEC, and then start involving them in more and more major planning steps, all the while verifying their reliability.
  • After meal planner and rsr are done, start with contracts for Justin to build various items.
  • Here are some more items for rsr - do not take off your pants before removing the stuff from your pockets and putting it in the appropriate place.
  • Here are some ideas about rsr.
  • We'll balme this whole stupidty stuff on Jana, that's actually quite fair, which means, I am a victim here - and that rsr needs to limit,to some degree, those kinds of interactions and those thoughts about Jana.
  • rsr today too many things to mention - slept until 3:00 pm, went of and got food, slow to achieve all tasks, way too much recreation. However, good things are that made some progress after in depth discussion with mike. Goal is to make Jeff not realize I knew so much about C++, time is dwindling. Very hot in here, no comfortable clothes, etc.
  • rsr should use the Cyc event hierarchy. Duh!
  • rsr can take as input for productivity output from PSE/Verber.
  • Also need to get rsr working.
  • Can integrate rsr::Events in a way that allows the user to get predictive advice for upcoming events.
  • rsr should have a feature where you warn it you are tempted to do something, and it tells you things that you need to here. Like, Pleasure is a place, there are better places to go, etc.
  • rsr - did I have an emotional reaction to anything today?
  • With rsr, every habit should have a dual imperative form. For instance, "didn't clean up after eating" would be "clean up when done eating". This form will then be fed to the user at plan execution time, so that they will have a strong reminder not to do the bad habit.
  • Verber AND Predator should ask the user about what bad habits they engaged in. For instance, while packaging conceptnet, I did a whole bunch of bad things. rsr would be quite ideal at recording this!
  • rsr could have a feature to show you how long you have gone without committing certain mistakes.
  • Need to have rsr be able to respond instantly to messages.
  • I can tie rsr in by running it at the end of a particular event. I.e. did you finish all your food? Well, why not, etc...
  • We can use rsr to model how people will react emotionally to various events.
  • pushd /var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/internal/rsr
  • Some of the recent stuff I have been doing with rsr ties in with OPSEC.
  • ensure that rsr depends on HMM
  • In fact, rsr is ideally suited for use with OTHER people as well. We simply put them not doing what we want as a negative state and then train on our actions regarding them.
  • I think the functionality for training the user using reward mechanisms belongs in rsr.
  • Using dansguardian for rsr in order to block websites we should avoid (CNN, slashdot, etc)
  • Fixing the website is akin to grooming and is unnecessary. Need to apply rsr against that.
  • Need to finish the rsr system, integrate with ajd/eventlog system, as this makes sense. In fact, even KEDS and Tabari could be applied there.

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