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Belated St. Patrick's Day Greetings
& 2002-2003 Membership Drive
April 2002



cr.   Non-Member Issue #1: October 2002

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Know Your Clan


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Upcoming Articles




Oh, The Irish Ego




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Know Your Irish History


From the Pen of   


More then 30 centuries ago, the Cells ventured westward. Myths and history have traced them from the borderlands of Europe, through the Alps and Pyrenees to those offshore islands, of which Ireland is the most distant. The westernmost of the Celtic peoples, the Gaels, called their new land "Eiriu" or "Eire". The Gaels were not the first inhabitants of Ireland, but it was the Gaels who shaped it and were shaped by it, and in Ireland they became Irish.

An island ringed by mountains and cliffs, Ireland's people were encouraged to think of themselves as a distinct people. The Irish social and political system, based upon kinship, kept the country divided among its many clans, each under its own

chief. These tribal territories gradually grew into larger kingdoms, Ulster in the north, Munster

Dateline: Montgomery, Alabama

My Grand granddaddy was Mchael Darity; He came from Ireland in the mid-1850 with his brother Patrick Darity. Michael Darity married Melinda Delana Nobles and had one child, My Granddaddy. Thomas Martin Barfly. He was born near Danville, GA. 1867.


in the south, Leinster in the east and Connacht in the west. The high kingship of all of Ireland remained an elusive prize, held only intermittently.

The Inishowert Peninsula is triangular in shape, flanked on the east by Lough Foyle and on the west by Lough Swilly; projecting from the north coast into the A tlantic ocean is Malin Head, the most northerly point in Ireland. The landscape is composed of rugged mountains covered in blanket bog, terminating along the coast in steep cliffs or broad sweeps of sand. Flocks of sheep graze the stony ground. In the fishing villages the traditional cabins are roofed with thatch, tied down with ropes against the wind.

The peninsula is named after a son of Niall of the nine hostages. Eoghain, who was a contempo-

Thomas Martin Darity married Nancy Janie Lynn (b. 1877)(d. 1907). Both are buried at Cool Spring Primitive Baptist Church in Danville, Twigg County Georgia, just out side of Bleckley County line.

Michael Darity left with his brother Patrick in 1868 looking for work and never came back. We don't know what happen.

1141100 V ilk!'"   1111).5iitre)

rary of St. Patrick in the fifth century. The Vikings made several raids but were expelled. By the fifteenth century the last ruling (continued on page 3)

Who so ever asks me ofmy birth –I will tell them I am barn of Irish Princes who ruled in Donegal a thousand years ago; that l am descended from the high Kings of Ireland, and my name is from the Clam; O'HachartaighP

We have not been able to trace our heritage to any location in Ireland. Marty, if not most of the Doughertys (125 different spelling) root spelling "O'Dochartaigh" came from Derry and Donegal Counties Ireland.

Thomas Martin Darity had 12 children and they all lived in a round Macon, GA. except Hilton Martin Darity who moved to the Orlando, FL. Area. (continued on page 3)

Know Your Clan History:

O'Dochartiagh Origins -

Know Your Family: Martin Joseph Darity






P. O. BOX 98    ATTICA, MI 48412


FROM THE DESK OF OUR PRESIDENT - The next three and a half years promise to be very busy and (hopefully) productive ones for our Association. Our goal is to reach as many members, of our tribe, as possible, to ensure that not only our Association, but also our reunions, have optimum participation. I am referring to our individual sept (family) reunions, as well as the 1985 Reunion in Ireland. Without your active participation we can accomplish very little. It will take all of us, working together, to build a strong Association, one in which we can all take pride. We have the potential to build the largest family association in existence. Our reunion in 1985 should be the largest family gathering of this century.

I would suggest that you could help us ,by building strong septs and holding regular annual reunions. Give your children a good background of your heritage. Encourage them to learn about their ancestors and take pride in their name. This is certainly one thing that we have going for us. I have never met an 0 Dochartaigh that was not proud of his name! We have contacted people with various spellings of our surname. For example, Dougherty, Doherty, Dockery, Daugharty, Daughtry, Daughtrey, Docherty, Daugherity, Daugherty, Dorrity, Daughetee and Daughaday just to mention a few. Of course, there are some who still retain the "0" as did our sept until two generations ago. My own family has seriously considered taking back the gaelic spelling, with the O.

We are a newly formed Association, just coming into existence within the past few months. We have accomplished much in a short span of time and yet, there is still much to be done. We welcome suggestions from our members, indeed are grateful for them. We need in-put from interested members of our tribe. We choose to use the old gaelic "tribe," rather than "clan," so that one would not think of the Scottish clans, nor the KKK.. We are of the tribe, 0 Dochartaigh:

During the past few months, we have been in contact with many tribe members throughout the United States and Canada. We have been in close contact - with our cousins in Ireland. Their enthusiasm has been gratifying. Many have offered to help and have helped, by sending out postcards for us, contacting members of the tribe to encourage them to join with us. We have appreciated this willingness to help.

Probably one of the most rewarding contacts we have had, has been with the 0 Dochartaigh's of Spain. We have corresponded with Reamonn and his brother Pascual, both of whom are very proud of their Irish heritage. Their family name is 0 Dogherty. Their response to our invitation to join with us, was warm, sincere and absolute, They have joined our association and pledged their support and presence at the Derry Reunion in 1985. The wonderful feeling of kinship that we feel for all 0 Dochartaigh's has been just as pronounced with this Spanish sept. They have a good knowledge of their history and have supplied us with invaluable information on their lineage. We are looking forward to meeting Reamonn and Pascual and their lovely families, whom we feel we already know through their letters and photo's.

If you plan to attend the grand reunion, in 1985, we would like for you to so indicate in your correspondence to us, so that we may have some idea of the number attending. Let us know how many from your immediate family will

be attending. As time goes by, we will be sending out literature on the trip.


_ 2 _

We do plan to have one week of reunion festivities in Derry and another week in various cities and towns in Donegal and the Innishowen Penninsula. There will be memorial services at the site where Cahir 0 Dochartaigh was slain and also by Kieran Doherty's grave. We will have parades and programs in many of the towns. We may wish to adopt a uniform code of dress. Perhaps members from each state, would want shirts, skirts and slacks alike. We should have state and provincial flags to carry, as well as Banners denoting which state or province we are from. The tri-color is forbidden to fly in Derry. Perhaps we'could dress in green, white and orange. We have asked about this and are awaiting word. It may be that the ban on flying the tri-color will be lifted for this occasion. These are all things to consider and think about. We want to hear from you, on this:

Our Irish contact in Derry is Paddy Doherty, whom we correspond with frequently, as we do also Calm Cavanagh of Derry, who keeps us abreast of the happenings in Ireland relative to our reunion. Paddy will be here in April with Mayor Joseph Fegan of Derry, who invited us to come to Derry. They are as enthused as we about this reunion. Paddy has obtained a 975 year lease on the land on which our Fort 0 Dochartaigh is situated, for the sum of one pound. The fort is being rebuilt and the plans call for an exhibition hall, shoppes and a restaurant. As was voted at our Attica, Mi. reunion, we sent part of our funds ($500) to Paddy to use as he saw fit for helping toward

the rebuilding of the Fort. We hope to send more when we find out what their plans are. It may be that we will be able to purchase bricks and have the name and address of the donor imprinted on them. We should willingly help in the rebuilding of this last stronghold of our Irish Chieftain, Cahir 0 Dochartaigh. In Ireland they have a computer programmer that is setting up a system whereby we will be able to line some of our members up with their native Irish relatives. Our secretary is taking a course in computer programming so that she will be better able to furnish them with the proper information.

At present it is not possible to estimate what the reunion trip will cost. We do know that the tourist boards are very anxious to be of service to us. We are grateful for their interest, but we do wish to maintain control over the functions and not have it be commercialized any more than is absolutely necessary. It may be that there will be package deals, including the use of automobiles and also lodging. The Irish American Cultural Insititute told us that they can obtain special rates for us. We will keep in contact with them. However, we have been rather skeptical as 'they have publicized our reunion, in their newsletter, encouraging persons to join their association for $20.00 to find out the details, on our reunion. They did ,not list our association name or address: As details become available, we will inform you.

A word about our association officers: Patrick Dougherty is your President. He teaches at a Vocational/Technical School in Michigan. His field is Ornamental Landscaping and Horticulture. The Gardens of Attica are some of his handiwork and a beautiful tribute to his vision, having been created virtually out of what was once a swamp. He is a bachelor-father, with six grown children all of whom were at the Attica Reunion. His heritage is his hobby. Pat has spent much of his free time traveling around Canada and the U. S. seeking out members of the tribe and exchanging information with them. He has made several trips to Ireland and entertains the thought of retiring there, one day. F. Robert Dougherty is your vice-President and lives in Pennsylvania. He has written several articles for our yearbook. He is married and like Pat, has six children. He has been nominated for the 1982 John F. Kennedy Memorial Medal, an honor of which we feel he is most deserving, having been active in Irish organizations for years. We value his good judgment and are in weekly contact with him. He and Patrick met for the first time, over the Christmas Holidays though they had been in correspondence for some time. Jeanne Dougherty Kitchen is your Secretary, and probably in many cases, the first person you

- 2 -


heard wIth ^e, rd to the Association, Shsenjoys w-,-iting to all of our members, who can well attest to her friendliness. If there is a delay in Jeanne getting a reply off to you, it usually is because her allotment

of stamps have been used up, as she tries to answer all letters within 4 days. She lives in Michigan about 40 miles from Patrick. They try to meet twice weekly and go over- the correspondence. 111aEra2Lt-LIsurer is also from Michigan. She is a bookkeeper by profession and keeps an accurate and current record of your money, as it is received here at headquarters. She has a great sense of humor and has been of great help. We have appointed some additional officers and will be appointing more, no doubt, as warranted. Travel Chairman is Thomas V. Dougherty of Michigan. Reunion Coordinators are Earl "Ed" Dougherty of Tennessee and Anita Dougherty Pobocik of Michigan. You will be hearing more about them and from them later.

Spain and Canada are in the process of appointing their officers. We do know that Reamonn 0 Dogherty is the President for the Spanish members of our tribe. Stanley uhart- is the Canadian President and Marg Daugharty is the Canadian Secretary of our Association. John Docherty is the Canadian Travel Chairman.   All three reside in Ontario, Canada. Both the Spanish
and Canadian 0 Dochartaigh's will be adding more officers, at a later time.

All of these officers have contributed much in the way of time, support and ideas for the association and the reunion. We have much to be grateful for when we have been able to obtain the cooperation of these fine people:

Abhu: (Onward) 0 Dochartaigh's


* * * * 41-   41. * * it- * * *   *

And now a word (?) from your Secretary   

Will not belabor the fact that our Yearbook was delayed. Patience is not a natural "Irish" trait, but when we consider that we were able to put this to-gather for the low price of $7.50, we can hardly complain. There are additional copies available and they make fine gifts for family members. Let us know if you wish any more copies.

Membership Campaign - With the help of many persons throughout the U.S. and Canada, we have sent out over 3,000 post cards in an attempt to reach as many of our tribe as possible. We want no-one left out: The following states have been covered:New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Tennessee, Michigan, Washington D.C. and parts of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin and Texas. We do have persons compiling lists for us in the states of Delaware, Minnesota, Louisiana, Ohio and Montana and hope to hear from them soon, as to the number of postcards they require. Our Canadian contacts have covered the province of Ontario quite well, but we are desperate for someone to help with the other provinces. If you know of any 0 Dochartaigh in the states not yet contacted, and the provinces not yet contacted, let us know. Perhaps we can ask them to get out the telephone directories at their libraries and make up mailing lists and then address the postcards for us. It is important that we don't over-burden those that are already working very hard...lest they lose interest:: Many persons receiving the Yearbook have not sent in their 1982 dues, which, as you are aware is a bargain, at just $6.00 per year. 1982 dues will not expire until your birthday in 1983 and we desperately need the dues money to continue with our work of publicizing the association and the Derry reunion, better known as the "Strive to Arrive in '85" campaign. Many of you send self-addressed-self-stamped envelopes and we are very grateful for that, as much of our mail requires a minimum of 370 postage. Overseas mail is 400 for each i oz, so you can imagine what those letters are costing us. We certainly would appreciate your sending in your

- 3 -


dues and encouraging other members of yorJx -Fami-14,-,,s to join   We need those memberships:

Barnesville Reunion - Jul - 31, 1983 - Plans are underway for a large reunion

,of the tribe at Barnesville (Ohio) Memorial Park, in 1983. The park facilities are excellent. Overnight camping will be available Tor those with campers and trailers, with the understanding that we are all adults and act accordingly. Barnesville is 25 miles west of Wheeling, W. Va. Some of us attended the reunion held there last summer and cannot say enough in praise of the people, who were very hospitable and friendly. It has been their custom to have a one-day reunion, with members bringing food for a meal to be shared by those in attendance. As some of us will be traveling long distances, we will need to charge those not bringing food an additional $5.00 per couple which will help toward the cost of the "meat" entree. A $5.00 donation is suggested for other reunion expenses. There will be more details on this as it is a year and a half away. The area is much like Donegal, Ireland. Rugged and mountainous. Very beautiful, and well worth planning for:

1983 0 Dochartaigh Yearbook: We are collecting information from members to be published in our 1983 Yearbook, which will be available in time for the Barnesville reunion. We need information on sept (family) histories, family folklore, photo's, reunion reports, reunion announcements, amusing anecdotes, histories of places named after 0 Dochartaigh's, poetry and whatever articles you wish to include. There will be many new ancestry sheets included in this 1983 Yearbook, from those members whose direct descendency charts did not appear in our Yearbook this time. It is not too early to start sending this in.

Items for Sale: We have front license plates available for $11.00 each. They read "0 Dochartaigh of Donegal" and are white lettering on a green background. Shirts with various spellings of the surname on the back and 0 Dochartaigh of Donegal on the front are available in adult sizes, small, med. large and x-tra large for $13.00 each. They are green lettering on green and white shirts. Childrens are in sizes 6 - 14 and are white lettering on green background and are $8.00 each. We have the books entitled the "Origin of the 0 Doherty's" for $7.50 each. We will have pewter mugs at a later time, made in Derry especially for us. (We are trying to figure out a way to get them over here without the cost being prohibitive.) We also have Origin books on the following surnames for 57.50 each - McKenna, McCann and 0 Donoghue. We have smaller books on the surnames; 0 Neill, 0 Flaherty, .0 Reilly, 0 Kelly, 0 Rourke and Mc Guiness for $5.00 each. Allow two weeks for delivery.

If you have not filled out an ancestry sheet and returned it to us, let us know and we will send you one and assign you a family group number.

I have probably neglected to mention something of great importance, if so, let me know.

We are going to have, as a regular feature of our newsletter, a "Missing Links" section. If you would like to use this service the charge will be $2.00. The item would appear like this: Lavonnie Brimhall, Box 787, Winston, Oregon 97496 needs info on Eda or Edie Ann Daugherty, born 1823 - married 17 Feb. 1840, Bedford County Va. to James A. Farmer who was also born in 1823. Eda Ann died in Virginia. (Lavonnie you got the first "freebie.")

Ancestrily yours,

Derry/Donegal Patches $2.00 ea.

0 Dougherty & 0 Doherty Pennants $3.00 each





P.O. Box 98   Attica, Mi. 48412

JUNE 1982    Vol I Number II

Hi Everybody:

Your June newsletter comes from the quill of another tribesman who hopes to continue to bring news of interest and joy to each one of you.

To our Secretary Jeanne comes our sincere "thanks" for the superb writing of the first newsletter. This was the result of countless hours of mental gears working in tune with hundreds of letters of correspondence, daily trips to the post office and the many incredible tasks involved to put out any publication. On behalf of our membership I say thanks to Jeanne for a job well done.

Another bouquet of shamrocks goes to our President Patrick, and to the membership officers whose loyalty to the honored surname brings forth a welcome breath of fresh air in reviving tribal interest and preservation of ancestral lineage. With a spirit of enthusiasim such as these grand people possess, we can do nothing but proceed onward; however, there is a stepping stone lacking, and that is YOU:

Our password for the year 1882 will be "ENVOLVEMENT" Not much of a word really, but oh how tremendous it can become when we all pitch in together, sharing our good news with each other via newsletters and correspondence. Imagine if you will the joys of meeting each other personally at tribal gatherings, and we are certainly looking forward to that.

Don't be just a "reader" who tosses away the newsletter after perusal. Hang on to them as they may contain a wealth of hidden information otherwise not known to you or other members. Perhaps they may contain that hidden clue we have all been waiting for to unlock those doors to our honored past.

With our little column concerning "Missing Links" should come a powerhouse of data waiting to be turned on by your tribal interest. Help to turn it on by showing a feeling of envolvement. When you care, you will share and isn't that what our new association is all about?

We welcome your thoughts and ideas... and criticisms too. We want our newsletters to radiate with excitement causing you to mark the calender each day in anxious anticipation for the arrival of each quarterly issue. Bring a spark of hope to our letters of inquiry, who knows, it could be you some day.

To our tribal cousins in Spain and Canada comes warm regards. May we have the pleasure of hearing from you. We look forward to meeting with you not only at the great reunion in 1985, but whenever time permits prior to then. We invite your participation in contributions to our newsletters as well, because it involves our inheritance.





(Newsletter Vol I, Number II, cont'd.)

With our association rapidly emerging from its infant stages, we not only solicit your assistance but patience as well as we try to smooth out the "rough spots" leading to our ultimate goals.

There is no need to beat the old tribal drums, nor to ignite the ancient bonfires that proclaimed the news in ages past. Your green badge with white deer identifies you to others as loyal members of the tribe 0 Dochartaigh. Wear them often with a sense of pride.

The scribe dips the quill once more in closing to express his appreciation for the honor bestowed upon him as your news gatherer. Enjoy your summer, but most of all take care and be happy.


* * *

A DEER/DEAR: No matter how you spell it, we do have a real dear in our association in the personage of Sr. Mary of the Holy Spirit, who is compiling the names and addresses of people in the Philadelphia and Delaware county areas. Sister is located at 8550 Veree Rd., Phila. Pa. 19111. Wow,

talk about envolvement! We're sure her list will include well over a thousand names.

Just think about your own town, city county and state and the many names listed in phone books. Can you help us to track them down?

* * *

DID YOU KNOW: That delving into clan heritage is nothing new? Interestingly enough the mention of genealogy and family lineage becomes quite prominent in the Gospel of Matthew: 1-1-17. It might seem to the modern reader that St. Matthew chose an extraordinary to begin his gospel. It might seem daunting to present right at the beginning, a long list of names to wade through. But to a Jew, this was the most natural and the most interesting and indeed the most essential way to begin the story of any man's life. To the Jews, this was most common, for we find in the Old Testament lists of famous men (Gen: 5-1-10), when Josephus, the greatest of the Jewish historians wrote his own biography. He began with his own pedigree, which he tells us he found in public records. The reason for this interest was that Jews set the greatest possible store on the purity of lineage. A Rabbi/priest, for example was bound to produce an unbroken record of his pedigree stretching back to the time of Aaron. If he was married, the women he wed would have to produce her pedigree for at least five generations back.




(Newsletter Vol I, Number II, cont'd.)

(Did you know, cont'd.)

When Ezra was reorganizing the worship of the priesthood to function again after the people returned from exile, the children of Koz and the children of Barzillai and others were debarred from office. They were labeled "poluted" because: " These sought registration amoung those enrolled in genealogies, but they were not found there." (Ezra: 2-62). Since the proving and the preserving of family pedigree data was recorded long before the birth of Christ, then it is only natural for all of us to spend countless hours in quest of information and data which ties us to our ancestral roots. These roots were never really broken, but rather snipped in small pieces to be transplanted and nurtured to the present day.

  • * *

YOU, A MOVIE STAR: And why not:   Our association is negotiating with Ric Dougherty, president of Travel Adventure Worldwide Films to record our reunion

in 1985. We are hoping to have copies of the film made to be available to members and groups at an affordable price. More on that later.

  • * *

WE HAVE IT IF YOU WANT IT: Recently received from a gracious donor is a copy of the Pennsylvania death certificate of the late William Daugherty. Born: 1872 USA   Laborer   Unmarried

Son of Hugh Daugherty and Mary McEleusky

Date of Death: 8-23-17 at Westmoreland Co., Hempfield Township, Pa. Funeral Director: M.H. Felton, Alexandria, Pa.

The return of a SASE to our association secretary will bring it to you.

  • * *

THIRTEEN MONTHS AND HOLDING: No, it's not the date of the next space shuttle, but probably just as exciting! We mean the Reunion of the tribe at the Barnesville, Ohio Memorial Park. Of course this seems like a long way off, and in a sense that is true; however we can begin now to harbor thoughts of attending. Dig out those road maps and why not make this part of your vacation plans. Since the date of July 31, 1983 falls on a Sunday it might not be a bad idea to check into the hotel/motel listings of that area should you plan to arrive prior to that date. As mentioned in the first newsletter, the program of events will confirmed and mailed to you well in advance. Just a wee peek at a handy road atlas shows Barnesville being not too far from Interstate Highway # 70. The Hendrysburg Exit might possibly direct you to within that proximity. Plan on it:

  • * *


Wanted: Any info on the late JOHN DOUGHERTY and his wife (nee Nancy Gatton). He was born in Ireland in 1766. They spent most of their lives in Franklin County, Ohio, and died there also. Replies to: Ms Shirley McElyea 1711 Sampston St., Maryville, Ca. 95901.



To be, or not to be..?

We seem to have a problem that faces you and me

as to whether or not

we use the mark

that's called "a-postrophe."

It's found with many surnames

this comma raised on high

who knows the rules of where and why we surely all must try.

We've checked with Deans and scholars they too can not agree

of when 'tis wright

or when 'tis wrong

or why it's meant to be.

There's got to be one answer to set this matter straight

and you the members of our tribe must settle this debate.

(Let us hear your thoughts on the matter)

  • * *

From an account of the History of Augusta County, Virginia comes news of interest to you. The valiant and courageous early settlers did not have

a church tower, nor a Paul Revere to warn them of the advancing enemy. There was no organized militia to protect them. The numerous raids of the Shawanese Indians brought havoc and terror!

On October 10, 1765, the warriors encamped in a secluded spot near "Carr's Creek" where they remained for two days as their spies watched the activities of this small settlement. During the massacre that followed. it has been said that not less than sixty to eighty people were slain. Of this group were-the entire family of Charles Dougherty.

And thus we learn more of the courage of our revered ancestors.

  • * *

WIT AND HUMOR: An Irish proposal of marriage.

How would you like to be

buried in the family plot?

