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Project Description

tdt is a very useful capability. This system is charged with collecting various implementations. So far it include Lemur. There is also some research code I am waiting to obtain. It will provide the engine for IRC-tdt.


  • So, it doesn't separate the tdt from the anaphora resolution.
  • We should develop a system for developing systems. In other words, boss should have high-level design criteria in mind. In other words, let us have a better defined approach to building systems. To build the tdt, we should (after first searching for other systems) collect data, choose a learner, implement the learner, etc.
  • Can create a new perllib::TimeSeries::Segment using corpus::tdt
  • In the future audience should automatically tag threads using tdt.
  • Use Lemur Toolkit for tdt: Document Clustering: Cluster Performs the basic online clustering task over documents in an index. Can be used for tdt topic detection.
  • Need to get something similar to Corpus::tdt::GetEntries for working with UniLang entries.
  • Find or create a free tdt system.
  • Email someone about tdt for IRC recognition.
  • use semi-supervised tdt to seperate all those commands
  • You could also use tdt tools to track the topic of the sentences here.

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