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Shared Priority System Editor

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Project Description

The Shared Priority system Editor allows us to rapidly edit and relate sets of goals and to place constraints upon them such as what they depend on for completion, and what time constraints there are related to them. All of this information is then exported into a set of assertions that can be systematically reasoned with in order to generate appropriate plans. Various natural language processing techniques, such as Textual Entailment Recognition, are applied to aiding in the elicitation and breaking-down of knowledge about the situation being planned. Also, recently, we have added tools for visualizing not just planning domains but a large number of other domains requiring similar interactive graph based visualizaition.


  • Develop an emacs major mode for editing spse domains.
  • Set up in order traversal of the spse graph using node pointer.
  • Develop PSE capabilities to interact with the spse system.
  • Get spse to use UniLang goals again.
  • pushd /var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/minor/spse

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