  • * *



FROM THE DESK OF OUR PRESIDENT: Those of you who know me personally may or may not be surprised to learn that I have moved in with not only a woman, but two:! Mary is a delightful lady that makes sure I get the largest serving of cake, have the largest, fluffiest towel for my shower, the most comfortable chair etc. Mary is my wonderful mother. The other lady (?) is my sister, Jeanne. Jeanne does the cooking, laundry and housekeeping and generally looks after mother and I, with what sometimes appears to be fierce determination in her effort to maintain a tight schedule, in order to accomplish the many tasks necessary to make our home as orderly as possible. It is an uphill battle. I do appreciate that she also finds time to help with the yard work. All of this she does only because once these chores are completed, she may turn to her favorite past-time - being your secretary. She delights in answering the many letters we receive and sending out the requested items. Special thanks to these ladies for making my life very pleasant   In mid-June, four of us will be traveling to Derry and Donegal for a short planning session with those Irish Reunion Committee's. We have much to accomplish in a very short time. We will be visiting all of the places where our 1985 Reunion Festivities will be held. At this time, a definite date will also be set

for the Reunion. On our return, we will have much to report and will probably send out a special Newsletter, before the October one. Michael O'Malley of Jefferson City, MO is our Publicity and Membership Chairman. His good humor comes through every line that he writes, as is evidenced in this Newsletter and the invitational letter to prospective new members. He has been to Ireland many times and has a vast knowledge and love of his Irish heritage. (Michael's mother was an 0 Dochartaigh.) As luck would have it, Michael will be on vacation in Ireland at the same time as our meetings will take place, and has unselfishly consented to take time out from his sight-seeing to take part in the decision-making with us. We are grateful for this and have come to rely on his good judgment. His being there will be a definite plus for our Association. John E. Dougherty of New Castle, DE, who is our Eastern U.S. Regional Coordinator is traveling with us, also. John, like Michael and myself has been to Ireland many times. Often he is asked to take tours from the U.S. to Ireland, acting as their guide. He knows Erin well and has a deep love for all things "Irish," and a very interesting family history. Jeanne, our Secretary, will be making her first trip to Ireland. She is filled with enthusiasm and looking forward to meeting with those many native Irish 0 Dochartaigh's she has been corresponding with. She claims to have been on a "heritage high" since our 1st International Reunion last summer, hoping only that it will sustain her through the 1985 World Reunion at Derry and Donegal. No-one in our Association has worked harder for the success of the '85 Reunion, our Association or this mid-June Trip, than Jeanne. It will be Michael's, John's and my pleasure to show her Ireland    Another appointment that we have made is; Commander John Dougherty of Prescott AZ, as our Seanache (?) or Tribal Historian. We are fortunate to have this retired Naval Officer take an active part in our Association. You will be reading some of his material in our 1983 Yearbook, as he is a great story-

teller   Special welcomes to those Hawaiin, Nebraskan, Floridian, Georgian and New Brunswick 0 Dochartaigh's that have joined with us since the February Newsletter. We welcome you and encourage you to spread the word. We also now have Dockery's, Daughtery's, Daughtrey's and Daughtry's to add to the many other spellings of our Surname...We welcome all of you and hope that

you will take an active part in the future plans of the Association    In mid-April, I attended meetings with members of the Association, in the Philadelphia area. We were hosted by our Vice-Pres., F. Robert Dougherty, of Downingtown, PA. He and his lovely wife Rita ensured that not one of us will ever forget their kindness and warm hospitality. latch was accomplished in these meetings and we feel a special bond with these wonderful Eastern members of our Association. The common pride in our ancestry is strengthened further by such get-togethers. We attended the Derry Ball, in Philadelphia, where I was honored to lead the Grand March, with one of our hardest working members, as my partner - I am speaking of Sr. Mary of The


Holy Spirit. Her tireless efforts in behalf of our Association have reaped us a harvest of new members, from the state of Pennsylvania. She has sent out, well over 2,000 letters and cards to 0 Dochartaigh's encouraging them to join with us. The letters she sent were beautifully composed, coming right from her heart, making   very difficult for the
reader not to respond. And respond, they have. Pennsylvania, Colorado, Tennessee and New Hampshire have provided us with most of our members. We are now hearing from persons in our own state, Michigan as well as other states where our newspaper articles have been well received. It would be most helpful if persons from the following states would send us the names and addresses of leading newspapers, so that we may get letters out to them, with the hope of catching the attention of our Tribe; New York, Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, TEXAS, Oklahoma, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois (c'mon Julie, you were going to send me these,) North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kentucky and Hawaii...The other States and the provinces of the Dominion of Canada have been pretty well

covered, with good response   Till next time, ABHU, 0 DOCHARTAIGH!!!

ANCESTRILY YOURS - from our Secretary   Many thanks to all who have
helped with our membership, mailing campaign. Special gratitude to F. Robert and Rita Dougherty of Downingtown and their family who helped

Sr. Holy Spirit with the mailings in their State. Ruby Bogner in Calif. is an enthusiastic new member that has really gotten the coverage for us in her state. Hope that she has contacted other members out there to give her a hand. California is a BIG State: In Michigan, we were assisted in

a great way by the two Richards - Richard M. Doherty and Richard A. Doherty, who sent out approximately 1,000 post cards to tribal members. They were helped by Richard M.'s sister, Eileen Doherty Scheich, who typed the 1,000 address labels - our thanks to the three of you for what was a very time consuming chore. Edmund Dougherty of Seattle, Washington has been right with us, every step of the way, offering kindly suggestions and those great words of encouragement that we are oft times desperate for. Ed has been over to Ireland already this year and his idea's for a success-

ful gathering in 1985 are greatly appreciated, as are all of those addresses of Northwestern newspapers he compiled and sent to us. A couple of folks that we have not heard from for awhile are; Lavonnie Brimhall and Samual A. Dougherty (Sam, the Railroad man.) I believe that Sam may be touring around the country, but where are you Lavonnie?   What is better than
getting a letter at the Association Office? Getting a letter with a sale, (self-addressed, self-stamped envelope) in it. Better than that is a letter with 8 or 10 extra stamps. Then, too, we have been fortunate to have those great people that send some extra bucks, with their orders to help with the postage. It is your Association and we are doing our best to cut corners, wherever possible and really do appreciate your help. We do have an "Angel," or perhaps, "Leprechaun" would be a better word for that person....Anyway, whenever the coffers are low, (at least twice a month) this person kicks in $100.00, $200.00 or whatever is needed to get the mail flowing or the material purchased or printed. Many of our members have helped, also, by purchasing memberships for other members of their families, as well as Yearbooks and Origin books. Our thanks to all of you

for doing what you can to help out. It is needed and appreciated   
and also, put to good use... A new gimmick for interesting members of our

tribe in the Association is the expression - "My name is Doo-hickey   
That's close enough." This was the caption in a cartoon which appeared in the Sacramento Sentinel and Sacramento Bee, with an article about our Assn. Some creative Irishman, on their Staff, no doubt. It brought much laughter and good results. We will try to have it reproduced somewhere within this

newsletter   Looking forward to being reunited with Paddy and Eileen

- 6-


Doherty in Derry, Ireland later this month. Sometimes it seems like just a few weeks ago since we were treated to that lovely voice of Eileen's, but it has been almost 10 months. It will be a joyful trip - so nice to meet those wonderful Irish we have been corresponding with and who are working so diligently for the successful planning of our '85 Reunion. Colm Cavanagh of the Derry Northwest Centre for Learning and Development (the place where our pewter mugs were made for us) has kept us informed of every event related to the '85 reunion and also has had articles printed in Irish Newspapers publicizing our Association

and our efforts in behalf of the Reunion. Fear Feasa (man of knowledge) who is a columnist for the Derry Journal has written several lengthy and beautiful articles about various members of our Association, with glowing reports of our work, making us all the more determined to strive even harder to have this be the largest family gathering of the century. There is just no reason why it should not be! We have the numbers and we have the family pride! It is just a matter of getting everyone involved. PLEASE HELP! Ric Dougherty of "Travel Adventure Worldwide Films," has agreed to co-operate with us on some type of filming of the '85 Reunion. He and his lovely wife Jodie are very interested in the prospect of being an active part of this great venture. He is in contact with us often, and has offered much in the way of suggestions and ideas, which are needed. We value his expertise and willingness to share with us   

STRIVE TO ARRIVE - DERRY/DONEGAL '85 - Reunion Coordinators, Ed Dougherty, of Antioch, TN and Anita Dougherty Pobocik are hoping that all who intend to take part in this journey to our homeland in 1985, will let them know. All that is required is a 130 postcard with your name and address and the number of persons that will be attending, from your immediate family. Direct these cards to; Anita Dougherty Pobocik

12376 Hillcrest Drive

Grand Blanc, MI 48439

We prefer postcards. If you have any questions, send your inquiries to the Attica, MI P.O. Box 98. We would like an idea of the number of persons planning to attend. This requires only an inclination not a firm committment. We will have package deals available for you at a later time. These will include; ships passage, biking tours, camping out, 1st. Class flights and hotels, dormitory style lodging and many ways of traveling that you never thought of. First, we have to know, if you are going   

Some of you have already contacted the Irish American Cultural Institute for reservations. This is fine. They have been advertising our Reunion in their publication, "DUCAS," and while we are appreciative, find it hard to understand why they don't list our Association name and address, as being the sponsors of this great event. They also refer to our "Fort," in Derry, as a Castle. We prefer. "Fort." (a small point, I guess!) Our President, Patrick is a member of their Association the IACI and has been for quite some time   

In the process of moving, combining three households into one, plus all of the genealogical accumulation of the years, and our office records, I fell behind in my correspondence. Apologies to all of your patient people who had to wait for your books, mugs, patches, and membership cards   


While our Assn. address if your name is Doherty, or possiremains the same, our oblvilc)7.:1gtry. or maybe even

telephone number has   NIL been Ytiiinietsny,

Jeanne u should beo twhe ar tr ye

changed. It is in   orThe 0 Dochartaigh Family Re-

Brown City, MI and is


If you are in the area, give us a call and stop by at 4196 First St. Brown City.

MARGARET DOUGHERTY JOHNSON - Our Treas. will be mailing these Newsletters out for us while we are away. Marge has done a tremendous job of helping with all phases of the office work and keeps an accurate

account of our member- search AssociatintVbf North Ameri-

ships. She finds it   ca. if you can find an envehmajoni

hard to understand   enough to fit that name on one line, the address is P.O. Box 98, Attica,

that some of our mem- bers are not intereste

Mic!i. 48412.


in obtaining copies of

the Origin of the 0'

Doherty's, or the Yearbook. Both Books contain alot of information on our ancestry and family history. All who have received the Yearbook have enjoyed it and felt it was most reasonably priced, at $7.50    Another hard-to-believe fact - many that attended our International Reunion, last summer have not sent in their Association Dues. These

are people that voted on the Reunion being held in Ireland (unanimously) in 1985. They showed so much interest last summer, and to date, we have heard nothing, in spite of the cost involved in our keeping them informed. This and all future newsletters are going out to dues-paying members only. We cannot afford to operate any other way. If they have not shown an interest in the past ten months, it's hard to believe that they will   

MISSING LINKS; EDWARD J. DOHERTY, P. O. Box 525, Durham, NH 03824 awaits

info. on his ancestors Hugh Doherty, b. 1798-Longford, Ireland d. 1 June, 1874 - Malone, NY. Ed does not have birth, marriage or death date of Hugh's wife Bridget Meehan Doherty, knowing only that she was born

in Ireland. Also, if you have any Cooney ancestry, he has an Owen Cooney, b. 1788 - Co. Cavan, Ireland, d. 22 Mar. 1874 Malone, NY m. (?) to Mary Knockbide about whom Ed has no information   
LESLIE ROBINSON; 452 Wyndgate Rd., Sacramento, CA 95825 needs info on any relatives of Mary Agnes Dougherty, b. Phla 1920. Mary Agnes m.

Iverson Underwood who was killed in auto accident. They were married

approx. 1946. Mary Agnes then married on Oct. 13, 1951 Carl L. Goshorn, Jr. Mary Agnes had 2 brothers; Horace and Thomas and 3 sisters; Eleanor,

Margaret and Kathryn   JOHN JOSEPH DOUGHERTY, 125 Wildwood

Dr., Prescott, AZ 86301 needs info on Hugh Dougherty, b. in Ireland and died approx 1850 in Paterson, NJ, his wife's name unknown. Also needs info on James Hayes who died approx. 1847 at Paterson, NJ and married to Hanora     who died July 19, 1865 in Paterson, NJ. Possible

that Hanora was an 0 Dochartaigh, or of Irish descent, as we find that name in our tracings often   

Now that we have moved to Brown City, which incidently is Doherty Country, we have to do without the convenience of having Margaret and Anita at our beck and call. Both have been most helpful with any and all requests for help in the large mailings, especially getting the Year

books and newsletters out. I

can assure you that they are missed and we haven't been here a month yet. Just goes to prove, "you don't know what you have, until you no longer have it." (or something like that. If you can think of anyway you can help us, give us a call or drop a line. We need all

of the help we can get, &


GET YOUR COUSINS, UNCLES & AUNTS INVOLVED. All 0 Dochartaigh's love their name!



Other family names in John Joseph Dougherty's lineage are; McCourt, Shields, Early and Scullion. All from Ireland    FORREST TIMOTHY DAUGHERTY, 10061 Waterford Dr., Ellicott City, ic,D 21043, needs info on grandfather, Edward Daugherty, of which he has no info other than that he married Lucy Sims, only info on her is

that she died in Matoon, IL. "rims" father, Forrest Edward Daugherty, was a D.C. policeman for 20 yrs, was born Feb. 5, 1912 in Cannelton, IN married Eugenia Maude Abshire, July 15, 1933. Forrest died April 4, 1964 in Wash. DC Eugenia was a Congressional Sec'y for 30 yrs. was born Nov. 16, 1912 Rockport, IN and died Oct. 2, 1980 in Columbia, MD   HUGH DOHERTY, 1411 Hillside Ave, Victoria, BC Canada V8T 2B6 needs info on William Doherty married to Agnes Mc Lellan, their son Isaac Wilson Doherty, M.D. was Hugh'sgreat grandfather. Isaac was born in Rexton, NB 31 Aug 1831 married 12 Aug 1854 to Isabella Cleveland who was born 19 Jan 1828, Sussex, NB. Both Isaac and Isabella died in Rexton, NB - he Sept. 1911 and she 20 Nov. 1916. Other surnames in Hugh's lineage are: Cleveland, Hayward, Davison.

O'Neill, Hulbert and Copeland (the last 2 are English.)    LELAND J. SCOTT, P. O. Box 10124, Stanford, CA 94305 is seeking info on Benjamin Dougherty (Doherty) who died in New Brunswick, Canada. He

was married to Sarah    . They had a son Thomas Edward Dougherty
who was born in Northern Ireland. Another son, John married Jane Gillin 4 Mar 1868 at New Bruns. Canada. Thos Edward died 10 March 1904, Marinette, WS. Jane Gillin Dougherty was born 29 Feb. 1848 Edinburgh, Scotland and died 24 Mar. 1916 at San Francisco, CA. Their son John Marshall Dougherty was one of 9 children. John M. was born 22 June 1869, Houlton, Me. married 23 Dec. 1895 and died Sept. 22, 1944 at Santa Rosa, CA. His daughter Eunice Claire Dougherty was born 22 Sept. 1908 at Merrick, WS and married 29 Dec. 1932. Sisters and brothers of John Marshal Dougherty were: Mary Helena, Porter Thayer, Leticia Jane, Eleanor Maud, Marjory, Elizabeth May, Ruby Florence (still

living) and Jessie Louise.   

Your query can be published in the "Missing Links" for $2.00    It is possible that I have missed someone that has paid for this service. If so, please write and let me know and I will put it in the October newsletter.

We have the following items available: Pewter Mugs, with "harp" handle, made special for us, in Derry - 330.00. (These are a much finer pewter than is available in gift shops.) YEARBOOKS and the following "Origin" books for $7.50 - O'Doherty, O'Donoghue, McCann and McKenna. For $5.00, we have smaller books on O'Neill, O'Flaherty, O'Reilly, O'Kelly, O'Rourke and McGuiness. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. (possibly longer cause of trip to Ireland.) Front License plates $11.00 each....Shirts - adults, sizes small, med., large and x-tra large - $13.00 each - childrens 6-14 are $8.00 each - these are very nice! Derry/Donegal Reunion patches are 32.00 each. All of these make nice gifts for fellow tribal members. When in Ireland, we will be ordering and bringing back items. Postcards, hopefully with the "Coat of Arms." We are not using Association funds for our trip to Ireland. The Tourist Board is helping with the fare from NY to Dublin and possibly with transportation over there. The rest is out of our pockets   We are not in a position to be able
to afford to use Association funds for any, but necessary expenditures. We are awaiting further word from the IRS regarding our non-profit

status - actually, we are below the non-profit bracket, but doing very well for the short time we have been in existence   

We will be. taking copies of the ancestry. sheets you have sent to us, over to Ireland with us, for further tracing by Dr. Doherty who is helping with the genealogical work in Ireland   

Till October keep well and remember our member John (Jack) Dougherty of Wilmington, DE who passed away this past year   


Any Material submitted for the Yearbook must be clean copy, typewritten, single-spaced, except for short articles or poetry, which may be double spaced. They will not be re-typed or edited, before being printed. Unfortunately, we do not have the personnel this would require.

You know what we want, and need. Stories handed down from your grandparents, personal experiences relating to your ancestry, encounters with other O'Dochartaighs, humorous anecdotes, poetry, historical accounts and fictional stories relating to our heritage.

Every Irishman has a story to tell and most are very poetic. How about some expressions of your feelings of anticipation for this emotional experience we will be witness to and an integral part of, in 1985. Jot down your thoughts on that. Also, Anne in St. Thomas, Ontario.... Could you take the time to type out your beautiful poem delivered at the 1981 Reunion. The printer lost it and we want to include it in the next one?

We will need all items to be used in the next yearbook to be sub-milted NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 30th, 1982   

Patrick also wishes to add that when he attended the Derry Ball in Phla., Paddy Doherty and Mayor Joseph Vegan of Derry traveled over for the event. Patrick had a most enjoyable visit with both of them and was pleased, as always, to see Paddy's smiling face.

Those of you who have not sent in your ancestry sheets, please do so, as quickly as possible. We do want to take as many to Ireland, with us as we have available.

Another thought - Pascual and Reamon O'Dogherty of Spain will be in Ireland and be able to meet with us for one day, during our visit. You can well imagine how excited we are, as we have enjoyed their letters and support. It will be one of many highlights of this trip to meet our Spanish Cousins.

Ancestrily yours,   REUNIONS

Burnside, MI June 20, 1982 Atlanta, MI July 25, 1982

Downingtown, PA Aug 22nd ? St. Thomas, Ont. Aug. 15th

Barnesville, OH Aug. 29th WRITE TO ASSOC. AS TO DETAILS

- 10 -



Hugh Doherty, 1411 Hillside Ave., Victoria, B./C. Canada, V8T 2B6,

(Fam. Group #54 has gr-gr-gr-gr--grandfather Isaac Doherty who was born in Ireland, married twice and from 1st. wife had son William who died 1820 in Co. Donegal Ireland (Labadish.) Williams wife was Margory Fetters, who was born 1770 in Ireland and died 27 Oct. 1841 at St. Nicholas River, N.B. Canada.   William was a Sherriff in Co. Donegal. After his death his wife, Margory brought the family to Canada. A son William Doherty, 'm orn 24 Dec 1805 at Labadish, Co. Donegal Eire, married Agnes (Nancy) McLellan 17, Oct. 1830. William died 11, Sept. 1874 at St. Nicholas River, N.P Canada. Agnes was born 2, Apr. 1802 at Halifax, M.S., Canada, She died at St. Nicholas River, N.B. 18, Feb. 1878. Their son, Isaac Wilson Doherty was an M.D. and born 31 Aug 1831 at Rexton N.B. and married Isabella Cleveland 12 Aug 1854. Both died at Rexton N.B., Isaac in sept 1911 and Isabella 20 Nov 1916. Isabella was born 19 Jan 1828 in Sussex N.B. Their son Robert Peel Doherty was a doctor and also a dentist. He was born 4 sept 1861 at RextorioN.B. Canada. He married his first cousin Etta May Davison 12 June 1894. Robert P. died 10 Mar 1954 at West Vancouver B.C. Etta May was born 7 May 1872 at Shediac N.B. Canada. She died 10 May 1959 at Aukland New Zealand. Their son Dlinton Wilson Kampton Doherty was born 27 July 1896 at Mowlton N.B. and married Irene Alice Hulbert 31 Dec. 1921. Clinton died 8 Aug 1976 at West Vancouver, B.C. Irene was born 31 Aug 1897 in London, England and is still living. Their son is Hugh Rhys Clinton Doherty born 30 July 1926 at Calgary Alta, Canada. He married Betty ExumiuNgx Margaret Brundrige 4 Mar 1949. Betty was born 3 Aug 1927 at Victoria B.C. Canada. Both are still living and are members of this Association.






P.O. BOX 98 - ATTICA, MICHIGAN 48412   Telephone 3134-P6-2306


It was such an honor to represent you and your Association in Ireland. Everywhere we traveled our name was met with respect. All three of us were asked to speak on several occasions. We felt very humble and most certainly were aware of the tremendous responsibility we had in presenting the wishes of the Association to the various groups we met with.

Probably the two most thrilling moments for me, personally, took place at the Derry Council Dedications Ceremony and the Buncrana, Donegal, Proclamation Presentation. We three respresentatives of your Association spoke at the Derry Council Meeting and witnessed the passage of funds, by the Council, for the rebuilding of Fort 0 Dochartaigh. We then walked inside the Old Inner City Wall to the Fort's site.. When the Mayor (William O'Connell) and I turned the Cornerstone over, for the laying ceremony, I was astounded to find that my name - "Patrick Dougherty of Michigan U.S.A." was inscribed, along with that of their new Mayor. It was a moment that I will never forget. At the city of Buncrana, Donegal, we met with the City Council at the White Sands Motor Inn, for what was to have been a dinner-meeting. When we arrived at the White Sands, how surprised and pleased we were to find the Stars and Stripes flying overhead. We were greeted by all of the members of the Council and local tribesmen and women and presented with a lovely Proclamation inscribed to the members of our Association. While this was being presented to us, in front of the White Sands, the School Marching band, paraded into the parking lot, carrying the 0 Doherty crest on a banner. They entertained us for about a half hour, during which time we planted a tree at that site. We were then further honored with a bountifull Buncrana Banquet.

Following is a list of the Irish Doherty's which our North American Committee met with, planned with, and for whom we gained a sincere respect and love for. We should familiarize ourselves with these people and their cities, as they are very much envolved in the 0 Dochartaigh Association. They have accomplished much toward the success of our 1985 Reunion.

