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Project Description

While we have the project Free rte, there has since been released the CandC rte system. I am however having trouble getting this to work. It runs but the theorem prover does not return. I am trying to get ahold of the correct version of the Vampire theorem prover.


  • Write something for when.do that does textual entailment to determine when when conditions could be being satisfied and recommends the follow up. Also develop a menu, for free life planner, that allows you to select the when conditions from a menu, and includes the rte system?
  • Integrate nlu with an agent for a system that understands text and can act on it. Have it use rte to see if the text implies certain things, and then input to BDI.
  • Write a letter to the guy from LCC about free rte systems.
    ("completed" "27177")
  • Email the guy from LCC about free rte systems
    ("completed" "26681")
    ("comment" "26681" "He wasn't very helpful.")

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