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What To Do

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Project Description

What to do suggests different tasks that the user can do when they have trouble thinking of something to work on. The system uses a few heuristics to improve the recommendation. But mainly it can be used to recommend studying and software development activities, as well as entertainment and other pleasurable activities (suggested as rewards for actual accomplishments in order to help facilitate a gamified and rewarding experience that keeps the user engaged in the attempt to resolve their problems and mitigates fatigue and frustration).


  • Write a function that reminds us to get back to certain topics, so we don't forget the new language we have learned. i.e. like here: /var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/minor/what-to-do/what-to-do.flr
  • Add something to the rayon-load-windows, and verber similar thing to choose which file to load from among several options (such as what-to-do.flr and frdcsa.flr).
  • Make what-to-do prioritize and take into consideration situations.

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