Paddy and Eileen Doherty of Derry - Paddy and Eileen are dedicated to the Youth of Derry, and to the Inner-City, itself. They were our traveling companions on several occasions. Paddy and Eileen journeyed to the United States to be with us for our first International Reunion, last summer and were guest speakers at that event. They are the force behind the rebuilding of the Fort O Dochartaigh. Paddy is Director of the Derry Inner City Youth Projects. He and the former Mayor of Derry, Joseph Fegin came to Philadelphia, this past April for the "Derry Ball." Eileen is compiling data for the Genealogical Department and has done a tremendous job. They and their family were our hosts on several occasions during our stay in Derry.

Paddy Joe Doherty of Derry - Paddy Joe is a teacher of Gaelic Language in Derry and as the Committee Chairman of the 1985 Reunion and served as Chairman of the meeting held in Derry at the Centre. He also presided over the short meeting at the Dinner Dance held for us in Moville at the Strand Hotel. His love and knowledge of the Irish Culture is extensive.

Pascual O'Dogherty of Madrid, Spain - Pascual traveled to Ireland to be with us on our first evening in Ireland. He is descended from the O'Dogherty's who left Innishowen in the "Flight of the Earls," 1608. His lineage has been recorded through each generation. Pascual, an Admiral in the Spanish Navy, has a deep love for his heritage. After corresponding with him for some time, it was a great honor to meet him.


Neil and Helen Doherty of Buncrana, Donegal - They are organizers of the meetings in the Buncrana area. They will coordinate their City's Doherty Pageant for the '85 Reunion. Neil was the first Doherty I met, years ago, on my first trip to Ireland. He has the softest, sweetest, tenor voice we were priviledged to hear during our stay, and we heard many   

John and Moira Doherty of Carndonagh, Donegal - They are active members of the Reunion Committee. Moira acted as our chauffeur and guide on many trips, also providing the music for our spontaneous sing-a-longs, by playing the piano at many gatherings. John is an excellent entertainer for an Auctioneer!

Mena Doherty of Ballyliffin area - Mena is one of many delightful Doherty women we met. She is a double Doherty and an active Committee member who assisted in entertaining us and acted as tour guide on occasion.

Daniel and Rosemary Doherty of Moville, Donegal - Both are active members of the Reunion Committee and were involved in many of the social occasions when the tribe gathered together. Dan is the owner of the Doherty Baking Co. in

the Innishowen. Ye snapped some pictures of one of his trucks in our travels.'

Rosaleen Dohert He art\ of Buncrana, Donegal - Rosaleen is an active member who was envolved in most of our ten days activities. She served as tour guide for us, and hosted a luncheon for us. All of this was accomplished in addition to maintaining a knitting business and her duties as principal of the school.

Mary Doherty of Buncrana, Donegal & daughter, Madeline McDermott of Moville -Two lovely ladies who helped make us feel welcome, on many occasions during our visit. They will be working hard on the '85 Reunion plans, also. Mary's son was the guitarist in the band at our dinner-dance in Moville.

Mr. and Mrs. James Doherty of Derry - Our hosts at a lovely dinner held at their home. We were most graciously received by them, their son and daughters, and sister. Irish hospitality at its' finest: Doherty's in Ireland have nicknames to identify their Sept. James is in the meat business and is known as the "sausage" Doherty. Think up a nick-name for your family as a means of identifying it at Reunion time.

Albert Doherty of Carndonagh - Teacher and Corresponding Seely for the Reunion

Committee. He accompanied us to Belfast and Andersonstown and as all Doherty's has much love of his heritage and homeland.

Carmel 0 ,Doherty' of Derry - Librarian and genealogist who serves on the Reunion Committee, and attended most of the functions including the Friday night meeting at the Northwest Centre.

Richard Doherty of Derry - Public relations officer for the Committee. Active member of the Reunion Committee who has done a tremendous job of publicizing it.

Larry Doherty of Derry - Derry Journal Photographer who was on hand for all of the festivities and did an excellent job. Pictures will be in '83 Yearbook.

Calm Cavanagh of Derry - Calm has helped us tremendously by keeping us informed of all activities relating to the rebuilding of Fort 0 Dochartaigh, as well as all meetings, planning sessions, projects etc. in the Derry area. We are most grateful and appreciative of his participation and keeping us informed.

Fear Feasa (man of knowledge) Letterkenny -Columnist for the Derry Journal has done much to ensure that the word is getting out about our Reunion. He has written many glowing reports of both our Assn. efforts here in the U.S. and the Irish Committee's activities. Sorry that we were not able to make contact with him while we were in Derry and Letterkenny.


Every waking moment, we found Ireland to be enchantingly beautiful, and its' people, with such a depth of compassion and understanding. The food and accommodations were excellent. Join with us in 198, for what could well be

the most fullfilling occasions of your lifetime.



Sunday - Arrival in Dublin. Met by Tony Dempsey of the Bord Failte' (Irish Tourist Board, who secured an automobile for our use and accompanied us to Buswells Hotel, where we were joined by Paddy and Eileen, who journeyed down from Derry to welcome us. We then motored to Derry and had a lovely dinner, prepared by Paddy and Eileens children. We then were settled into our most comfortable rooms at the "Clarence House." After freshening up, we left for a gala reception at McNamara's hotel in Moville. We spent several pleasant hours with our Irish cousins and our Spanish "Paddy," Pascual O'Dogherty. Moira played the piano for us and we sang our hearts out. Larry uoherty was on hand to take lovely photographs of the occasion. He is on the staff of the Derry Journal and showed up at all events and saw that we received great press coverage.

Monday - The three of us toured Derry and Donegal, as well as the Innishowen Penninsula. Patrick planted several trees on this day and in the days followin some 300 in all.   visited the 0 Doherty Keep in Buncrana and met the caretaker, a charming McLaughlin. In Donegal it seems everyone is either a McLaughlin or Doherty, and very often both: In the evening we had dinner at the Lough Swilley Hotel and met another lovely and lively cousin, Ms. Doherty. The food and service was great, which was to be our experience for the whole trip. We attended a lecture arranged for by the Buncrana Reunion Committee. Conal Byrne was a delight to hear. He has vast knowledge of Irish history and spoke, at length, on our tribe. There was a question and answer period for guests, following his talk and we gained much useful information. Tea and sandwiches were served following the lecture. Patrick, John and I were invited to speak about the Association, and were grateful for the opportunity to explain how our Association came into being and what our projects and future plans are.

Tuesday - John and Patrick went off to plant more trees in Derry. They toured the Northwest Centre for Learning and Development in Derry, while I was left to shop in Derry, on my own. I loved it! The people were most gracious, with only the bank and postal employees being a little stiff and formal, much the same as they are here. I found the clerks in the stores most obliging and was pleased that the prices were much in line with our own. On this trip I purchased porcelin, china and clothing. A stop at a beauty shop was a pleasant surprise. The prices are less than ours, the service fast, with all of the same equipment used. I salvaged 2 pounds from my spending spree, to ensure that I could have lunch and what a great lunch it was, and for much less than that. I had a lovely sausage served on a hot, crunchy roll (one of James Doherty's sausages, I am sure) salad, two fruit tarts and tea. I hed on my 0 Dochartaigh shirt which created alot of interest and questions. Two ladies asked to join me at my table and said they had seen our pictures in the paper that morning, and knew that we would be meeting with the newly elected mayor that afternoon. I really felt like a celebrity. The Irish have a way of making one feel that way, and its wonderful! Went back to Clarence House and was joined by Patrick and John for a trip to the Council Chambers, where we had a social hour before attending their meeting. Mktthe new Mayor, William O'Connell who succeeded Joeph Fegin, who according to their law, could not succeed himself. Mr. Fegin was on hand togreet us also. Derry is fortunate to have both of these men working for them.




Tuesday - continued: Tony Dempsey of the Bard Failte' waa on hand for this meeting at the Mayors office, also. It   our sincere pleasure to meet, also, Eddie Freil, of the New York Office of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. We have been in correspondence with him for some time, as we have with Tony Dempsey. We were aware that we might see him sometime during our trip, but had no idea he would be on hand for this occasion. The meeting was certainly not like alot of our city council meetings - a waste of time. The Irish council members, in Derry are well prepared to get things done. The architects were on hand for this meeting to show drawings of the fort, assuring all that it would be as authentic as possible, and yet functional. The council members brought up many interesting questions and we were most impressed. (One explained to me afterward that his mother-inlaw is a Doherty and if the Fort is not what it should be, he will have to answer to her.) We were invited to offer our

suggestions and opinions, and made (hopefully) appropriate comments.   Patric presented the new Mayor with a copy of our Yearbook and congratulations from the Association. I presented Mayor 0 Connell with an appointment book and words of thanks and encouragement. We retired to the Eayors office where libations were served, sometimes by Joseph Fegin, who can always get a job

as a bartender, if he decides to give up political life.   e then went to

the site of the Fort, where Patrick and Mayor 0 Connell layed the corner stone. (That is the only time the whole trip that I wished, for a moment, that I was a man. To see my brothers name inscribed on the cornerstone was a thrill!) In the evening we went to Moville where approximately 200 0 Jochartaigh's joined together for a dinner-dance. Entertainment was great. The band played danceable music and two of their members were Doherty's - the drummer and the guitarist. Four persons sang Irish songs for us. The ecLaughlin dancers, who are world champions, performed many of the traditional dances for our enjoyment. All of the entertainment was first-rate. The meal was superb. I stayed overnight with John and Moira Doherty of Carndonagh. We sat up and talked until almost 5 a.m. It was a great day, as all of them were. (When the sun doesn't go down until after 11 at night, it really lengthens your waking hours.)

Wednesday - Toured Donegal with Moira Doherty of Carndonagh, who took us to a lovely hotel for luncheon. We shopped at many little shops along the way, arriving back in Derry about midnight. Then Moira had to drive back to Carndonagh, insisting she did not mind. ;:;he was most gracious to us and so willing to ensure that we did not miss anything. On this tour we went to killybegs, ( a fishing village ) its name means little churches, clencolumkill and everywhere else in the south and west of Donegal. We had dinner at a lovely hotel in the evening. A most enjoyable day.

Thursday - Visited with McAuleys in Shatallow. We live near 3 of their daughters and a son, here in Michigan, and know them well. It was our pleasure to meet their wonderful parents and spend some time chatting with them. They served a lovely lunch of sandwiches, deserts and tea. A daughter that lives near them came in and entertained us with some Irish songs. We felt, as we did with everyone we met, an immediate kinship and understanding with these charming people. In the evening we were honored at a gathering of the tribe at James "sausage" 0oherty's home. The food was beautifully prepared (fresh salmon was the entree) and James daughters did a wonderful job of waiting on us. who were present were reluctant to leave, as it wars yet another most enjoyable evening.

Friday: Tour of Buncrana area, for John and Pat, with Rosaleen Hegarty and Mena Doherty. Lunch at the Hegarty's home, with dancers (all Doherty's) entertaining us under the able direction of DinnyLaughlin, who wrote a poem for us, that will be in our 1983 Yearbook. WhileJohn and Pat toured, visited with delightful women from the area, one of whom has a daughter that lives about 50 miles from us. In the late afternoon we attended the City Council reception at the White ;.'ands cptor Inn, where we were presented with a Proclamation and Patrick planted yet, another tree, ee had a lovely dinner at the Inn.


About 9:30 p.m. we motored back to Derry for the Reunion Committee meeting. Much was accomplished toward the planning of the Reunion, at this meeting. We presented committee members with gifts as remembrance of their kindness to us. It would be the last time we would see many of these wonderful people for awhile, and we were saddened by the parting from them, with whom we had shared so much and so many happy times.

Saturday - We had an unofficial visit with Alfie and. largaret Doherty of Andersonstown, outside of Belfast. Paddy, Eileen and Albert traveled by car, with us to Andersonstown. We met Alfie at a Club and sat in a booth, over which hung his son, Kierans picture. You will recall that Kieran was buried during the week that our first annual Reunion was• held in 1981. He died in his 73rd day of hunger strike. We were most impressed with his parents, finding them to be thoughtful, intelligent and caring people. Not wishing to exploit their grief, there was no publicity about this meeting. We came away with a deeper understanding of the agonies our people continue to suffer because of British occupation. We went to Alfie and Margarets home, read the notes their son had smuggled out to them, all of which were filled with love and concern for his family as well as showing the great courage this fellow tribesman of ours had. At their invitation, we were honored to accompany them to the grave of their son. Hallowed ground that

has a beautiful memorial to the native Irish that have fought against tyranny. The only thing wrong was that the memorial had all of the wrong names on it -they were all IRISH! Such a testimony to the cruelty and inhumanity of a nation that will never dominate the Irish. We said a prayer and placed flowers on Kierans grave, hugged and kissed Alfie and Margaret, and fled to the car, to let the tears fall. It was a most solemn and somber occasion.

In Andersonstown, Berry, Shantallow, Strabane and onaghan (county) the committment of our native Irish cousins to the cause of freedom is very strong. The situation is changing, we feel, for the better. British troops, in armored tanks are in evidence, though hardly given a passing glance by anyone. We sincerely feel and hope that they will be gone, soon. The troops themselves, don't want to be there, the Irish don't want them there, it is just their English politicians that persist in this no-win situation. One clay England will decide it is too costly, not just monetarily, to be there - then they will leave. Too late for Kieran, but perhaps soon enough to save his younger brother.

Saturday evening Patrick caught up on his correspondence while John and I traveled the length of the beautiful River Foyle going into Derry. We had an excellent dinner at the White Horse Inn, arriving back at Clarence House around midnight.

Sunday - We attended Mass at St. Edwards in Derry, noticing after being seated that we were sitting under a stained-glass window donated by Rev. Dr. Doherty. Felt very much at home and the liturgy was beautiful. It is a very large church and well attended. Saw Eileen at Mass and spoke with her afterward. We dined with she and Paddy at their home and traveled to Klimacrenan with them and an Episcopal Minister, Rev. Smithly, at whose home we had lovely desert and tea, served by his gracious wife. In Kilmacrenan we were joined by yet another Doherty (Neil) who toured to the Boon Well, beautiful Adair Castle and gardens, Columkill'a grave and the little church where his baptismal font is still in service. We returned to Neils home and were served the best homemade bread, preserves and tea, while being entertained with local musicians and dancers. Neils brother, Dominic came in to meet us. I had written to him about six months ago, when I had seen his picture in an Irish newspaper. It was about midnight when we headed back for Derry.' Another wonderful day. When I got ready for bed, I took one long, last look out at Derry, which is beautifully situated on the hill, its lights brightly shining, reminding me for all the world of Albugerque, NM, or .Beaver and Golden, CO at night. I bid this wonderful city, a city filled with such



wonderful spirit, a fond and private farewell, before I fell into be4.

PMonday - Toured the Northwest Center, purchased pu;:ter for the ::ssociation raffle. Departed for Dublin, visiting the "Round. Tover" near Drogheda en route. Stooped at Mary Mathews home and purchased postcards. w 1-le is the widow of Anthony Mathews the Author and Publisher of the "Origin of the 0':)oherty's." Checked into our rooms at the Skylon Hotel, which were provided for us by the 'Bard Failte, as was our breakfast. Received a call from ■:r. :)ougherty (.ean) the Minister of Justice, setting up an appointment, for Tuesday, before we departed for America. Patrick and I relaxed for awhile while John went out to dinner with friend. Patrick and I had a late dinner, joined for coffee by Tony Dempsey of the Bord Failte' to summariTe our trip and plan for the 1980 Reunion.

Tuesday - We were picked up at the Hotel about 8:30 a.m. by the Cinister of Justice driver. A most amiable person, who has driven many visiting dignitaries around Dublin - President John F. Kennedy, for one. (I can tell you that the Irish all had high regard for that Irish President of ours, but feel that President Reagan is perhaps a little ashamed of being Irish.) The driver did not say this, but it was what we heard many places we traveled.

The Irish are very knowledgeable about U.S. Politics. We had a most enjoyable,

and informal meeting with both the Minister of Justice and Eamonn !ioherty, who is head of the Garde', which is like the State Police. I wa..ry then driven back to the airport, while John and Patrick stopped at the Hotel to pick up the car and bring our luggage to the airport. It was with much regret that we de-

parted from this enchanting country of our ancestors...

I wish to mention here that the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, through the efforts of their New York representative, Eddie Friel, obtained for us our tickets on Aer Lingus to and from New York/Dublin and provided us with our comfortable rooms and excellent breakfasts at Clarence House in ,)erry. We were most appreciative of this. Bord Failte, through their representative Tony Dempsey, took care of our last night's lodging in Dublin, our auto expense (rental) and both Mr. Dempsey and Mr. Friel co-operated fully on our trip. They are working for the success of our reunion in 1985, and doing

all to ensure that it will be the grand gathering we know it can be. It looks

as though the cost of the reunion tour will be between 4i1,500 and *2,000 per

person, from the U.. and Canada. This will include air-fare, accommodations, probably some meals (most breakfasts) and bus transportation to all places for the two week stay. The time for the reunion will be the last trio weeks in June, with additional groups touring the four reeks (2 week tours) in July, if we have sufficient numbers. We are relying on our membership to help promote this. V:e have plenty of time to plan and save for this. Encourage all members of your family to attend. Send those postcards to Anita Pobocik, 12376 Hillcrest, Grand Blanc, Michigan L.8439. :Ale tells me she hasn't heard from many of you, though I receive letters telling me you are coming. Please drop her a postcard and let her know that you plan to attend, and how many of you there are.;:he needs this information.

Ancestrily yours,

2/1-- .616-3Lk   4}t-eg4




Ireland, THE LAND CF A THCIPPID '5',LctRrs. Food, merriment, musicians, marching bands, cabaret, and folk dancing were the order of the day. An exciting, fulfilling, and uplifting ten days.

The beginning of a new wave. This is how I see Derry today. A city coming to life and exuding vitality for its citizenry to take hold. The Grand Ramrod of this new, wave is Paddy (Bogside) Doherty, - builder, raconteur, and :'rennaissance man. Because of his dffort (and many others), the youth of Derry have a door opened to a future with unlimited possibilities.

Through this door, the youth of Derry become totally involved'in the INNER CITY PROJECTS. Vocational, agricultural, industrial crafts, geneal-

ogy, communications, graphics, and business administration, thus enabling

the person to explore their ability or vocation. You can feel a vitality

in every project with a visual culmination in the restored buildings.

Each student must spend a six-week session in each discipline with constant supervision of a professional tutor. The overall results appear to be excellent, with the students regaining some sense of well-being and a personal'value of one's self. There is a monetary incentive as well, to encourage the youth to persevere for completion of the vocational and educational activities in which he or she must participate. It offers each person an opportunity to discover, what talents they may have, or at least, an awareness that one should proceed to some advanced technical or academic institution.

After less than a year, approximately 300 young people are the beginning of a riser that will develop into the new wave for Ireland's future. Fortunately, someone had the vision to open the door for a new treginning.

It is a pleasure to see a little money go a long way. In Derry, a dollar spent has a rippling effect, with many phases of life benefiting from the expenditure - the people, the city, and the future.

This project is not one of self gratification, for the promoters and

movers of Derry, but a genuine belief that time eras passing them by and

an avenue to the future had to be opened. I believe that a city is judged by its ability to rebound from adversity rnd struggle for a new way. It is with these thoughts that I larva Derry - with on uplifting sensation,

that r new wave is binning for Ireland and this vitality will stimulate

nr(-1 lend sup,,ort to the youth of Ireland. In such a way we enter the

20th century, with a firm belief that Ireland has a future in the advanced

world, plus the ability to retain what's good of the past and integrate this into the wave of the future.

There is a fisherman's 'saying' in Donegal, that 1) a riser is comin7fll, meaning - la re wave. Derry is a riser in the sea of cities of Trraand. TInthusiasm of this kind is catchy and when Derry axpurges its

1pLels, it will rise like Phoenix from its ashes!

Ireland is truly the land of a thousand welcomes. There is no doubt in y Lind today!




P.O. Box 98 - Attica, Michigan 48412   Telephone (313) 346-2306


S.O.S. - We hope the first thing you thought upon opening this newsletter was not: "What's this? Are they going to start bugging me with raffle tickets?" We assure you this was not our intent. Expenses have been running very high and we felt this might enable us to have some working capital, rather than having to rely on the generosity of a few individuals that have been most unselfish in their desire to help. WE NEED YOUR HELP! We started out with a shoe-string and a dream. Dreams get better, but shoestrings wear out. Our portable typewriters and duplicating machines were never meant to perform the tasks we have required of them. If anyone has a heavy-duty typewriter and/or duplicator which we could obtain at a very reasonable price, or better yet FREE, please let us know...... ...... NEWS' FOR EVERYONE: This summer, while in Ireland, our representatives did offer to help defray some of the costs of the Derry/Donegal Reunion Committees expenses by sending them 10% of the monies realized from new members. This money will be used for programs, entertainment and promotion of the 1985 Reunion in Ireland. We are just sending 60,0 for each new member we

have join the Association. In the past 2 months this has amounted to $30.00. 1983 YEARBOOK: Time again to root through the closets, scrapbooks and those secret hiding places for stories, poems, anecdotes and histories, or anything you feel would be of interest to our members. Compiling the Yearbook is quite a task. We request that all articles be typewritten and clean copy, for reproduction. Unfortunately, we do not have the Personnel that all of this would require. Articles must be received no later than Nov. 17th., which is also the date we must have the raffle ticket stubs and money returned to headquarters. Thank you   
HAVE WE MISSED YOU? It is, interesting to note that we have heard from the following spellings - Daugharty, Daugherty, Daughtrey, Daughtry, Docherty, Dockerty, Dockrey, Doherty, Dougherty, Dougher, Dohearty and Dorrity. If we have not mentioned your particular spelling, please call it to our attention. We hope to eventually have all 110 or more spellings represented.... A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT, PATRICK: As explained in our July Newsletter, the Irish trip could not have gone better, with the one minor exception being Michael 0 Malley not being able to join us. He could have contributed much, especially in the way of humor to our numerous gatherings. This is not to play down the fact that Mike has great knowledge of all things Irish,

especially 0 Dochartaigh history, as his mother was an 0 Dochartaigh   
We enjoyed a very productive summer for the Association and ourselves personally, as we met with many members of our tribe throughout the U.S. and Canada. In July we attended reunions in Brown City, Atlanta and Burnisde, Michigan. In August we traveled, first, to St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, then on to Downingtown, Pennsylvania and on, finally to Barnesville, Ohio. We sold many yearbooks, some of the pewter mugs and lots of shirts, at each of these gatherings. More importantly though, we attracted new and enthusiastic members for the Association. The comaradrie and feeling of kinship was very great at all of these reunions. With the exception of the Downingtown and Brown City Reunions, all were held in Parks, that had excellant facilities. The Brown City reunion was held at the home of Patrick Dougherty (myself) and had about 35 persons in attendance. The Downingtown Reunion was held at the home of V.P. F. Robert Dougherty and his lovely wife, Rita. Persons from the Philadelphia area (about 60 of them) gathered here for a lovely afternoon - one which will long be remembered. We thank Bob and Rita for their hospitality, as our hosts - also their lovely children and grandchildren. The Burnside Doherty Reunion was well attended, also, with about 60 persons present. Atlanta, Michigan was a lovely site for a reunion, but alas, many of our Michigan 0 Dochartaigh's must have been on vacation. We had less than 20 in attendance there, and true to 0 Dochartaigh tradition, there was food enough for 100. St. Thomas, Ont. Reunion had about 40 in



attendance. At Barnesville Ohio there were well over 100 present, I believe. We thank Betty and Earl Hartley and daughter, Betsy for their hospitality and friendship. The Barnesville group voted to hold the 1983 International Reunion at their Memorial Park. It will be on a Saturday - August 13, 1983. We hope to have a full-day for all that are able to attend, beginning around 10 a.m. with softball games, Program in the afternnon, hopefully with Irish dancers and musicians to entertain us, as well as some brief speech-making by tribal members. This will be the last large Association Reunion, before the 1985 Grand Gathering of 0 Dochartaigh's in Derry/Donegal, Ireland. There will be much more information about this reunion in the February Newsletter. We hope that you will all keep in mind that we hope to be able to entertain our Irish cousins in 1985 while we are in Ireland. We know that we have

a wealth of talent in the U.S. and Canadian members. How about practicing up on that flute, banjo or what-have-you? Our Irish cousins would really enjoy hearing our songs, our music, perhaps watching some square-dancing. Think about it. It does not have to be anything elaborate. We know from attending these reunions that we have many members that possess good singing voices. Write and let us know what you are willing to do to make this 1985 Reunion fun for our Irish cousins, also. We would like to furnish one night of Canadian and American entertainment for them. Admiral Pascual O'Dogherty of Madrid, Spain paid us a visit in August. How great it was to be able to spend some time with Pascual. He tells us that one of his daughters will perform flamenco dancing, while his sons will play guitars for the 1985 event. Won't that be great? Please do the best you can with the raffle tickets. We need the funds to carry on what we have begun. All winners will be notified by telephone, Thanksgiving Day, and items will be sent out to them, priority mail...Until the next newsletter - "ABHU"    A MESSAGE FROM JEANNE: After attending all of the reunions in U.S. and Canada, I am all pumped up, again. What wonderful people we have in the Association and how great it was meeting so many of them, for the first time, and renewing acquaintances with ones met last summer. Am so grateful for all of the help, so many have given us, in this our first year. Really feel that we are gaining momentum now and that this will build. Margaret Dougherty Johnson, our Treasurer has been busy sending out letters to the editor and the response has been tremendous, with 0 Dochartaigh's

writing in, now, from all over the United States.   We still have 2,000 newspapers to contact and are having those letters printed up, at the present time. That many letters means 8400.00 in postage, so we will be sending them out as we can afford it. We have on hand the following items, Childrens shirts - 88.00 sizes 6-8, 10-12 & 14-16. Adult shirts - green with white lettering (same as childrens) in sizes small, medium and xtra large --$10.00. - Yearbooks --$7.50 - Origin of the O'Doherty's, 0 Donoghues, McCann's and McKenna's 87.50 each. Origin of the O'Kelly's, McGuiness, O'Rourke's, O'Flaherty's, O'Neill's and O'Reilly's for $5.00 each. These books will make nice Christmas gifts. Also, we have postcards with clan names of Ireland on them, 8 for $2.00. We have 0 Dougherty and 0 Doherty pennants for $3.00 each. Pewter mugs, with no imprint for $30.00. These are solid pewter "made in Ireland." The perfect gift for that brotherinlaw who belongs to another ethnic group. We will soon (next week or two) have available green and white football jerseys in adult small, medium, large and extra large sizes, for S13.00 - Pewter mugs with 0 Dochartaigh coat-of-arms for $30.00. Pewter goblets for $25.00 each. 0 Daugherty and 0 Daugharty pennants, $3.00 each. Derry/Donegal 4 inch Reunion patches - 82.00 each. By purchasing these items you will help us to spread the word about the Association and our plans for the coming year(s). Please think of this items as a possible Christmas, birthday, anniversary or any-kind of gift. For those of you that haven't seen our shirts, they are all imprinted on the front with "0 Dochartaigh of Donegal," and on the back have several different spellings of the name, with a place to check which applies to your family and also a box to note "none of the above" (also good for that brother inlaw) If you would like to order one with a different spelling on the back, let us know. If we lave enough requests for a particular


spelling we will have shirts made up, special for you at only what it costs us additionally. We do not have license plates available, at the present time. However, if you wish to order them, allow 6 weeks for delivery. The cost will be maximum $12.00 (less if we can order in quantity.) We will be using the metal, white background with kelly green lettering, in a metal frame with plastic (clear) cover. They will be hand-lettered and perhaps more durable than what we had in the past. Special thanks to the following persons (if I have left anyone out, forgive me) Stan and Marg, Anne, Bob, Rita, Sheila, Mark, Margaret, Tom, Nicki, Nancy, Anita, George, Richard M., Richard A., Betty, Earl, Betsy, Ed, Dot, Gary, John (that covers a whole bunch) Mike, Trudy, Kathleen, Moira, Francis and Ruby, for more help than I have a right to. Gary Daugherty of 5800 Hansel Ave., Orland, Fla.

32809 has had coat-of-arm patches made up and they are available through him for $5.00.....Gary also supplied us with a book that has all of the newspaper name and addresses in the U.S. (no matter how small) and we are very grateful for that. Thankyou   
MISSING LINKSMrs. Robert A. White, 4045 Moyer Rd, Rte 3, Williamston, MI 48895, requires information on Lt. Charles Dougherty born 1745 resided in Brookfield, MA 1765, Framingham, MA in 1769. He married Hannah Hemenway in Nov. of 1764. Charles died (?) was buried in Deerfield, Oneida, County, NY - Braydon Farm. Their children were William, Sanual, Kate, Hannah, Charles Lee, Lucy, Rebeccas, Molly, Jane

and Eleanor   Ruby Bogner, 9000 West Road, Redwood Valley, CA 95470, asks for information on Nancy Ellen Daugherty b. 27 Dec. 1836 died.28 June 1908 married to Cornelius Samuel Daugherty 11 May 1867 sister of Silas, children of John & Elizabeth Daugherty. Sarah Cunningham, mother or Sister of Rebeccas, Hugh, Thomas, Peter. Rebecca married James Daugherty Va. Navy Lt. Rev. War., who served as cook for Gen. George Rogers Clark on'Ohio River Warning Project - 2 June 1781. Sally Young married William Dougherty 21 Jan 1812 marriage contract signed by Samuel Young.William was born 2 May 1792. Silas. and Nancy Dougherty children

of John and Elizabeth A. Who was John's father?   Mary E. Dougherty 2520 Barstow Road, Lansing, MI needs info on John P. Dougherty born and died in Philadelphia, PA, but when? Johns father was Hugh, who married Jennie Welsh, his grandfather was William Dougherty who married Catherine 0 Neill, no other info on them, other than their names. John P's son was James Joseph Dougherty born 06 17 29 in Philadelphia, PA his wife

was Mildred Helen Wiseman born Apr. 2 1920 in Pittsburgh, PA   
H.F. Daugherty, 3408 Duke St., College Park, MD 20740 needs info on James Daugherty born 1825 - where? - when? - buried in Bakersville, MD. He had 2 wives and seven children; Aaron born 1849, Enoch, b. 1851, Samual born 1852, Susan b. 1853, Alexander b. 1858, Benjamin born 1860 and Alford b. 1864. John D. Daugherty, 2425 N. 82nd St. Waiwatosa, WI 53213 is seeking info on Peter O'Doherty of Drogheda county Louth, Ireland. around 1795 m. Mary Ann O'Connell, had 5 sons, Francis from Cootehill, Co. Cavan, Ireland, later moved to Dublin, Patrick who remained in Ireland and had one daughter Mary 0 Doherty McMahon, Philip, located in Brooklyn NY about 1840, had two sons. James died early in his life. Also need info on Thomas 0 Doherty or Daugherty married to Ann O'Cullivan, in the parish of Kil, Co. Cavan, Ireland. They had one son Francis and 5 daughters; Ann, Susan, Katherine, Margaret and Mary. Thomas settled in Quincy, IL area in a small town called Bloomfield. He changed his name to Daugherty when he left the land to Francis about 1860. Francis married Mary Ellen Dempsey and the had 9 children, Annah, Sarah, Mary,

Margaret, Thomas, Frank, Edward, Leo and James   


MISSING LINKS CONTINUED: Shirley E. Wells, 1848 Kenwood Way, Marysville, CA 95901 needs info on parents of Ellen Evaline Daugherty, born June

1865, Winona, Illinois - Samual Daugherty & Rachael Meecham   

Missing links are published for a fee of $2.00, per inquiry    next newsletter will be February of 1983

ITEMS OF INTEREST: Rena Docherty of Smiths Creek sent us a list of Genealogists submitted by Genealogical Dept. of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. First person requesting list may have it, please send case. Thank you.

TEXAS 0 DOCHARTAIGH'S - we have received quite a bit of assistance from Illa Adams, Corresponding Secretary of Tip o Texas Genealogical Society Harlingen Public Library, 502 E. Tyler, Harlingen, TX 78550, who sent us names and address of our tribesmen, tho she tells us none belong to her Society. Most obliging and helpful lady   

PENNSYLVANIA 0 DOCHARTAIGHS - There is a newly formed "Irish Heritage Society" in your state. Their Secretary is Marie T. Cavanaugh, 1516 Chatham Rd., Camp Hill, PA 17011 and the Society is based in Harrisburg. She would be interested in hearing from any of you that would care to write and take part in their plans. (and maybe you can sell her a raffle ticket.)

THOSE ATTENDING OR PLANNING TO ATTEND 12.85 DERRY/DONEGAL REUNION please get a post card off to Anita Pobocik, 12376 Hillcrest Drive, Grand Blanc, MI 48439. All she needs is your name, address and how many will be going. She has offered to take care of this for us, lets keep her busy. It only costs 130 to send that card to her   

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - "I was born not to pass judgment, but to love." received from Rev. John Fitzgerald, Carndonagh, Donegal, Ireland   

WELCOME RHODE ISLAND 0 DOCHARTAIGH"S How very happy we were to hear from you, in response to our letter appearing in your local newspapers. We need to hear from more of you   

If you feel that you will be able to attend the 2nd. International Reunion to be held at BARNESVILT,E, OHIO then keep this coupon to send in 'to us by May 1st. 1983

Yes7 We will attend the Barnesville, Ohio reunion. Enclosed is

to help with reunion expense. (suggested $5.00 per couple )      

Your name

street address


city and state   number attending

- 4




P.O. Box 98 Attica, MI 48412   Telephone: (313) 346-2306

February, 1983   Vol. 1 Number 5


FROM YOUR MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN: I trust everyone has now returned to the norms of everyday living, and all vestiges of the holidays put away. For some odd reason, pine and spruce needles seem to want to hang on, no matter how many times our old "Hoover" is pushed across the rugs.

As we venture into this new year of 1983, our thoughts turn to the prime project of membership. It is important! It involves all of us!

During the past year we received letters of inquiry from many states, and there are still quite a few that we have not heard from. The old familiar recruiting poster with Uncle Sam pointing his finger could be apropos, although our own message would read: "WE WANT YOU!"

Many of us learned how to swim via the "Buddy System." Now that wasn't half-bad. It did prove to be quite successful. Perhaps the same idea could apply to a new technique of increasing our membership.

Consider if you will, the telephone directories found in our homes, places of employment, terminals, public booths, etc.. Think of it! Just one phone call from each one of you could cause a chain reaction to stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts, Consult your directories and make a call(s) and spread the good news of our Association, our membership, our goals and our dreams. Invite them to send letters of inquiry; but most of all, let them know they are welcome and a decendant of a noble heritage, whose aim is to compile the greatest listing of 0 Dochaftaigh descendents, not matter what the variance of spelling would be.

Let your telephone be your trumpet to summon prospective members. Lets spread the "word" to the cities, towns, villages and hamlets. As your Membership Chairman,

I ask all of you to be my "Buddy" in helping with our membership. We are past the crawling and creeping stages. We've got to stand up with the best of them! Be a good "Buddy" and give us a hand.   Thank you!

* * *

OUR YEARBOOK: Volume II is about to take shape. We solicit not only your interest, but your literary contributions as well. Scrounge through your attics, spoof off the dust from trunks, closets, cook books and secret hiding places. Share your photos, poetry, recipes, scandals and anecdotes with the rest of our membership. Wouldn't you love to see them in print? All articles to be considered for publication must be received here no later than March 1st. All copies are to be type-written (Double space) on 812 x 11" paper. They must be clear and legible. Advertising space is also available at the following rates: Full Page @ $50.00, Half-page @ $30,00, One-third @ $20.00 and One-quarter page @ $15.00. For further inquiries, contact Jeanne, c/b the address on this letterhead.

* * *



FROM THE DESK OF OUR PRESIDENT - A sincere thank you for the success of our Thanksgiving Day Raffle. We netted about $400.00, which will send out alot of letters to prospective members. Winners were as follows:

1st. Prize 2nd. Prize 3rd. Prize 4th. Prize 5th. Prize 6th. Prize 7th. Prize

Jack Daugherty Parsons, Kansas 8 pc. tea service George A. Daugherty Charleston, WVA Serving pitcher Richard L. Dougherty, Palm Bay, FL O'Dochartaigh Mug

Jack Burke,   Manchester, NH Creamer and Sugar Bowl

John Dougherty, Havertown, PA   Salt and Pepper Shakers

Melita C. Doherty Detroit, MI   Salt and Pepper Shakers

Mrs. A.C. Hinds   Fresno, CA   Donkey w/cart Figurine

It is our desire to make this Thanksgiving Day Raffle, our only fundraiser, for the year, other than the regular items we offer for sale.

PROJECT FOR OUR TRIBE - We have been in contact with Rev. Fr. Eunan Doherty, CP, Sedlbeng Catholic Mission, P.O. Box 188, Molepolele, Botswana, S. Africa, who is one of our newer members. He has advised us that our tribe had been responsible for preserving the gaelic language and he suggests that we make this one of our primary tasks. Perhaps we could get out a booklet with the more common Irish phrases, in order to educate our members, and encourage the usage of the true gaelic language.

MEMBERSHIP CAMPAIGN - Our membership drive is reaping many new and enthusiastic members. What could be better than hearing from a Richard Daugherty, telling of his brothers, Raymond and Russell? Perhaps hearing from Douglas Dougherty, with news of his brothers, David and Donald, and both on the same day, yet: Some of our members have sent in checks covering four or five memberships, for other persons in their families. We appreciate their generosity and hope this will mushroom. We have the following new spellings in our Association; Dochety, Darthy, Darty, Dorathy, Doraty, Dockerty, Dockry and Dority, so we are reaching them. One great Irishman, a Mr. Baker, from Iowa, sent us the names and addresses of tribesmen and women that are connected with Universites and Colleges throughout the U.S. and Canada - there were 225 of them, and we have sent letters out to each of them, asking that they join with us. Another 500 letters have been printed up and are ready for mailing, when we have the postage. These 500 letters will go out to O'Dochartaigh's we have been in contact with, through the years, but who for one reason or another, have not joined the Association. Our newspaper articles have helped tremendously. We thank Margaret Johnson for her tireless efforts in contacting the editors of over 2,000 newspapers in an attempt to make our Association known to all our tribe. We ask you to help us: If you saw our letter, in your newspaper, please take the time to write a "thank you," in our behalf to the Editor. It is the only way I know of giving credit where it is deserved. We have no way of knowing which papers did not publish the letters. Fellow Tribesman, Terry Dougherty of Oshawa, Ontario has sent us the names and addresses of the Canadian newspapers, so as soon as funds permit, we will be contacting those editors. We know we have alot of Canadian cousins, out there. Just a matter of getting the word out to them, also. I am going to ask that each of you, try to bring in five new members this year. If you have elderly aunts, uncles, parents etc. that would enjoy what we are doing, then make them a gift of a membership. Some evening take out your phone books and call a few of our tribe, listed in them, tell them about our Association and if they are interested, secure their correct address and send it to us. We will contact them with further information on the Association. We are along way from our goal. We have just about 300 members and we need more - especially to make the Derry/Donegal Reunion the memorable event it deserves to be. Please help   



MUSIC - MUSIC - MUSIC - We have available to us, through Brian Lavis, the authentic Bodhran Drums, which are one of the oldest drums in Ireland. They are associated with our tribe, in particular, coming from the North. These are hand-held, with a small, stubby, wooden mallet

and are easy to play. They cost $85.00, to our members, which is $13.00 less than usual. We hope that each family that plans to attend the '85 reunion, will have at least one of these, to be used in parades. It is possible that Brian will be on hand, in Barnesville, Ohio to give us

a demonstration, this summer. Might be, that I will have mastered (?) it by then, myself: We also hope to obtain the Irish Tin-Whistle by that time. We do have some members that play wind instruments, and are boning up on the Irish tunes, now, in preparation for '85. We plan to have an evening of American entertainment, while in Ireland, so that we may perform for our Irish cousins, who will probably be a little weary of entertaining us. Let us hear from you on this. Could be that you would get a square dance group together, some interpretive dancing by some of our ballerina's, barbershop quartets?

BARNESVILLE, OHIO - Aug. 13th., 1983, is going to be one super reunion. Indications are that we will be swinging from the trees, in Memorial Park. We suggest that you come in travel trailers, campers, etc., as accommodations in that town are scarce. You may wish to stay in Penna or West Virginia and drive in on Saturday morning, if you are coming from the east or north. Camping overnight, at the Park, will be permitted, providing you are not too rambunctious. Persons that are members of the Barnesville Group, (descendents of Daniel and Patrick) will not be paying a registration fee, instead you will be asked to bring an additional dish to pass, rather than the usual one dish. Others are asked to mail in the $5.00, per person fee, which will help toward the expense of renting the tents, buying the meat, soft drinks, etc. Anything stronger than coffee, tea, lemonade, you are asked to furnish yourself, and handle responsibly. This is a classy group of people in Barnesville - a most hospitable and friendly group. They were very kind to let us take over part of their annual gathering this year. We appreciate it.

STRIVE TO ARRIVE IN '85 - This campaign is well underway, however, if you have not contacted Anita Pobocik one of our reunion coordinators, please do so, by sending a post card to her at 12376 Hillcrest Dr., Grand Blanc, Michigan 48•39. We need to know the number that will be going to Ireland, so we have an idea of what arrangements to make. We will be meeting with the tourist boards, later in the year, and need this information. It does not, at this time, necessitate a firm committment, on your part, that will come about 4-6 months prior to reunion time. If you think you will be going, let Anita know.

DETROIT SOCIETY FOR GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH - March 12th. 2:00 p.m. , Rick Doherty will be their guest speaker at the Detroit Public Library, 5201 Woodward, Detroit. Members of our Association will be on hand, with items on display. Rick is one of our Michigan representatives.

PRISONERS - We have at least 2 members of our tribe incarcerated. A card or letter could brighten their day. Anthony Doherty, No. 15 Brookdale Park, Shantallow, Co. Derry, N. Ireland and Shane O'Doherty, No. 336143 H.M. Prison Gartree, Leicester Road, Market Harborough, Leicesthershire, LE16 7 RT, England. Remember, the fact that these two men are imprisoned, may mean only that. It is quite probable that their only crime, is being Irish   

NICKNAMES - Recently heard from a lady that is one of the White-Doherty's. This is her Irish family-nickname. Many of our American and Canadian cousins have made up nicknames, which is great. We have done the same. Our nickname is the Peninsula Dougherty's, believed from Innishowen and



ending up in Michigan. We loved finding out about a group of our tribesmen, known as the GOMAD Daugherty's, in Ohio. They are grandsons of Martin A. Daugherty - hence, GOMAD Daugherty's. Get together with your family and see what you can come up with for a nickname. I guarantee some of the options are hilarious:

CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME - (or at least with our own.) Fr. Eunan Doherty, referred to earlier in this newsletter, has seved in S. Africa with the Missions for many years, as has Fr. Oswald Doherty, St. Gabriel's Mission, P.O. Box 112, Serowe, Botswana, S. Africa. Both are from Co. Donegal. If you ordinarily donate to the missions, somewhere, perhaps a donation to these tribesmen, might have more meaning for you. I am sure they could do with our moral and financial support, from time to time......

Our own uncle was a member of this same Order - The Passionist Order. You can imagine my poor mother's mortification to overhear one of her children, years ago, telling the neighborhood that "my uncle is a passionate priest."

SALE ITEMS - Have just a few books on the life of Sir Cahir O'Dochartaigh, available, for $15.00 each. Could be that we will have more at a later date. The book is entitled, "The Audacious Traitor." We also have "Women Who Scandlised Ireland" - cost $5.00. We have the

"Origin of the O'Doherty's" for $7.50, as are books on the surnames,

McKenna, McCann and O'Donoghue. Books an the following surnames are $5.00 each, O'Neill, O'Rourke, O'Flaherty,   O'Reilly, O'Kelly and McGuinness. Any of these books would make nice birthday gifts. We still have the O'Dochartaigh Yearbook for $7.50.

Derry/Donegal Reunion patches - $2.00 each. Dougherty, Doherty, Daugherty and Daugharty pennants - $3.00 each. Post Cards 5/$2.00.

Shirts - adult football jersey type - $13 in small, large, x-tra lg. and also medium   Medium size only in shirts with Derry/Donegal Reunion patch on front - $10.00 (special) and small and medium adult size green shirts $10.00. Childrens, small, medium and large $8.00 each

Pewter mugs - $30.00 each. We also have footed serving pitchers $35.00. "ine goblets $15.00 ea. 6 for $80.00.....0ther pewter items will be available this summer.

A WORD OR Td0(?) FROM YOUR SECRETARY - Hi cousins: Thanks for your help with the Thanksgiving Day Raffle., Returns represented 40% so

I guess that is quite good for the first attempt. Of course, I am always hoping for 100% - maybe next year. Memberships are due on your birthday, but there is no penalty for sending them in early. I have a pile of mail waiting to go out, so we could use the bucks! Many thanks to you that have been sending postage stamps along in your most welcome letters. It has helped tremendously.

YEARBOOK ARTICLES-we have extended the time for submitting articles

to March 1st., so please send in anything you feel would be of interest

to our members. some material received already was in pretty rough shape, with penciled in corrections, notes written on it etc.and it is doubtful if we will be able to use it. Just do not have time to retype these articles, so please send it "clean copy." Thanks   


Denise Lang, 48 Gibson Ave., Mansfield, OH 44907 needs info on John

Daugherty and his wife, Margaret Wareham, of Smoke Twp. Bedford Co., Pa. They had at least one son, George Benjamin, born Feb. 14, 1848, in Bedford Co. He married Annama Charlotte Fouse on Nov. 24, 1874.


MISSING LINKS - (continued)

Frank W. Daugherty, P.O. Box 329, Alpine, TX 79830 needs info on John Quincy Daugherty, born Dec. 4, 1827 in Morgan Co. TN, his

wife, Sarah Pickett born Dec. 22 1829 in Stewart Co. GA, or his mother, Elizabeth Daugherty (maiden name unknown) born in Lincoln CO. KY 1804 or 1807.

Hugh Doherty, 1411 Hillside Ave., Victoria, BC Canada, V8T 2B6, info on Isaac Doherty, Born Co. Donegal, when? Married twice; 1st, wife bore William, second wife bore Hugh and John. William born 177.2 died 1818, lived in Labadish, Parish Ray, Co. Donegal and was a sherrif. Wife, Margary Fetters daughter of John Fetters, mill-owner, Children, Isaac born 1802, Mary born 1804, Grisyelda born 1795, Jose born 1807, William born 1805. Mother and five youngest came to Cana. 1819 landing near St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Joan Burris 6101 N. Cimarron Rd., Yukon, OK 73099 is searching for

info on Catherine Daugherty, b. 1827 in Indiana. Married William Doyle Aug. 10, 1845 in Decatur, Co. Ind. He was b. 1826 in Ohio.

Their son, Peter William Doyle was born 26, Aug. 1846, Ind. and

died 3 Nov. 1910, Canadian Co., OK. He was married 26 Jan. 1868 in Bartholomew Co., IN to Mary Jane Muldoon, born 20 Aug. 1848, Barth Co., IN. She died 7 Feb. 1924, Canadian Co. OK. We believe Catherine had a sister Marietta.

Patricia DeMund Griffore, 14153 Garfield, Redford, MI 48239 needs info on: Parents of Mikel Daugherty, b. 1787 and wife, Margaret     of Ireland, sailed to America approx 1822 and both died and buried at sea. Their daughter, Mary Elizabeth Daugherty, born 1 Jan. 1807 in Ireland, came with them and being left alone, was kept by an Aunt and later, Odell, Peter family. (Penna) where she married age 14 in 1820 to Daniel Odell. Other family names researching are; Lynch and Irwin, Macomb Co., MI and Haldimand Co. Ontario, Canada.

Arliss B. Robinson, 531 Wimbrely, San Antonion, TX 78221 needs info on grandfather, William Eugene Daugherty, b. Aug. 1842 in VA married Mary Elizabeth McClung in Ark. 1872. He died 1935 (?) Bartlett, TX. She was born 2-10-54 in GA and died Sept. or Oct. 1946 in Dallas   TX, His mother was Mary Lee, believed cousin to Robt. E. Lee, had two half brothers George and Frank. William Eugene and Mary Elizabeth went to Texas in 1874 in an ox wagon. Their oldest child, James Marion Daugherty, was a baby in arms, at that time. They eventually came to an area and settled on the San Gabriel River, near Bartlett, TX (Bell Co.) and he became a cotton farmer.

Cecilia D. Stewart, P.O. Box 3819, Anaheim, CA 92803 needs info on Emmett, Edward and Smith Dougherty, born NY 1840's; sons of James and Sarah Dougherty. They lived in Ft. Dodge, IA 1860-1890 and believe moved to Oregon. Also Albert Dougherty and son, Jesse in New Orleans early 1900's.

Julia Daugherty Bucklew, 26415 SR 60 N., Warsaw, OH 43844 seeks info on Robert and Ann Daugherty, born in late 1790's in Donegal, Ireland. Lived in Pike Twp. Coshockton, OH when 1860 census was taken. Moved to St. Joseph, IL in 1865. Robert died in 1865. Their children were James and Robert Jr., who remained in Coshocton Co. Ohio, Alexander, who died in Coshocton Co. 1863, Samuel, David and John who settled near St. Joseph, IL.


MISSING LINKS (continued)

Melvin J. Daugherty, 307 Cedar Ridge Dr., Oxon Hill, MD 20745 needs info on parents of George Daugherty (Dougherty) born 30 Sept. 1836 in Indiana, Co. PA Believe fathers name was Hugh and mothers name Rachel. (Melvin - see next querry.)

Madeline R. Barnett, Ph D. - 1538 Western Oaks, Waco, TX 76710 needs info on parents of David Daugherty, born 1797, place unknown - possibly PA - died Indiana Ca. PA 30 Sept. 1863 married Margaret Hartman, b. 1 Oct. 1800, died Smicksburg, Indiana Co. PA 16 May 1884.

Carol Graham, 2251 Pimmit Drive #615, Falls Church, VA 22043 needs info on parents of Daniel C. Daugherty, b. 1 Aug. 1819, Pittsburgh, PA area. Moved to Washington Co. OH 1838, married Mary Ann Abbott at Marrietta, OH 23 June 1841. Left OH shortly after. Living in Linn Co. IA in 1850 and arrived Yamahill Co. OR in 1852. Died 13 Sept. 1903. His child-

ren, were Eliza, Florence, Warren, Julius, Isaac, Brittania (Belle)

Willard, John, Louise Adelaide, Daniel, Grant and Mary - another

died in infancy. Believe father was Richard, b. Pa. 1787-88, who is listed below Daniel's family on 1850 Linn Co. OH census, with daughters

Mary 22 and Nancy 18 - all born PA. Daniel gives fathers birthplace

as PA and mothers, as Ireland on 1880 census. (Linn Co. is shown as both IA and OH - so am not sure which it is.)

Mrs. Merle Fettke, 27 Maple, Alva, OK 73717 needs info and would also be interested in hearing from persons researching the Daugherty's in KY - info on Joseph Harrison (Black Joe) Daugherty, b. 25 Dec. 1815, Harrison Co. KY (?) married 26 Dec. 1.836 in Grant Co. KY and died 3 Sept. 1886, buried in Smith Cemetery, Portland, KY - he married Elizabeth (Betsy) Ashcraft, who was born 8 Mar. 1817 Grant Co. KY (?) she died 8 Aug. 1911 Pendleton Co, KY and is buried in same cemetery as Joseph. They had following children, Elizabeth (sis) James H.

(pony JIM) Amanda A., Armilda, Louvisa, Obediah, Eliza Jane (Jane) Isabell - b. 9 May 1850 in Pendleton, KY married Lewis Helmich 1 Dec. 1870 and she died 6 June 899, Cordelia, Enoch born 16 Sept. 1854, Pendleton, KY, Caroline and Henrietta.

SPECIAL NOTE: Mrs. Wilson Cprb Jr. of Burton, MI has sent us county

records for Genesee Co. Flint. f' -F O'Dochartaigh's if there is something you wish checked.,...

If I have overlooked anyone's querr; or made an error, let me know. See you all in Barnesville, I hope, Love from your Michigan Cousin,

Heard about a newcomer To The neighborhood that went into Irish Muldoon's tavern and sat there sipping his beer and talking with

the bartender, Jim Dougherty. A very ugly woman came into the bar and the fellow remarked as to how homely she was. Jim replied -"Mister, that's me wife - and you know, anyway, beauty is only skin

deep." "Well then, skin her," retorted the stranger.

This is pure fabrication - our own new member Jim, of Irish Muldoon's

saloon fame, is unmarried.........

- 0 -



Dues   $1,476.00

Yearbooks    1,322.50

Origin Books   683.00

License Plates.. eaposba.006apapocla ******* 78.00

Shirts    724.50

Pennants    47.0

Derry/Donegal Reunion Patches    26.00

"Missing Links" Queries    52.50

Pewter Items    1 070.00

Thanksgiving Raffle Receipts    923.00

Advance advertising '83 Yearbook    44.00

*Cash donations for postage..,..     304.57


Cash on hand at beginning of year    475.52

Total money received Accounts Receivable

$7,227.09 176.50



*********************** EXPENSE

Cost of sale items   $2,370.00 Printing...................... ..... ...2,217.06

Postage      1,558.17

Office supplies    581.12

Advertising........... ....... ......   189.70

Office Equipment    103.22

**Derry/Donegal Reunion Committee    90.00

Computer Course for Sec'y    80.00

Secretary's gas and oil    47.00

Subscriptions    25.00

***Charitable Donation    10.00

Bank Service Charges    7.50



Also received about $18.00 in postage stamps from generous members

   * *   We send 600 per new membership to help defray their

(promotion of the '85 Reunion)expenses.

   * * *   This was a donation to Fr. Fitzgerald for a memorial

Mass, at Christmastime, for our deceased members - "may they rest in peace." Fr. Fitzgerald is based in Carndonagh, Co. Donegal, Ireland. His mother

was an O'Dochartaigh and he is very interested in our Association, writing to us often, keeping us

informad of happenings, with relation to our tribe, in Ireland.













P. 0. BOX 98

ATTICA, 46MI 48412



IN 1985

Hugh Doherty

1411 Hillside Ave, Victoria,, British Columbia, :Canada V8T 286




P.O. BOX 98 ATTICA, MI 48412   PH (313) 346-2306

June 1983   Vol. I Number 6

June is busting out all over, and it proves to be the most controversial month of all! "Tis a time of year when seasons become reverse to each other, a time when tears mingle with joys and sorrows and a season which brings certain phases of life to a close while opening the doors of challenge as well.

To the Graduates comes our congratulations/hearty wishes for a life of excitement full of adventures and success.

To the Newly-weds comes our prayers for a life of happiness and joys found only when trust is combined with love.

To the Vacationers, we say ..."have,a great time, but come home safe.."

To the Parents and Families comes our assurance that we are indeed with all of you in spirit on these most important occasions which involve your loved ones.


In our last publication we gave the names and addresses of two of our tribesmen who are presently incarcerated. It pleases me to thank all of you who have shown a true feeling of charity towards them, by sending letters, greetings and your interest in their behalf. I have been asked by their families to express their appreciation to the Association members who took time from daily routines to send off letters to Northern Ireland and England. Time and circumstances prevent them from personally answering, so they have asked that we convey this message to you. Pres. Patrick and all of our Officers joins me in expressing our sincere thanks for your kindness. Don't forget them - keep those cards and letters going:

Our next quarterly publication will be in September. If any of you become lucky winners of a million dollars, or more, please let us know where to contact you. Have a wonderful summer, be careful and God love you, all.


Time passes....(and so does the Collection Plate) Have you remembered to send in your membership renewal? $6.00 entitles you to another year of bliss...




(A few days ago, we received this additional memo from Michael)

CO=IDENCE? MENTAL TELEPATHY? It's uncanny, but it really happened: On the evening of May 10th., I was sitting at my desk when the phone rang. To my surprise, it was none other than our Association Secretary, Jeanne. She wanted to know how the June Newsletter was coming along. " was mailed out to you, at noon today," was my reply.

From Jeanne came the good news that our membership is rapidly increasing. =his, of course, is a result of your involvement. Our thanks to you, for your support and interest. Keep up the good work:


:0 ARRIVE - DERRY/DONEGAL '85 CAMPAIGN: Reunion Coordinators for the 1985 Reunion, Ed Dougherty of Antioch, =N and Anita Pobocik of Grand Blanc, MI, are hard at working getting things organized. Anita runs out to the mailbox everyday, looking for that letter or post card, telling of your wish to be included in that historic event. Even if it is only a dream, right now, to attend the International Reunion, in Ireland, 1st her know. Send those letters or cards to:

Anita Pobocik

12376 Hillcrest Drive Grand Blanc, MI 48439


BARNESVILLE, ARE YOU READY? It looks like caravans, mules, wagons and

all sorts of travel vehicles will be headed towards beautiful, Barnesville for August 13th. A call to a local Rent-a-camel service indicates a fantastic turnout for this happy event. What a great opportunity to become, not only acquainted, but also to share ideas, plans and news of meeting again at the "biggie" in Derry and Donegal in '85.

Those of you planning to attend the Barnesville, Ohio, August 13th reunion, should let Jeanne know as soon as possible. There is a 35.00, per person, registration fee, to accompany your reservation. Make

checks payable to "Barnesville Reunion" and send to Reunion headquarters, listed on front page of newsletter. Offers of help will not be turned down. By pre-registering through headquarters office at Attica, MI, it will give an idea of the numbers to expect, which is a neccessity as there is food to prepare, accommodations to be secured etc. Your cooperation is most appreciated and needed.


REGRETS & APOLOGIES: Two big words from your Membership and Publicity Chairman, for not being able to meet you at Barnesville. Be assured that I will be with you in spirit(s) and most anxious to hear all about the festivities and excitement, (P.S. Don't forget to swap recipes!)

At the time of the Barnesville Reunion, I will be in Ireland alerting Ould Hibernia of our mass invasion, scheduled for June of '85. I know that your reunion at Barnesville, will be a fantastic experience and a source of grand fellowship for everyone who attends. Have a wonderful

time   it's your inheritance.



PRESIDENT PATRICK - Many persons involved in Associations and the preparation of newsletters have told me that they have difficulty finding material for theirs. Thank God, we do not have that problem. There is so much going on, it is hard to know just where to begin:

MEMBERSHIP - Thank goodness we have had a tremendous amount of help from our present members, who have sent in names and addresses of the people they know would enjoy being a part of the Association. Letters that Margaret, our Treasurer, has sent out have been warmly received, resulting in a great upsurge of membership. We are fast approaching 600 members, which is truly representative of about 3,000 persons, considering that most of our tribe are quite prolific. One membership might well include a family of at least five persons. Many of

our members have sent in membership fees for older relatives, as gifts. What a great way to make sure that no one is left out, which is really the underlying theme of our membership promotion. If you have a relative that will soon be having a birthday, graduation or anniversary, please consider making them a gift of an association membership. You can't beat the price. Just 86.00    Jeanne tells me that renewals are coming in slowly. Of course many persons have not had their birthdays yet this year, and that is when they are due. We just hope that the balance do not have December birthdays.

BARNESVILLE, OHIO - AUGUST 13th, 1983 - This promises to be a great day for the Irish. Am happily anticipating not only seeing all of the Barnesville group again, but meeting many of the persons we have corresponded with and whom have joined in the past year. We are fortunate to have the help and support of the Daugherty-Dougherty's of Barnesville, Ohio group. Betty Hartley and Ed Dougherty, have been with us every step of the way in this building of the association, always supportive and so willing to help in any way. Betty is working hand-in-hand with Jeanne, our Secretary to make this occasion a success. They need your help. Just fill out the blank shown here and make your check out to Barnesville Reunion and send it to Jeanne here at headquarters. It will help defray some of the costs connected with holding this reunion, and also ensure that you have something to eat when you get hungry    $5.00 each.

There will be     of us attending the Barnesville Reunion. Enclosed is

S   , covering the cost of our attending.

(name and address)

Jeanne will be sending out information to those who are attending, early in July, relating to the schedule of the days events, and what accommodations are available etc. Also, she would be gratful for

some assistance, on that day, if you would care to offer, just let her know.











• 4y;:',.,"•••••■•::.•Z--,'"'7,'.11;1,":

This cartoon is compliments of our member Jere M. Doherty of Akron, Ohio. Thanks Jere. Hope to see you in Barnesville.

ASSOCIATION BUSINESS - We are currently seeking "non-profit" status for the Association, which we in all actuality are - non-profit, that is. Just hoping to make it an official act and have set the gears in motion.

IRISH TRIP - JULY 1983 - I have been fortunate, _in that I have been able to schedule time off for the entire month of July. I will be meeting with the Derry/Donegal Reunion Committee, The Irish Tourist Board, The Bord Failte', which is the Tourist Board for the Republic of Ireland, as well as members of government, while I am there. Last year we only had ten days in which to accomplish many things. That we were so successful was due to the good organization of the Derry/Donegal Committee, as well as the fact that I had the support and companionship of both John E. Dougherty of New Castle, DE, who is our Eastern Regional Coordinator and Jeane, our Association Secretary. This trip I will be on my own, but with much more time available to attend to these matters.

I look forward to meeting with our Irish cousins again. Some of the matters we will be discussing will have to do with the rebuilding of the Fort O'Doherty in the City of Derry. There have been some problems arise, with regard to the acceptance of the design submitted by the architect. We have been in correspondence with the Dept. of Economic Development in Belfast, who will be involved in this. Hopefully it will be resolved and work can begin, yet this year. In any event, I am proud to represent you at these meetings and ask for your prayers for the success of these meetings. I will give a full report on the trip, when we meet in Barnesville.

OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST - A couple of our members feel that we are taking too much of an interest in the politics of Ireland. We would be glad to hear from all of our members, as to their thoughts on this. We know that we are not going to be able to solve the problems of that nation, and that has not been our intent. Because we are 0 Dochartaigh's, we are as much from Derry, Belfast and other areas in Northern Ireland, as we are from Donegal in the Republic of Ireland. We have cousins that have always lived in Derry, Belfast and Donegal. To hold a reunion over there and exclude any 0 Dochartaigh, is unthinkable. We hope to have only a positive effect on their political climate - not a disruptive one.




We are not so naive as to think that we will have any great impact on the situation over there. It has been our desire only to enlighten not to inflame. We welcome your comments. We want to know how you feel and what you are thinking.

YEARBOOK Due to the tremendous influx of letters into headquarters we have postponed the yearbook. If any of you have anything you wish to contribute, there is still time. A couple of persons have sent in money for the Yearbooks, already. We ask that you be patient with us. They will probably go to press now, in October.   The cost will be around $10.00.

Have a good summer. See you all in Barnesville.

This creative clipping is from the "Amarillo Sunday News-Globe" in Texas. They printed our letter telling of the association and the 1985 Reunion. Thought you would enjoy seeing it. Jeanne is going to say a few words, so goodby, for now.

Hi Cousins: Sure has been a busy couple of months since the last newsletter. Have received over 2,000 letters and have responded in kind, having sent out over 2,300 letters. If I'have been slow to reply to some of your letters you will understand why. It has been hectic. Our Treasurer Margaret, is now Margaret Dougherty, once again. No one is advocating divorce, but at least, one, good, positive thing came out of hers - she got back her name. I am envious. I accompanied her to court on that fateful morning and would you believe that about 20 others were in court obtaining divorces also, and not only that, but one lady




came into the reception area, after being granted her divorce, and said, "well at least I got back my good Irish name. I don't think I will ever get married again, but if I do, I am not giving up my name." I inquired as to what her good Irish name was, and would you believe it was also Dougherty. She had even attended the '81 reunion at Attica, but was not a member of the association, so I signed she and her sister up, right then and there. I had known her sister previously.

This brings to mind that our member Kathleen Frances Doherty of Albuquerque, NM has a real gem for a bridegroom. Her husband let her keep her maiden name. Congratulations to you both. Hope you have a good and happy married life together and that we meet one day.

Though Patrick does not have time to respond to the mail we receive,

I can assure you that he reads every word, (before I do) and enjoys it all immensely. Mailtime is the highlight of our days, as are the phone calls we receive. Especially appreciate the close contact Richard A. Doherty of Pinckney, MI and John E.,of New Castle, DE. A phone call from these two guys could brighten anyones day. Am grateful for the many letters John E. Dougherty has sent to the east coast tribesmen and women, which have resulted in many new members in the PA and NY areas.

Last weekend we were privileged to have some of the Burnside Doherty's at our home. A most enjoyable time it was, not to mention a most productive one, for the Association. Richard A. purchased $200.00 worth of pewter, which helps pay some postage.


Daugherty Reunion at West Alexander, PA Fairgrounds Burnside Doherty Reunion at Imlay City, MI K of C Hall on hwy 53.

Barnesville, Ohio Reunion - Memorial Park, Barnesville, OH Daugharty Reunion, North Pavilion, Pinafore Park, St. Thomas, Ontario Canada.


TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS? Drop a line to our cousins, who would enjoy hearing from you.

Anthony (Tony) Doherty, No. 15 Brookdale Park, Shantallow, Co. Derry, N. Ireland ( will be released in time for '85 Reunion)

Shane 0 Doherty, No. 336143, H. M. Prison Gartree, Leicester Rd., Market Harborough, Leicesthershire, LE 16 7 RT, England. (serving life sentence)

DON'T FORGET OUR MISSIONARY COUSINS IN AFRICA who have enjoyed your letters. Fr. Oswald Doherty, C.P., St. Gabriel's Mission, P.O. Box 112, Serowe, Botswana, Africa

Fr. Eunan Doherty, C.P., St. Paul's Mission, P.O. Box 131, Mochudi, Botswana, Africa

CARDIGANS WITH CREST will be available at a later date through one of our members, in plenty of time for the '85 reunion. We will enclose

June 11th June 19th

Aug. 13th Aug. 21st



a brochure in one of our future newsletters. We do this rather than make up a membership list for distribution. We value your privacy and no membership lists will be made available to any person or organization. Your address is given out, only at your own direction.

MISSING LINKS - change in fee....Will be 83.00 in the future newsletters.

Fran Mitchell, Box 7, R.R. #2, Lynden, Ont., Canada LOR 1TO, seeks inf. on Isaiah Dougherty, b. Whitchurch Twp., York Co, Ont. 1838. m. Sara Malard. He was school teacher or merchant. Moved to Watertown, SD, Caddington Co., in 1882. d. July 12, 1896. His children and their ages

in 1881 were: John W. (20), Lavinia M. (18), Minnie T. (16) James W. (14), Orloff R. (2) Isaiah Elmer (0) ? Fran keeps records on 0 Dochartaigh's and will share her information....Mrs. Arthur Daugherty, 1375 N. Allen Street, State College, PA 16801 is seeking info on parents of John Daugherty & w. Elizabeth. They were' listed in 1810 census at Rockingham Cc. VA. They may have migrated into/through PA in the early 1800's or 1790's. They were practicing as members of the Bretheren Religion and living in a religiously tolerant community of German Mennonites...

Betty McClanahan, Box 353, Kirksville, MO 63501 seeks info on parents of Jane Daugherty m. John Meloney (name later changed to Maloney) Jane b. 1797 in PA d. 1861 Edina, MO in Knox CO. 1900 Census showed she was b. in Ireland, but 1860 census showed PA as b.p. John Meloney b. 1794 in PA. OHIO MEMBERS may have info with regard to Martin Van Buren Daugherty, b. Sept. 1840, Perry Co., OH His parents Bernard and Charlotte Daugherty - please respond to Betty Mc Clanahan    Lowell V. Dunahay, 4513 Lake Haven Blvd., Sebring, FL 33870 seeking info William A. Dunahay believed b. Butler Co., PA d. 1 Dec 1869 m. Jane Daugherty, d. 23 July 1889 needs info on both. Also any info on Robert

Carothers b. Ireland. d. 1855, married to Martha McKim b. Ireland   

OHIO DOUGHERTY's - Michael Dougherty, 9139 Heritage, St. Louis, MO 63123 seeking info on Michael Francis Dougherty b. Jan. 22, 1851, needs info on his parents   

Ruth G. Greiner, 3108 Waltham Ave., Kettering, OH 45429 seeks info on Ann Doherty b. 1794, m. James Githens in NJ, came to Warren Co., OH mid 1820's, d. 28 Jan. 1859. Ruth has an original photo of Ann   

Barbara Recker, 1375 S. E. 5th St., Gresham, OR 97030 seeks info on Fannie Daugherty, b. 1808-1810 in PA, dau of Abel b. PA and Catherine b. 1770 in PA Fannie Daugherty m. Henry SmaneY 15 Sept 1831 in Wayne Co., OH lived in Ashland Co. OH until Apr 1869 when moved to Richland CO., IL. 1880 Census showed Fannie Daugherty Smalley m. of Richard T. Abel, Catherine, Sarah Ann, Sophie, Margery, John, Henry and Fanny Jane...

Kristin Dougherty, General Delivery, Gainesville, MO 65655, needs info on John Dougherty's parents John b. 25 Dec 1843, Plattsburgh, NY. Believed b. few weeks after parents landed in U.S. from Ireland. Had

bro. Ed and sis. Susan. John enl. army June 1861 Co A. 6th regmt of NY. End of war migrated to Springfield, MO. parents said to be well educated and wealthy   J Chrys Dougherty, 2300 Austin
National Bank Tower, P.O. Box 98, Austin, TX 78767 seeks info on Robert Dougherty who attended St. Mary's Academy in Bardstown, KY from 1854-58. Had 5 sisters that came to this country about that time. His last contact



was with Aunt Bessie who lived in or near Cincinnati at least as late as 1870. Other sisters were Catherine, Margaret, Mary and Nellie. Married names are not known   

Have in our possession, from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, copy of record of death from town of Dudley, on Michael Maher, d. Apr. 22 1887, age 65, place of birth Ireland, married and laborer. Father was listed as Patrick Maher, mother Johanna Doherty - anyone wanting copy send sase   


Love you, pl,e,,,14,e„--,/

P. O. BOX 88
ATTICA, MI 48412

IN 19'66

.---- -7:-


,,,.......,0---.........-*----., ....., CA   J

c,   , to. ,.--,

... , .   I   41-- 24CN Irilt 11S.A.—'!'

LI--r...   -_




P.O. Box 98 ATTICA, MI 48412   PH (313) 346-2306

October 1983   Vol.   Number

Summer of '83 has now become another yesterday and families once more are organized and back to the old grind of daily routines, working and helping the children with their homework and lessons. Autumn brings its own aura of majesty which makes the exchange of seasons a little more effortless. I hope your summer was a great one, inspite of the high temperatures and draught.

My plans to visit fellow tribe members in Derry had to be cancelled due to the serious illness and death of a very dear friend in Dublin. I did manage however to visit beautiful County Donegal and to spend two evenings with my cousin and his wife and family. Meeting new cousins and seeing my own ancestral homestead was the highlife of my entire holiday. I also had a great opportunity to meet with some people from Derry. Because of the "hot-box" situation in that area at that time, they advised us not to visit their city. This was a diappointment indeed as I had been looking forward' to see Eileen Doherty and her son Tony.

Although Madame Fate had her own way of poking her nose into my holiday plans, I did manage to find a pleasant respite when "soft rains" suggested the we remain indoors. The following information was taken from a book entitled: "Romantic Stories and Legends of Donegal." It is certainly not my intent to plagiarize the writing of another, but rather to share a legend which belongs to us.


... it is said that one Sandy Ramsey was a Scotsman planter who settled on land near Kilmacrennan given to him by Rory 0 Donnell, the Queen's 0 Donnell. His enclosure was attacked by Sir Cahir 0 Doherty. During the battle Sandy's wife and children were slain. Sandy knew that a reward of five hundred marks were the reward to be paid by the Lord Deputy for the head of Sir Cahir. After a patient vigilance, Sandy shot Sir Caher in the head. He died instantly. The Scotsman soon severed the head from the body and wrapped it in his plaid with hopes of getting the reward money. He sought refuge in the cabin of one Terence Gallagher, where he used the wrapped head as his pillow.   Terence was up at the break of day. He saw blood oozing from the tartain. Gently slitting the wool, he saw the hair and the head of a man well-known to everyone in Tirconnel. Without scruple, he removed the pillow of Sandy and set off for Dublin to claim the reward. He was well across Tyrone by the time Sandy Ramsey awoke.

- Very Rev. T. Molloy, D.PH., in "The Donegal Journal"

* * *

Thought for the day:

Definition of the word music.

... it's just love, waiting for words...."

* * *


The space below is not large enough for a small article, but it does have enough space to say:   HAVE   YOU   RENEWED YOUR MEMBERSHIP?



Many scribes and scholars are content to trace Gaelic/Irish ancestry back to what is called the "Milesian" era. Some have said we are descendents of the "Twelve Tribes of Israel and perhaps these few facts will shed a better light on the subject.

  1.  The PARTHALONIANS Date/Ci rca

2200 B.C.   The first colonists mentioned were Parthalan and his followers, who was descended from Japhet. They came from Macedonia via Iberia. After a span of 300 years the entire tribe was swept away by famine and pestilence.


2000 B.C.   Followers of Nemedius, from Greece or the Balkans. After a couple centuries thousands perished in a bloody encounter with the Formorians.


1800 B.C.   A sea roving race of pirates under the chieftain whose name was Conaing. They came from Africa and held stronghold on Tory Island. It is said they plundered the land rather than settle in it. According to legend, this group was descendent of Ham, the son of Noah.

  1.  The FIRBOLGS

1700 B.C.   A dark intelligent race of people under the leadership of Deala, who came from the Eastern Mediterranean. The Ard Ree (supreme king) resided in Tara. His bodyguards and warriers were called "the pillars of Tara."


1600 B.C. A people of skilled workers believed to have come from the region of the Elbe in Germany. They erected many of the Megalithic monuments. The famous Grianan of Aileach (stone house of the sun) in Donegal was erected during the reign of Eochu 011athair (better known as the Dagda). It was from a de Danaan Queen named Erin that Ireland derived one of its names. This tribe is associated with the worship of the goddess Danu.


1500 B.C.   The last of the early invasions marked by the coming of this colony of people from Spain, led by their chieftain called Gollam Mileah, or more commonly called Milesius. Upon landing at Drogheda they set fire to their ships in order to cut off all thoughts of retreat. Their expedition began with 60 ships, but many were lost during a hurricane at sea. This valiant group defeated the Tuatha De Danaans and took over the government of the country, where they became the dominant race. No other major invasions are recorded for many centuries until the historic Dutch invasions beginning 795 A.D. and the eventual coming of the Anglo-Normans in 1022 A.D.

The progress of civilization from the "Old Stone Age" to the last period of medieval independence (1014-1170 A.D.) brings an astonishing legacy to us. In fact, relics of the Middle Stone Age (5000-2000 B.C.) can still be found in parts of Northern Ireland.

* * *

On behalf of the members of our Association I extend our sympathies to our President Patrick and all the members of the family whose sweet mother Mary was recently called to her eternal reward. Requiesat conem Pace!


FROM OUR SECRETARY - Our sincere thanks to all of you for your kind expressions of sympathy. Losing one's mother is never easy, but your prayers and kindness really did help. Thank you!

BARNESVILLE REUNION was a great success. We thank all of you for participating. It was a great thrill to meet many of our members at this gathering. Certainly the Barnesville group were most hospitable and congenial. Their past-president, Betty Hartley and secretary, Ed Dougherty, have always been most helpful and supportive of the association. WE owe much to them for the success and growth of this association. It was great being with the Hartley family in Barnesville - renewing friendships.

We were able to stay for five days this trip, so we had plenty of opportunity to exchange thoughts and to plan for the future.

Probably one of the greatest benefits of the Barnesville reunion is the many new members we have received since that time. We appreciate the excellent recruiting job done by our members. We hope that you all will continue to help spread the good news of the association and the 1985 Derry/Donegal Reunion. If each one of us could bring in another five members we would have something we really could be proud of.

ST. THOMAS REUNION was another great reunion. We were sorry that not all of the Ontario group could make it this year. We missed seeing many of them and hope they will all be back there at Pinafore Park next year. As always, the Daugharty tribe were entertaining and great to be with.

New membership cards will be enclosed in the next newsletter - Jan. of next year. There are still quite a few that have not paid this years membership, which expired on your birthday. Dues are still a bargain at $6.00, with no penalty for paying early. I apologize for the delay in sending out membership packets to the new members. This was a tough summer and I did get behind in my work. Hope that I can stay on track now and you may expect to hear within 3 days of writing again.

For your convenience, we have made up an order sheet (on the next page.) Just circle items you desire and indicate how many.   We do sell the items for less at the reunions, as we are saving the cost of mailing, so many of you were able to take advantage of that and we are pleased with the support you gave us at the reunions. We were able to purchase a P.A. System and this new electronic typewriter.

It is not too early to be thinking of Christmas gifts. Some of the items we have would make useful and inexpensive gifts, so keep the association in mind, when thinking of those gifts.

Enclosed you will find your Thanksgiving raffle tickets. We are hopeful that it will not present a burden on anyone. It will help to fill up the cookie-jar again, and enable us to get some needed materials.


Please reserve     O'Dochartaigh Reunion Books @ $10.00. Please send the following items:

The Origin of the O'Doherty's ($8.00 each) " " O'Donoghues





Mc Cann's

















































Mc Guinness



O'Dochartaigh Shirts, adult medium, large, and extra large - $12.00

Derry/Donegal Reunion Patch Shirts - Adult medium size only $10.00 (just a few of these left)

Derry/Donegal Reunion Patches   $2.00

Assorted Irish Post Cards 6/$2.00

Irish Pewter Mugs $30.00 each plain or with Doherty Crest

Wooden Coat of Arms - Doherty - Handmade and painted by Doherty's in H.M. Prisons   $8.00

Association casettes (contain poetry, history of the tribe, O'Dochartaigh, Irish music, etc.     $7.00

We are awaiting our shipment of pewter from Ireland. These items will be offered in our January Newsletter.

Dr. Edward Doherty, 27 James Rd., Reading, MA 01867 has pewter belt-buckles with coat of arms, plain for $14.00, black background, $15.00. You may order directly from Dr. Doherty.

Gary Daugherty, 5800 Hansel Ave., Orlando, FL 32809 has crests to sew on blazers or jackets for $5.00 each. Order directly from Gary.

Enclosed brochure describes sweaters which Andrea Doherty is offering at $30.00 each. (see brochure for details.)

We are indebted to Margaret Dougherty, who has purchased a computer, at her own expense, in order to make up our membership lists and labels, as well as for storing association information. Thank you Margaret for all of your efforts   

Anita M. Pobocik, 12376 Hillcrest Dr., Grand Blanc, MI 48439 is waiting to hear from those who plan to attend Derry/Donegal Reunion. If you have not yet contacted her, please drop her

a post card. If you don't have post cards, send us your order.

- 4 -



PRESIDENT PATRICK - An Irishman's dream: A full month in Ireland! Your President spent July in Donegal and Derry, this summer.

A busy schedule, yet time to enjoy the peace and beauty of these two counties of northwest Ireland.

My headquarters while in the Derry area, was Paddy and Eileen Doherty's residence on Westland St - (Bogside.) While up in Inishowen, I stayed at John and Moira Doherty's home on New Park Place, Carndonagh, Donegal. These Doherty's set me up with

a room, sent me off of a morning full and ready for a days travel. They would accept no reward for such inconvenience and what a help it was to the progress we were all to make.

Each day found me back and forth across the border, meeting with committee's of the Doherty tribe.

Over the four week period, I met with the following area groups and many of them, several times:

Buncrana   Moville   Derry

Letterkenny   Carndonagh Raphoe

Kilmacrenan   Ballyliffen Dunfonagh

Shantallow   Inch Island Donegal Town

I met with so many enthused Doherty's that I left with the feeling that my time was well spent in organizing the 1985 Big Event.

Buncrana, Moville, Derry, Letterkenny and Carndonagh are sponsoring attractions for '85. These committee's are well functioning and their tentative Programs look excellent. '85 Reunions will also include a trip, leaving Derry in the a.m. encompassing all the O'Dochartaigh Castles and Forts in Donegal. We will travel the O'Dochartaigh Trail through Inishowen, revisiting areas our ancestors walked upon.

Beauty Contest??? Sure now, we must have a Doherty Queen! We have been challenged to bring forth a fair maiden to compete with Irish beauties. It will be different, but I'm sure we are up to it.

We will also have a gof tournament, as there are several courses in the area. An Irish committee is setting up these plans already.

Fort Doherty, in Derry, is now under way and upon completion this will be a central meeting place for some of our activities.

In order to get all of our planned activities accomplished and have sufficient free time, we are planning on the event to take place over a two-week period, in July. This will be repeated, so that you will have your choice of the first, or last two weeks of July.

I was honored to meet with the two Bishops of Derry. Both Bishop Mehaffy and Bishop Daly were pleased to offer their services to sanctify this illustrious gathering, with an opening and closing ceremony. They will also assist with appropriate services on the Sundays, we are present.

- 5 -


I spent some glorious days on the beaches of the Inishowen. So beautiful and breathtaking - white sand on some, and golden sands on others.

While around Carndonagh, I was asked to assist in judging at their annual festival. I was envolved in Talent and other such judging and was very honored to participate. John "Sadler" Doherty, my host in Carndonagh, kept me busy, well fed and happily entertained. Such gracious people    

I made a trip down to Dungannon, to the Tyrone Crystal factory looking for reunion memorabilia for "85." I continued south to Drogheda to pick up a few hundred more "Origins of the O'Doherty's." I was entertained by Mary Mathews family of four energetic young rascals. Anthony Mathews Was the author of the "Origin of the O'Doherty's."

The Irish O'Doherty's are preparing for this tribal gathering. Hopefully we will arrive, by the thousands, to make this the largest reunion ever.

WE were all born elsewhere, through no fault of ours. Shall we return and reclaim our inheritance for just a while in 1985???

1608 was a terrible year for the O'Dochartaigh's. It was our loss, Irelands loss, a Chieftan lost, and the valiant 800 shipped out forever!

I was very humbled to visit Maize prison in Northern Ireland. I was able to meet Tony Doherty, a former IRA member and at present a political prisoner. This interview would fill an entire newsletter alone. His mother Eileen Doherty is also a very courageous person. Tony is the one making the coat-of-arms listed on the commercial page.

My only comment on the political situation in northeast Ireland is to make a reference to how many families are being torn asunder, and many, many, of them are Doherty's.

At Thanksgiving time I will be meeting with East Coast members, for the purpose of finalizing the agenda for the Derry/Donegal reunion brochures. We will also be planning

for the 1984 Reunion to be held in the East. More information will be forthcoming in the January Newsletter.

Enclosed are copies of the Doherty Reunion newspaper. The Derry/Donegal Reunion Committee has been selling these to help defray expenses. They have asked for our generous participation. It is hoped that you will circulate them among your family and other Doherty's (all spellings) and that you will be able to send a donation of $3.00, for those you find enclosed. It is permissable for you to sell these, if you wish.


A SALUTE TO THE IRISH - We do hereby dedicate this newsletter to a Donegal Lady and a Derry Man.

Helen Doherty, Desertegney Paddy Doherty, Bogside

These two persons were selected as delegates of our Derry/ Donegal Reunion Committee to attend the Barnesville Reunion. Their participation ensured the success of the Barnesville, Ohio Gathering.

The young lady, Helen, is a remarkably gifted Irish dancer -a World Champion, and most certainly a champion of the people of Donegal, whom she proudly and so ably represented.

The dashing gentleman, Paddy, whose love for Derry is so very evident. His concern for his countrymen and women, uppermost in his life, as he seeks to be a part of the solution, hoping to help bring an end to centuries of turmoil in his beloved city, Derry.

Separately, these two persons would be a real "class act." Together, they were indeed awesome.

Helen entertained us with gaelic dancing and also treated us to some gaelic language greetings and closed the Reunion in her native Irish language.

Paddy dazzled us, once again, with his noble eloquence. The fervor with which he speaks to us of the problems, hopes and aspirations of the Irish in Derry, touches each one of us deeply.

Barnesville, Ohio, long a meeting place of the decendants of Patrick and Daniel O'Dochartaigh, became the rallying point

of all of the O'Dochartaigh's of the North American Continent.

These two Ambassadors of our native cousins, were very responsive to the many questions from our group, pertaining to the present situation in Ireland, as well as giving us a good

idea of what to expect in 1985. Like the voices of our ancestors, out of the past, they bid us return to our hearthside -Derry and Donegal, in '85. The assurred us that they are planning for us, praying for us and relying on us, to come back to Derry and Donegal, "our inheritance."

Thank you, Helen and Paddy, for coming. Thank you for giving us the time, from your busy schedules. Thank you for igniting a fire in our hearts, souls. We, who were at Barnesville, will never forget your contribution to its' success. We hope for the next two years to pass quickly so that we may be with all of our Irish cousins, soon.

Abuh, O'Dochartaigh's.



Ar nDut °has

Fellow 0 Dochartaigh:

...the pipes, the pipes are calling..." Do these words sound familiar to you? These words resound in the hearts of the Irish everywhere. Whether the tune is called "The Londonderry Aire " or "Danny Boy", it is still revered and honoured not only by the Irish, but also by many who wish they were.

The pipes are indeed calling once again! 'Tis not a call of summons this time, but rather a proclamation of grande news!

The 0 Dochartaign great council has met and agreed that our Donegal family plaid of ancestry must be repaired. We must gather the threads which have become worn, separated, broken and in some cases lost. It must be restored by our tribal members.

If the surname of 0 Dochartaigh, Dougherty, Daugherty or any

variant form appears on family documents, then indeed you are sons and daughters of our tribe. The pipes announce to the world that the yearl985 willbe one of great interest to the descendants of "Niall of the Nine Hostages", to whom we all trace our lineage and ancient and noble heritage. The great tribal gathering is to be held in Londonderry, Ireland and promises to be the largest gathering of any one tribe in our annals of history. We want you to be part of it!

Ould mother "Hibernia" bade farewell to her 0 Dochartaigh sons and daughters when they departed from her emerald soil, and 'twas her sister "Liberty" who greeted them upon arrival with open arms on this side of the great Atlantic. "Hibernia" now invites her 0 Dochartaigh family members to return for a gigantic family reunion. This includes you, if you can make it.

During the past year, tribal members have met in America, Canada and would you believe Spain! Plans are being finalised to promise a tribal gathering which we guarantee will be beyond your furthest dreams. Imagine the excitement of meeting cousins and kinsmen who show similar interest in family history. Can you imagine the joy of a fond embrace and the words:"Ah, yes, I knew your grandfather well..."

Of course it will be impossible for everyone to attend our tribal gathering over in Ireland; however, you can join with us in spirit and enrich our meeting by filling in the two enclosed forms with whatever data you have, and by returning to us at your earliest convenience. Our project will call for months and hours of sorting of family informational threads and the blending of colourful family histories before we can unfurl our tribal banners in 1985.

A remittance of six-dollars entitles you to full membership in our organization, and the receiving of our quarterly news report and newsletter. These are'both very informitive and interesting, and who knows they may provide that missing "clue" to' ancestral information you have been searching for.





Imagine if you will, the message revealed in our family crest! Our motto if translated from the ould Gaelic would read: "Our Inheritance." The magnificient red deer has raised paws as if to show his vitality and strength. The white stars of course remind us of the power of heaven. The stars rest on a band of green, a colour we all love, which has always been the symbol of hope. It is of course safe to assume the hand clenched around the sword signifys the tribe willingness to defend if need be.

Our intent is to compile as much tribal information concerning the 0 Dochertaigh's now while we are living to record it. 'Tis far too late when we are gone! Won't you help to spread the good news by passing the word along to fellow kinsmen and to assure them our honoured and loyal tribe still exists. We are gathering, we are strong and we shall unite!

Time passes too quickly: What is today will rapidly become another yesterday; we can't go back, but we sure can prepare for tomorrow. Our tribal "scribes" await your favourable reply and will deem it an honour to enroll you and yours on the family scrolls of lineage with the greeting: "Cead Mile Failte!" (ancient Gaelic for 'A Hundred Thousand Welcomes).

I wish I could fill you in on the many exciting things that are planned for the future. This honour rests on the pens and stamps of they who gave birth/revived this brilliant idea. With a feeling of "shamrock" pride do I bid thee to address all replies and letters of inquiry to:

eanne Dougherty Kitchen, Tribe Secretary

,O. #6026 fg

'/?..(C42-1 At/ /27g.

And so dear cousin (for you know we are all related), this letter of invitation comes to a close.

We have high hopes of hearing from you, and wish for you only the best that life can bring.


7)e,zaim-P ›-e-ef_er Co '270-07)




North America

P.O. Box 98, Attica, MI 48412

Vol. 1 Number VIII

Dear Family Association Members and Friends:

How quickly 1983 has flown! Gosh, we are already into the second month of our new year. Your Association officers and chairmen appreciated your holiday greetings and warm wishes. We wish also for you a grand year of good health, peace, love and endearing friendships.

GOOD NEWS: Our first quarterly newsletter of 1984 proudly announces that our chests now plump with pride because membership is now passing the 900+ mark. Won't it be great when we hit a thousand. A hearty "WELCOME" to our new members.

Special Congratulations are in order to new members Dr. Francis M. Dougherty and his wife Anna Marie (nee Furey) of Pottsville, PA.(Schuylkill Co.). Dr. Frank was honored last year as "Irishman of the Year" by members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians of his home city. He is the son of the late James J. Dougherty and Bridget O'Donnell. He was also the first doctor from his county to enlist in the armed forces during W.War II and served as a flight surgeon until 1945. I don't think his wife Anna Marie ever gave thoughts of having 10 children when she walked up the aisle on their wedding day.

( wasn't a leprechaun that gave me this news. By grand coincidence Anna Marie and I were born and raised in the small coal mining town of Coaldale, PA.)

  • * *

I wish I could thank each of you personally for your dedication and interest in doing your bit in getting the word out that our Association exists. For Example: Rep. Ed and Phyllis Doherty of Mass. have done a tremendous job in recruiting new members in their fair New England state. Jack Daugherty of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin has been sending out info to people in his area. Our Barnsville (Ohio) reunion hosts, the Hartley's have done a super job in spreading the word as does Sr. M. Holy Spirit (Pennsylvania), Dot Zerble of Florida and also Ed of Tennessee. Because of this dedication we are now "off the ground" and now proceeding up to the third rung of our ladder of progress. I am pleased to learn Missouri and especially the St. Louis area are responding to our invitation to membership. C'mon Missouri, now show us!

  • * *

Belated congratulations to the winners of our Thanksgiving Day raffle! We hope we did not burden anyone with the tickets. You see, this is but one way that we can carry on the enormous task of uniting our tribe for the 1985 reunion. Because many of our members are elderly and on fixed-incomes, we are trying our very best to circumvent the raising of our membership dues. This raffle we believe is a far better alternative, which we are sure you will agree.

  • * *

IT'S OUT AND READY FOR YOU. Thanks for your patience in waiting for the new year book. 'Tis now ready for mailing, at $10.00 per copy. If you have already paid and have not received same, let us know immediately so that we can get them off to you post haste.

  • * *

DID YOU KNOW....that the heriditary name of 0 Dochartaigh is one of the oldest in the world? It was first used in 901 A.D.

  • * * (1)




The governmental enumeration of population periodically can be a blessing in disguise! Not only do they contain statistical data but hidden clues to our ancestral past that otherwise would not be known.

At the time of the 1659 Census of Ireland, the Province of Ulster consisted of the following: Antrim, Armagh, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh and Monaghan. All of•these encompass the northern parts of Ireland and stretching from the east to the west coasts. The task of compiling a reputable count of inhabitants surely must have been a tremendous one. The recorders used a variant of what we might regard as "odd" spellings of surnames because they were written in a combination of old Gaelic or Anglo-form. Many of these would not be recognizable to us today. We can at least be ever grateful that a census report was taken, thus providing proof that ancestral lines do trace back to early centuries even though our current way of spelling surnames differ as written or pronounced.

The Ireland Census of 1659 reveals the grand total of 12,001 people living in County Donegal. Of this group 8,589 were native Irish. The remainder of 3,412 being of English, Scotch and perhaps a few of Welsh or French descent.

County Donegal was divided into five "Districts or Baronys" then known as Tirhugh, Boylagh & Banagh, Rapho, Kill McCrenan and the last being Innishowen. The Barony of Rapho ranks first in number of Irish people registered, with a total of 1,825. Of this group 1,330 were of English ancestry.

The term "Titulado" appears frequently in the Irish Census, but it is merely a referral

to the principal person(s) of standing in any locality. It was not uncommon for this person to be a land owner, nobleman, esquire, gentlemen, baronet or even an adventurer.

To further identify specific areas of County Donegal the Districts then became designated as "Townlands or Parishes." The latter is more reliable as a source because most of the Townlands are no longer in existance. In the Barony of Boylagh & Banagh there were fourteen with the surname of 0 Doghertye and sixteen with similar spelling in the Barony of Rapho. The area known as Kill McCrenan boasted a sum of two-hundred and three who then spelled their surname 0 Doghertye.

The first mention of a first name comes to light in the registry of one Hugh Boy 0 Dogherty and his son, Shane. Both were gentlemen who resided in the Townland of Crehue Qr. and the Parish of Movil. The census indicates the number of eight persons in this household. In the Parish of Desertine and the Townland of Ledereg Qr. was a gentlemen named Rory 0 Doghertye. With him were fifteen Irish people. Also in the Desertine Parish but in the Townland of Gortiaragan Qr. lived the Titualdo Phelomy 0 Dogherty, with a total of fourteen being in his group.

To the Parish of Clonca and the Townland of Ardmalin Qr. do we trace Cahir 0 Dogherty and also Thomas 0 Dogherty of Brigh Qr. In their entries we note a total of thirty-two people. Also in Clonca we learn of Rory 0 Dogherty of Conlurt Qr. The number of fourteen accompanies his name. Messrs. Gerauld and Cahair 0 Doghertye resided in Donagh Parish and the Townland being recorded as Carrowmore Qr. This entry does not indicated them to be father and son, therefore it is quite safe to assume they may have been brothers. The last entry of ancestral interest is that of Conn 0 Dogherty, gentleman from the Parish of Clonmany and the Townland of Rosmach Qr. Residents on his property totaled seventeen.

After carefully screening this 1659 Irish Census of County Donegal, the ancestral surname is the most common one found. This gives us further pleasure to know our tribal surname is now one of the most numerous of Irish families on record.

If this 1659 Census can boast of Two-hundred and sixty-seven tribesmen living in County Donegal, then imagine how much greater the total would be if we took an inventory count of the other counties in Ireland.



SIXTEEN/16/XVI:, No matter which way you write it, it all comes out the same. Yes Sir, 'Tis the total of months left if you are counting time until the big tribal reunion in Ireland. Start your budgeting and filling your "piggy banks." As you know, the city of Derry has already begun a tremendous publicity and awareness program. The isle of Ireland has been alerted of our coming invasion. There has been busy bee's on this side of the Atlantic as well. If anyone deserves a huge shamrock bouquet of THANKS it is our President Patrick. He has not only become completely involved but I think the word committed would be more suitable to the success of our Association. Aside from teaching five days a week plus evenings of instruction he manages to attend as many reunions or any type of gathering to promote interest all over the U.S.A. and also up in Canada. All of these things are done at his own personal expense. Because of her love and interest, Margaret Dougherty our treasurer purchased a computer on her own and purchased other equipment and supplies. Our key-word of "Involvement" now seems ineadequate, so let's all try the word "COMMITTMENT" for the year 1984.

  • * *

IDEAS ANYONE! We are always open for suggestions and ideas to make your newsletters not only more informative, but interesting reading materials. Perhaps you may have an article of print worthy of sharing with everyone.

  • * *

MISSING LINK queries are welcome for publication at $3.00 per request. If you have been one of the lucky ones who have received surprising replies, do let us know as we have no way of knowing if this project is working out okay.

  • * *

Now that the new calendars for the year 1984 are out and open, DON'T FORGET to mark your renewal dates for membership. Let's see if we can top the thousand mark before the next quarterly newsletter comes out.

  •  * *

Just in case you wonder why we always us a large marginal space on the left of the

. newsletter, it is because we can perforate them for reference in a three-ring loose leaf binder.

  • * 4

We owe a special mention of gratitude to Mr. Gary Beahan of the Mid-Mo. Genealogy Society who was kind enough to feature a "full-page Ad" concerning our Association in their quarterly publication entitled: "Pioneer Times." Gary is one of the cofounders of their society and was chief editor for the year 1983.



PRESIDENT PATRICK'S REPORT - The 1985 Derry/Donegal Reunion dates have been set. There will be two tours available. The first commences June 29th with departure from the U.S. on that date, returning from Eire on July 12th. The 2nd group will depart from the US on July 20th and return on August 2nd. This will allow for a few days rest for our native Irish cousins, in between groups. Costs are still being negotiated, tho we expect that they will be in the $850 to $1,000 range, per person, which will include airfare from New York, Boston, Toronto (and possibly other International airports) to Ireland, lodging while in Ireland and some meals. Later this month we will be meeting with travel agencies for firming up costs etc. Ultimately, there will be many travel agents involved so that all members may be serviced conveniently. Our cousins on the Derry/Donegal Reunion Committee's in Derry and Donegal, have been working on the scheduling of reunion events. They have been meeting weekly to work out this schedule to the satisfaction of all. We are told that there are going to be many events offered, so that we will have

a choice, i.e., on an afternoon they may offer us golfing, fishing, crafts, tours of factories (crystal, woolen mills etc.) There will also be some free afternoons and evenings, where one can venture out on their own, or informal groups or just rest and relax. There will be many musical functions as well as other native Irish cultures offered. WE expect to have list of events, costs and all other details in time for our June newsletter, which we will endeavor to have in the mail on June 1st.

Our new Yearbook is ready for mailing. 500 copies of it are now in the office just awaiting your orders. It is imperative that we move them as quickly as possible. WE do need the money. Cost is $10 per copy and they are well worth the cost. There are 120 pages of material contributed by our members. Poetry, family histories, thought-provoking articles, plans for the future of our association and our membership list, which we are sure will impress each one of you very much. We are indeed proud of how we have grown and appreciate the efforts of each one of you to help in so many ways, to build this association. PLEASE MAKE YOUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY THE ORDERING OF THIS BEAUTIFUL PUBLICATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. At the request of some of our members, this book is non-political    If there is a great enough demand, we will go to a second printing of this book, but 500 is all we could afford to order, initially. As orders come in, we can ascertain if a 2nd printing will be necessary and they would be available to us in two weeks time.

RENEWALS FOR MEMBERSHIP have been coming in at a steady pace, though we still have some members whose membership expired on their birthdays in 1983 and have not been renewed. We are taking the time to let you know when your dues expire right here and now. Your dues expire(d) on your birthday in 19. Please send a check for $6 for renewal. We want you to continue to be a part of this association, but can no longer afford to send out newsletters to those whose memberships have expired. Please affirm the efforts of your cousins, by sending in your renewals now. Do not forget the gift of a membership for an elderly relative or friend. We do want and need everyone envolved.

Send in your articles, family histories, anecdotes, poetry for future volumes of the Yearbook. Please send it clean copy and typed, if possible. Mark on the envelope that it is yearbook material. We would enjoy hearing from all of you with regard to material for future publications. Thank you.

Thank you for all of the lovely expressions of love at Christmas time. We were pleased to hear from the many whom we did. Especially was happy to hear from Admiral Pascual O'Dogherty of Madrid, Spain, as we had been concerned about his family, especially with two recent plane crashes

taking place, in Spain, and we were aware that Pascual travels alot. Happy New Year to all of you. May God bless us all in this year, 1984.


FROM OUR SECRETARY -"We get letters. Lots and lots of letters." I am reminded of that part of Perry Como's T.V. show of past, where they sang that song, before reading the requests of writers. It is not possible for me to adequately expound on the great joy that I, personally, derive from the wonderful letters you, our cousins, send to us, and how very much I treasure them. Am grateful for those that include full names and addresses on inside of letters, as it really does simplify record-keeping for me, allowing me to discard envelopes. It also would help if married women would include first name of husband, also, as many times original membership came under his name. When it comes to the problem of crediting a "renewal" of membership,' sometimes go just a little crazy trying to find the proper name on which it should be applied, i.e. Karen Smith, may be listed as G. Leonard Smith, if

she just tells me Karen or Leonard, I am a little lost and more so, when the last name is one of the Doherty spellings. Thank you   We rec'd
many lovely Christmas cards and enjoyed every one. Had we been able to send greetings to our members, it would have been "Our Christmas gift to you, is our love and the love of the Christ Child. May he watch over all of our family in the coming years." Sincerely hope that all experienced a Happy Holiday Season, surrounded by their loved ones, remembering

those that are no longer with us!     In the coming year, we hope
that all of our members will make a special effort to remember their elderly, retired relatives, possibly with a membership for their birth-

day or other special day   Our Massachusetts reps. have been busy
sending out letters to prospective members in their state, with good results. We would like to welcome all of our new members, which also include many Wisconsin cousins brought to the association by the lovely booklet, Jack Daugherty has sent out, on his own. Our letters to St. Louis, Missouri kin has resulted in many new members from that state. We welcome all of our new members, and thank our reps. for getting the word out. It takes time and in some cases, personal funds to "spread the good news." Due to their efforts, we are on our way to 1,000 members. Thank you for your envolvement and committment, which is what

this Association is all about'    Our Thanksgiving Raffle was a success and we thank all of you who so generously participated. It was really gratifying to have so many of you write asking for more tickets, and we do appreciate your efforts. We had hoped to be able to purchase our own computer, but unfortunately we were not able to. We do hope, in the future to be able to at least purchase a "disc-drive," for Margaret Dougherty's computer, which she so unselfishly is using for our associa-

tion work   The Yearbook is completed and copies have gone out to those who ordered them. If you have paid for yours and not rec'd it, please let us know. Cost is $10 and they are in short supply, so let

us know if you desire a copy. We may go to a 2nd printing, if the demand is great. We did not have the funds available to order as many copies, initially, as we had hoped for. As it was, Patrick, had to come up with the "big bucks," for the printer when the yearbook was completed. We ran into a 'snag,' with the wooden coat-of-arms, crafted for us, by Tony Doherty, who is in H.M. Prison in N. Ireland. After the prison break, last fall, (In which Tony had no part) his crafts, materials

were smashed, as were those of other prisoners; he was placed in solitary confinement, allowed no food for three days, denied washing facilities and subjected to other forms of the usual degradation. Paddy Doherty of the Northwest Centre for Learning and Development in Derry, is following up on this for us and will have either Tony's crafts for us, or an alternate source available for our members, with any profit going to Tony. A footnote to this was an article in the Derry Journal, in which Tony's brother had been arrested for soliciting, without a permit, funds for the prisoners. This is really a laugh - they will not issue a permit for this   When Patrick went to visit Tony last summer, he could

scarcely believe the harrassment the prisoners visitors have to endure.


This harrassment is intensified if the visitor has brought any food o/ clothing for the prisoners (which may or may not be rec'd by that Prisoner) They must wait until the guards check back to make sure the prisoner has not rec'd i.e. a pair of trousers in the past 6 months etc. Fruit and other food is thrown into corners with abandon - these are items usually purchased at great sacrifice by the prisoners families. When Pat was there he was made to sit with other visitors in a closed van, with no windows, in the hot, hot sun, driven, at random around the prison complex, only to be stopped and a head count taken on several occasions. All of this is done to discourage visiting to the prisoners    We bring this to your attention, only to make you aware that what we enjoy in this country (freedom) is denied our native Irish cousins, in their

own land. They want, only what we have. Freedom from England   

Special note - While we have kept our new Yearbook, non-political, at the request of some of our members, we will continue to "tell it like it is, in our newsletters." If this offends anyone, it is not our intention and we hope that you will make your own decisions as to the merit of what we say, keeping an open mind. Brothers and sisters, often disagree, so it would be a miracle if all of us agreed on this issue.

For those of you that have been writing to our Doherty's in prison, we have another address for you: Christopher Doherty, H.M. Prison Maze, Block 8, B. Wing, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland.

One of our members - L. Guilford Daugherty, 1506-A Summit Oak Ct, Richmond, VA 23228 serves on the Southern Baptist Convention Foreign Mission Board. If you wish to help them, in any way, please let him know. All of our missionaries sacrifice every day, in many ways, if we are able to share in their sacrifice, how Christ-like it makes us.

If any of you have relatives that you feel might be interested in the association, please send their address to us, and we will contact them. Also, would appreciate names and addresses of(all spellings) our tribesmen and women in your area. Please furnish zip codes and cities, if sending current telephone directory information. This has been a good source of new members for us, tho it does result in many of our letters being returned - "moved, left no forwarding address, etc."

MUSTER ROLES OF GEORGE WASHINGTON'S ARMY indicate that there were 248 of our ancestors serving in that army. This information came from the Congressional Library, Washington, ID' C..    

Through one of our members, William C. Doherty and his son, James F. Doherty, we became aware of a "Jewish" connection in our family of O'Dochartaigh's. We have followed up on but not heard from Joan and Jack (known as Mike) Dougherty whose daughter Michelle Rene celebrated her 13th birthday with appropriate basmitzvah in keeping with the age-old tradition of the Jewish faith. Would love to hear from Jac and

ask that any member in the Lakeland, Florida area pursue this, personally, for us.

Will close for now dear cousins. Thanks to all of you for your help and especially those beautiful "words of encouragement," we oft-times get desperate for. Hope to meet many of you this summer, at reunions.

Rec'd a letter from member Donna Kenyon of Middleville, MI, in which she told of the loss of her dear mother, Sarah Johnson, who was born into eternal life, Dec. 22nd. Sarah was 90 years young - a lovely, lively Irish lady, who was the oldest member of our Assn. in attendance at the Attica Reunion. She was an absolute joy and will be missed by all of us. I especially looked forward to and treasured her many letters. She went peacefully, in her sleep. Rest in peace, dear lady.























1983 Volume II O'D. Yearbook $10

We have a large supply of all of these books on hand.


Origin of the

It   "   "

"   "

u   u











Soccer-style, medium,

large, xtra large   $12     (good supply all sizes) Derry/Donegal Reunion

Patch Shirts Med. only $10    (five available)

T-Shirt Style adult

medium size 3 only $10     xtra large 3 only $10

Children's T-shirt style 4 med. size 10-12 $6 1 large "   14-16 $8

all of these have o'Dochartaigh imprint on front, with various spellings on the back

That Audacious Traitor, by Brian Bonner Life of Sir Cahir O'Dochartaigh

$15.00 (have 5 copies left)    

Women Who Scandalized Ireland $5     (3 copies left)


We have three Irish Tee Shirts for children, aged 5-6 $5    


We have lots of Irish postcards 6 for $2,00


O'Dochartaigh Assn. Cassettes $7     Derry/Donegal Reunion Patches

Poetry, history of tribe, Irish Music etc (a good supply) $2.00    

(good supply)   Knitted gr/white caps $5    

Irish Pewter Mugs - Plain $25     3 medium sized

(2 only)   O'Doherty Pennants $3    

Same Mug with our Coat of Arms $30    

(awaiting shipment, expected by Feb. 1st.) 18 in stock

Daugharty Pennants $3    

Wooden-coat-of-arms made in Eire $8     12 in stock

(expect by Mar. 1st)   Daugherty Pennants $3     6 in stock

Doherty Crests to sew on blazers/jackets/sweaters $5 each     order directly from GAry Daugherty, 5800 Hansel Ave., Orlando, FL 32809

Crested V-Neck Sweaters offered by Andrea Doherty @ $30     various colors, small, med. and large sizes

her address is: 134 Andrew Ave., East Meadow, NY 11554

Pewter belt-buckles with coat of arms - plain $14.00 black background $15.00 order direct from: Ed Doherty, 27 James Rd., Reading, MA 01867


  1. Tea Service - Bessie Van Horn, Wellsburg, WV

  2. Serving Pitcher - Nicki Dougherty, Omer, MI

  3. Candlestick Holders - David J. Dougherty, Riverhead, NY

  4. Large Vase - Maire McLaughlin, New York, NY

  5. Cream/Sugar Servers - Louise Doherty, W. Roxbury, MA


  1.  Serving Tray - Anne Dougherty, Upper Darby, PA

  2.  Salt & Pepper Shakers - F. Timothy Dougherty, Ellicott City, MD 8 Miniature Irish Hearth - Margaret Dougherty, Newtown Square, PA

We regret the delay in getting these items out to you. They have been on order since June, and evidently one shipment has gone amiss. We do congratulate the winners and will send the pewter, to you, as soon as it is received by us.

Many members have expressed a willingness to help the association, in' any way possible. We encourage each one to reach out to other family members, acquainting them with the association, extending an invitation to them to join. If you are very venturesome, you might .just pick up the telephone book; call some other O'Dochartaigh's and invite them over for an evening, as we have done. Our experience has been that about half of those who accept your invitation, will really show up and of those, most will join the association. In any event we can assure you that it will be an enjoyable and interesting evening. What do you have to lose??? Something else that has worked out well for the Assn. has been the many addresses that our members have sent us, of cousins in

. their area, (all different spellings)-for the purpose of us writing and extending a personal invitation to join. the 'association. We thank'all of you that have taken the time to send us the sheets out of telephone and city directories, or just addresses of your own relatives. It has resulted in many new members.

AN INVESTMENT IN IRELAND??? At the reunion, in Downingtown, PA in the summer of '82, one of the participants, Trudy Dougherty of Philly mace the suggestion that our tribe "buy back the Innishowen." We have thought of that-remark many times, since then: It is thought-provoking,.to say the very least. The Innishowen, inch by inch? What about Inch Island,

. which was an O'Dogherty stronghold in the 12-15th century's? There are estates available, acreage for sale....Think of the possibilities..,-.. If you are interested, write to our headquarters for details.

When we are working on these Newsletters, we come up with some crazy ideas, occasionally, and,some, not so crazy. What if there were a person or persons in our Association that would want to come and spend some time with us, helping in the work of the Association? Maybe for a month or two? Maybe longer: We have an extra bedroom, with twin beds, situated in a very small town about 60 miles northeast of Detroit. The wages would be the same as ours - zilch!. Could promise some laughter and no doubt, even some tears, some privacy and some companionship and who knows? It could provide you with some material for that great American novel you have always wanted to write. Any takers???? Patrick and I (Jeanne) are sister and brother, living.together, orking on this association, and we agree on one thing; we are as different as 'night and day.' Outside of the Association,. the thing that makes this household worthwhile is, Bud McMasters, our feline companion. He is long-haired, though his taste in music is definitely "Irish." If you are alergic this would not be the place for you. WE are looking forward to the many applicants we know we will be hearing from. It would help if you type, but that is not an absolute necessity. Being able to affix stamps to envelopes is the only requirement   

When you receive your Yearbook, be sure to check and see if your state has a representative. If not, maybe you would offer to serve as one. If your state has a representative and you have the time to help her or him, drop us a line and let us know.

HAPPY NEW YEAR   May God Bless us all   



Susan M. Stone, 311 Gilmore Ct., Michigan Center, MI 49254 needs info. on her, ancestor(s) Benjamin F. Dority Jr. b. 1837 New York, d. 5-7-1868, Plymouth MI m. Catherine Baur b. 1842 Livonia, MI d. 1891, also buried at Plymouth, MI. Benjamin Jr.'s parents were Benjamin F. Dority Sr. b. 7-2-1792 New York, d. 3-6-1865 married Nancy A. who was born 1797. What was Nancy A.'s maiden name, who were Benjamin F. Sr.'s parents???

B. F. DOUGHERTY, 1900 S. Lincoln F-6, Santa Maria, CA 93454 seeks info on Patrick Doherty (1833) and his w. Margaret (maiden n. unkn) (1840??) Both arr. from Ireland, apparently mid 1800's. May have m. in U.S. 1st. child b. in Wisconsin 1858. This family listed Howard CO., Iowa census 1860-1000.- children were Bernard (1858) Jane (1862) - died with 1st child - Mary (Weekiand?) (1864) - Margaret (Cummings) (1866?) - Joseph (1868) - Agnes (Kinney?) (1870) - Elizabeth (Woods?) (1872)..- Michael (1874) Alice (Stover) (1876) - Eustacia (Ryan?) (1879). Name Doherty changed to Dougherty by Bernard and his family, and possibly others approx. 1908. Also desire info on Bernard Emmett Dougherty (used middle name) b. Oct. 1889, Cresco, Iowa, disappeared from home Benton CO, MINN. about 1910'. No word ever rec'd. Will exchange info & research   

Paul F. DOUGHERTY, 5851 Pierwood Dr., St. Louis, MO 63129 seeks info on John'Bell Dougherty who was brother of William Dougherty. They were from Pennsylvania. John Bell reported in p.S. Army accompanied Gen'l. Winfield Scott to Mexico City. Nothing further is known about him. This would have been somewhat before Civil War. If you have any tie with William or John Bell, which takes us back to approx. 1836, would appreciate hearing from you. My data rec'd from Columban Fathers many years ago   

Dollie PERRY, 605 S. Townville St., Seneca, SC 29678 is searching for info on father of Maj. John Benry Dougherty, of Black Mountain, NC b. in SC 1783, m. Barbara Whisenhunt 1805 at Lincolnton, NC & d. Black Mountain, NC 1864   

John B. DAUGHERTY 249 S. Benzie Blvd, P.O. Box 488, Beulah, MI 49617, seeks info on gr. gr. father, Barney Daugherty, b. 1825 Ireland. m. Ellen Tobin also b. Ireland came thru Canada son Myron Daugherty b. Canada 1854, son Perry Daugherty b. Michigan 1861. Believed settled in Sandusky, OH area and later moved to Oakland Co., MI where he died Jan 31, 1913   


Dorothy Stickney LE FORT, 1635 Phillips St., Reno, NV 89509 seeks info

on Nancy Dougherty b. 1797 Pennsylvania m. John Courtier (also sp. Coacher) They lived in Bedford, Co, St. Clair Twp, PA in 1820. According to "History of Dane Co., Wisc." by J. Farrup, they left Bradford Co., PA in the fall of 1839 going 1st to Licking Co., OH then 2 yrs later they moved to Dane Co., Wis. Did they live at one time in Bradford Co., or is that an error? The history also states that Nancy was of Irish and Welsh parentage. Their childre: Samuel b. 1817-18, Henry b, 21 Dec. 1818, John b. Oct. 1821, James b. Dec. 1825, Sarah b. ? m. Jeremiah Millis & 2nd to Blake?, Mary Ann b. 18 Apr. 1829, in Bedford Co., PA m. William Temple, Hannah b. abt 1831 m. J.D. Marble, left Wis to live in Vermont, David b. abt 1834 d. in blizzard in Montana at turn of century, Daniel E. b. abt 1837 d. Mar. 8, 1863. Hesekiah b. abt 1841 Ohio d. 26 Oct. 1864 of disease in Civil War at Annapolis, MD. Nancy Dougherty, their mother died in Dance CO., Wis. August 29, 1863   

Carrie Doherty GRAHAM, 227 West St., Leominster, MA 01453 seeks info on Michael Doherty, b. Oct 10, 1864 in Ireland and wife Elizabeth McCool, ,b. Aug 9, 1870 in Ireland. They were wed in Ireland, came to Rhode Island sometime in 1880's   

Frances W. DOHERTY, 815 S. 18th St., Apt. 302, Arlington, VA 22202 seeks info on Philip H. Doherty, b. Co. Donegal, Ireland, 1850; emigrated to States in 1865, m. Bridget Ann Carey, in Summitville, Columbiana CO

OHIO 1878 d. Latrobe, PA 1914...    

June S. ROWSELL, Box 92, Montpelier, Idaho 83254 seeks info on William Daugherty and wife, Isabella Wilson of Tarentum, PA. They are bur. in Tarentum cemetery. He was b. abt 1810 and she abt 1814 both in Pittsburgh area. William and his son-in-law, Isaac L. Kuhn were in the103rd Penna Volunteers in Civil War and fought in the "Battle of the Wilderness." Their children were: John, Margaret, Elizabeth, Ann, Isabelle, Mary Jane, Nancy and Wilson. Williams wife, Isabelle Wilson was descended from Crawfords   

Still have Death Certificate available for anyone that wishes it - Masachusetts - Michael Maher, son of Patrick Maher and Johanna Doherty, birth-places unknown - Michael died Apr. 22 1887 at Dudley he was married but to whom? Cause of death was Brights Disease of Kidneys buried in Dudley - name of cemetery not given   

IFee for Missing Links service is $3.00, more according to length and your own generosity. Let us know if you receive responses   


P. 0. BOX 98
ATTICA, MI 48412

Picture Picture









North America


P.O. Box 98

Attica, MI 48412   May, 1984

Vol. 1 Number IX

   Vkli===latEn't7.L.V.74, I've got good news and I've got bad news..." Do these words ring familiar with any of you? Surely you have heard them from jokesters, physicians and other professional people. Since "bad news" is a connotation of unpleasantness or regrets, then let us now dwell on the latter.

Our deep regret is in loosing the expertise and fantastic assistance of our Association secretary, Ms. Jeanne Kitchen (nee Dougherty), who recently moved to Saginaw, MI. It has left a very definite void to our Association staff. I will miss my letters to Jeanne on business matters. JEANNE, we wish only the very best for you. THANKS much for the great job you did, but mostly for those many hours of work that you did in true tribal devotion and love.

So then the doctor turned to the patient and said: " now, that wasn't too bad was it?


With our membership of nearly 1,000, our office is deluged with many letters of inquiry, renewals, requests, etc.. Repeated correspondence arrives (and bank checks) with a diversity of names, initials home/business addresses. The envelope may show one address and a check will show another. This leads to a delay in replies, and this certainly is not our intent. Using your group number or membership number would be a tremendous help to identify you. If you do not have a number, we will gladly assign one to you. Our postage expenses for the first three months of this year amounted to $312.00. We wouldn't shed a tear if someone were to send us an extra buck for some stamps to reduce this expense.

THE WORD IS OUT: We hear our Canadian tribal brothers and sisters of the DAUGHARTY tribe

will hold their annual reunion at the Penafor Park, St. Thomas, Ontario in the month of

August. Should you be interested and desire to attend, please. contact Stan or Marg

Daugharty at 15 Locust St., St. Thomas, N5R2C2 (Phone 519-631-5270) for further details.


Please let us know of your future reunions so that we can inform our members of same. We understand a large Sept in Nebraska holds an annual gathering at New Castle, Nebraska. This will be the 5th. year for them, and of course we hope it will be their best one ever. Have

a marvelous time! A little bird has told us that a reunion is to be held in Oregan. If it's true, do let us know.

Look what happened to Bernard F. Dougherty of 1900 S. Lincoln, F-6, Santa Maria, CA 93454 when he organized a reunion in July of 1983. Imagine the excitement and good time that was shared by the eighty plus people in attendance. Each time there is a gathering, we have a great opportunity to share and learn more of our heritage. A time to glean data otherwise not known. A great way of getting away from the norms of everday living amongst people who have similar interests. Please let us know what is happening at any reunions anywhere in this world.

* * *

Did you know that 248 Doherty's fought in the Revolutionary War?

* * *




It seems sort of silly to be talking about winter in the month of June, but let me show you what happens when one is forced to change plans due to lousy weather, cancelled engagements and traffic standstill. The afore mentioned gave me ample time to peruse again through our Yearbook in a different light. This time I decided to take a survey from our membership list to satisfy my own curiosity. The results are as follows:

a. The most common surname spelling is DOUGHERTY   (179)

b. Second runners-up are the DOHERTY's   (121)

c. Most common male first names are:

  1.  James   ( 28)

  2.  John   ( 27)

  3.  Robert   ( 16)

d. The most common female first names:

  1.  Margaret   ( 8)

  2.  Kathleen   ( 6)

  3.  Patricia   ( 5)

* Pleast note: In a sense the names do not reflect an accurate tabulation due to the fact that many members are registered by initials, which do not indicate the proper first names, or to which sex they belong.

e. The States with most representation are:

  1.  Pennsylvania   ( 99)

  2.  Michigan   ( 78)

  3.  Ohio   ( 53)

Hang in there, we're not finished yet!

f. Senor Reamonn 0 Dochartaigh of Spain is the only member of our Association registered with the ancestral tribal spelling of the surname.

Membership from territorial boundaries outside of the United States come from Africa, Australia, British Columbia, Canada, England, Japan, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Spain.


  1.  To Tim L. and Belinda Daugharty of 413 Huss St., Lincolnton, NC (28902) for becoming our new representatives for the great state of North Carolina.

  2.  To fellow tribesman, Mr. Duff Daugharty, former Michigan State Coach who was recently elected to the National Football Foundation's College Football Hall of Fame. After serving as assistant at Syracuse and Michigan State, he was the head coach at Michigan State for 19 yrs. He went 109-69-5 and his 1965-1966 teams were unbeaten during the regular season and won the "Big Ten" championship. We wish him well in his retirement at Santa Barbara, California.

  • * *

A Bit 0' Humor

"The most important thing a Doherty can do for his children is to love their mother." ( sent to us from B.F. Dougherty)

NOW AVAILABLE: At the KERSHCARRIGAN Book Shop, 90 West Broadway, N.Y., NY 1007 a new book entitled: "Derry, an Outline History of the Diocese." The book is authored by Brian Bonner.

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Q. What's an Irish Seven-course dinner? A. A boiled potato and a six-pak.

  • * *



   LAND HO    and it's available! A piece of the rock, well not really, but land is available in the Inishowen. (The stronghold of the 0 Dochartaigh's in North Eastern Donegal). The "Grianan Estate' which includes land in Bridgend, Burt, and on the

Island of Inch. This land is excellent for agricultural purposes and is being put up for
   sale   interested? Contact Pres. Patrick at our headquarters address for further details.


The 0 Dochartaign Reunion in Ireland will coincide with Derry's Great Festival. This brings another point to mind. Gosh, we would love for all of you to join us in Ireland for this great event. Just think, it is only a year away from now, with plenty of time for you to consider the possibility of sharing this experience with us. For those contemplating a future trip to Ireland, our Yearbook features an interesting article that is beneficial for potential visitors to the Emerald Isle. (P.S. We had a limited printing of the Yearbook, but if you are still interested in purchasing a copy of same, a remittance of $10.00 will bring

one to you. It is a publication of informative materials and worthy of praise).

Now back to the original subject. If you are interested in learning more about the Derry Reunion in 1985, please contact:

Ms. Anita D. Poboci k

12376 Hillcrest

Grand Blanc, MI 48439

This in "NO WAY" commits you to this trip. Additional information will be sent to you from our Central Travel Agency (McShea Travel). The committees are working dtltgently-to see that every consideration is taken to assure a well-planned and organized ttineranr.

  • * *

WANTED: News about you and your ancestry. We need stories on your tribe; each one of our pedigrees is a story, a history, a poignant study of one race of people moving across a continent searching for freedom and wealth.


May there always be work for your hands to do. May your purse always hold a coin or two.

May the sun always shine on your windowpane.

May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near you.

May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you. -Ancient Irish Blessing

  •  * *

There's no business like show business! In a recent production of Otto Nicolai's "The Merry

Wives of Windsor" presented by the Univ. of Wisconsin- Milwaukee music and theatre depts.

brought to the footlights the personage of tenor, John Daugherty, who drew lyric beauty

(and applause) in his roll of Fenton, suitor of Anne. 'Break a leg" John.

  • * *

NOTE: (Walter) John Doherty, 824 Tacoma Ave., North, Tacoma, WA 98401, Phone (206) 383-2076 is organizing a flight to Ireland from the Northwest U. S. and Western Canada. Feel free to contact him and let others know of his plans. He will operate thru McShea Travel. John flies the Northwest (Airlines) skies.



Now this is a switch. "Its a long way to Tarragindi, its a long way to go..." I wonder how this sounds with an Australian accent? A descendant of our tribe, Mr. Terrance Doherty Matthews resides in this Brisbane, Australia subdivision. Terrance is busy attempting to contact all local Doherty's about.our Association and the Ireland reunion. From the latest report, he may be able to travel to Ireland in 1985 for our Grand Reunion. He is also in the process of mailing out notices, purchasing ads and spreading the word throughout Queensland. His parents Timothy and Johanna (nee Neil) hail from Tipperary, Ireland, arriving in the out-back circa 1845-1850. By the way Terrance, just how far is it to Tarragindi?

* * *

Margaret Daugherty called from the sunny south to our central office to inquire more about the Association. Thanks Margaret for your interest. We hope you will meet with good success in tracing your ancestor John. Remember letters of inquiry are always welcome. Missing Link queries remain at the fee of $3.00 per request.

* * *

SOME PAY WHEN DUE, SOME WHEN OVERDUE, SOME NEVER DO, HOW DO YOU DO? After much deliberation your board of directors has decided to commence a new format where the payment of dues and renewals are concerned. The consensus of opinion agrees it would be more feasible to have the membership renewals begin at the start of the calendar year, instead of renewal at your birthdate. The latter method caused an extra burden on our bookkeeping and recording system, plus the fact that our working capitol became limited for budgeting, incurred expenses and future purchases. With this reasoning in mind, we propose the following;

  1.  Those paying the 1984 dues prior to September 1st., pay the regular $6.00.

  2.  Those born in September, October, November and December pay $1.00, then the 1985 membership fee.

Michael (Dougherty) O'Malley #97

************** DONEGAL CALLING, DERRY BECKONING   **********

The following several pages are in reference to the "1985 GRAND GATHERING OF THE TRIBE O'DOCHARTAIGH."

Detailed information will be available soon by McShea Travel in regards to trip cost,departure times and locations. A brochure is now being prepared by them and Jack E. Dougherty. At that time, headquarters will provide McShea with a complete mailing list of members. THE DATES, as published in our last Newsletter, HAVE BEEN CHANGED. We will fill all available bookings from June 21st to June 30th on.a first come basis. The demand will determine further sessions and bookings. There will be the Foyle Festival going on for many days prior to and after our event.

WHO IS JACK????He is John E. Dougherty, Jr., Box 211, New Castle, DE 19720. He is our Eastern Regional Coordinator. This is John's (Jack's) second trip to Ireland representing our Association. On his first trip, he accompanied former Secretary, Jeanne, and President, Patrick to Derry/ Donegal, 1982. He arranged this second trip involving McShea Travel, the Trish Tourist Council, Mr. Pinchock of the Cardinal Dougherty High School Band and Mr. ,McNamee of C.I.E. (bus tours).

John has also contributed many articles for our yearbooks which involved much research. Some will be in our pre-reunion yearbook, 1985. The following article was written by John during and after the trip of March 21st thru 28th, 1984. Beauty, depth, pride, history all wrapped up in these two pages. "Well done, John and wife Bonnie."




If the essence of any place lies in its geography, then the essence of Donegal is rock hard, tree shaped and smells of the ocean. The dominant physical feature of the county, Ireland's most northerly, is the Atlantic. The multitude of 'Atlantic' bars, ballrooms, drives and walks throughout Donegal bears witness to the sea's crucial influence on this place, an influence both benign and, at times, terrifying. In Donegal water is honoured, its inhabitants respected, for the sea may take a human life against any unwarranted violation or grievous act of violence against its creatures. A profound belief persists that in the cries of the seal may be heard the lament of the drowned; sorrowful, warnint, protective. Only the very foolish, the very greedy, pay

no heed to the shared images of their community. But if the Atlantic can give pain, it gives greater pleasure. Renowned for its beaches, their soft beauty and healing air, Donegal contains all the finest features

of the Irish landscape, Kerry has its mountains, Fermanagh its lakes and islands, Clare its gorgeous flora. Donegal has it all.

To the casual eye, the lazy ear, the social lore of Donegal might seem captured in the small towns of the county. But if that eye looks closer, that ear discerns more clearly, they will recognise our capital is the city of Derry, in another county, but founded by a Donegal man, Colmcille, who wrote from exile in Iona, 'If all Alba were mine, I'd give it up for Derry, my little oak grove, my Derry.' To understand Ireland's tortured history is to understand Derry and to understand Derry, we must look to Donegal.

Brian Friel, who lives in Muff, writes of the incantory power of

place names. Listen to these. Rosapenna, Gweedore, Dunfanaghy, Letterkenny, Rathmullan, Bundoran, Oarndonagh, Buncrana - I could go on, but a decent road map will give you sounds as memorable as the townlands themselves. They are signposts to the past. They will live in the future, and they are there now. The stirrings Offthe Atlantic may have given birth to the rock we inhabit. Its shifting moods may have separated it, and another island, from the continent we still belong to. I myself have suspicions that whatever about the rest, Donegal plans to outlast even its oceanic parent.



Destination Donegal - cont'd

The ancestors of millions of O'Dochattaighs who emigrated from Derry and the Inishshowen Penninsula during the 18th and 19th century can trace their heri#age via the O'Dochartaigh Genealogical Center in Derry. Also, imagine the excitement of discovering that you belong to one of the great Irish septs, and that just a few generations removed, our family held sway over a great part of Donegal and other counties. Although our sept is not as powerful as it once was, we can still take enormous pride in the part they played in Ireland's often turbulent history. (There will be several books and booklets published in time for the reunion). O'Dochartaighs, over the centuries, have settled in almost every corner of the globe. Most set sail from banks of Lough Swilly and Derry, in search of a new and better life in America and other distant lands. I'm sure every O'Dochartaigh left a big part of themselves on the shores of Inishshowen as they set sail. Now, it is our turn to come back to Donegal and claim our roots and heritage. Remember to find out as much as you can about those brave souls who took the chance to pave the way for us.

Sooner or later, the trail should lead you to your ancestor's town or village. However, if Lguuwish to hasten your search, send detailed (no matter how meager, just whatever you have) to the O'Dochartaigh Heritage and Research Center, % Inner City Development Community, Derry, Northern Ireland, Attention: Eileen Doherty. Eileen feels that she will be able to give chose who participate in the roots program, a family tree computor print-out for those who attend the '85 Reunion.

Meeting relatives at one's ancestral home can be a really moving experience. More often, however, while an O'Dochartaigh might not succeed in discovering distant cousins, he or she can at least, see places or ruins associated with the O'Dochartaigh name, or the actual birth places of parents or grandparents. There is an aerial photo service available to the O'Dochartaighs at reunion time. Information about this service will be provided in the reunion brochure.




Dear Mr. Dougherty:

Our trip to Ireland was a resounding success! All of our meeting with tourist board officials, 0"Dochartaigh committee members and C.I.E. representatives were extremely fruitful.

Just to recap the itinerary, on Thursday evening, March 22, we met

with Mr. Mark Lalor and William Morrison of the Irish Tourist Board and Mr. Ned McNamee of C.I.E. We discussed our plans for an escorted tour and the support of the Irish Tourist Board for the reunion.

As Jack Dougherty may have explained to you, we plan to offer four options for the reunion participants:

Tour A - Air + reunion (for those who wish to stay with relatives) Tour B - Air + reunion + car

Tour C - Air reunion + car + bed and breakfast

Tour D - Air + reunion escorted tour

Tour A-B-C will be personalized to fit your wishes. This would be the same as Tour D on days 1,2,3,4,5,6. Day 7,8,9 could be spent in Donegal or Derry. You perhaps might wish to move on to Scotland and points east after Ireland. This all can be arranged.

The escorted tour (Tour D) would consist of the following:

Day 1 - Depart USA

Day 2 - Arrive Dublin-1/2 day sightseeing, Abbey Tavern Day 3 - Dublin/Derry - civic reception, welcome ceremony Day 4 - Reunion activities

Day 5 - Reunion activities

Day 6 - Reunion activities, Derry/Galway

Day 7 - Galway/Killarney

Day 8 - Killarney-Ring of Kerry

Day 9 - Killarney/Shannon-Limerick

Day 10- Depart Shannon/Arrive USA

In order to maintain control over the tour, C.I.E. would coordinate the ground arrangements throughout. The Irish Tourist Board officials committed themselves to supporting the reunion. They promised to contact the 3,000 travel agencies in the US who had the strongest Ireland business and to make available the Bord Faite 800 toll-free active center telephone line. They also pledged to give us a plug through all the Irish-American associations in the US.

On March 23, we departed from Dublin and arrived in Derry late afternoon. We met with Mr. Nigel Jess of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board who pledged to support the project and to work closely with the Irish Tourist Board and C.I.E. That evening,

we were hosted by the Lord Mayor of Derry and the Derry Committee for a reception, dinner and cabaret. The entire program was fabulous!

On March 24, we attended the groundbreaking ceremony in Derry for the reconstruction of the Dougherty fort. Shortly thereafter, we inspected hotel properties in the Donegal area and some of the possible sights for reunion activities in Movile, Cardonagh and




Buncrana. At 1:00 P.M., a luncheon was held in Movile, hosted by the Bank of Ireland where we met interested local reunion organizers. Later that afternoon, we attended a joint meeting between the Derry and Buncrana committee members. We expressed to them our desire to highlight four days of intense celebration in the Derry and Inishowen areas, (Donegal).

In the evening, a reception was hosted by the Buncrana Committee.

McShea Travel will now pursue the following as a result of this trip:

  1.  Block hotel space through C.I.E.

  2.  Obtain prices on land packages.

  3.  Negotiate special airfares with Aer Lingus and Northwest Orient.

  4.  Prepare, with the help of Jack Dougherty, the reunion brochures.

  5.  Work with Mr. George Pinchock of the Cardinal

Dougherty High School in Philadelphia to design

his tour and help make contacts in Ireland and

Britian for exchange programs.

Overall, the inspection trip was a very positive experience. Everyone associated with the reunion was extremely enthusiastic. McShea Travel is proud to be associated with this project and we look forward to a successful reunion in 1985.

Signed: Kenneth DeMatteo, Director of Group Sales


Date: April 6, 1984

Derry Journal, Republic of Ireland

There is still more than a year to go, but as the plans are on such a massive scale as was never attempted before, organizing work, on both sides of the Atlantic, has already begun. Several of those involved in America jetted in the other weekend to confer with the committees in Derry and Inishowen on the holding of the first International Gathering and Reunion of the O'Doherty Clan in the summer of 1985.

It was one of the largest gatherings in the White Strand Motor Inn in Buncrana when the American connection of the globe-enveloping family spent a good two hours conferring with their Irish counterparts on plans for the celebrations which will spill over four weeks. Detailed consideration was given to a draft programme of events and while this was approved in principle, there will be the inevitable alterations aimed at making the celebrations still more prestigious.

From America we had Jack Dougherty, from Delaware, supported by Mick and Roger McShea from Gaithersburg, Ken De Matteo, same address and George Pinchot, Director of the Cardinal O'Dougherty School Band all the way from Philadelphia.

Author: Fear Feasa



Patrick Joe Doherty, from Derry, chaired a meeting of the co-ordinating committee, the Inishowen side being represented among others by Mrs. Rosaleen Hegarty, Buncrana, and Helen Doherty, Desertegney, both with vital executive posts and for many weeks past deeply involved in devising and finalizing arrangements of a nature and on a scale never before essayed by any organization. It's all a bit bewildering, but this plenary American-Irish session went a long way towards eliminating many of the original snags and complexities. Paddy Joe, Rosaleen and Helen, now better informed and more comprehensively briefed, are tackling the continuing work with still greater confidence and optimism.

All concerned see the Clan gathering as something truly historic; breaking new ground and revealing, for the first time, facets of the story of this once powerful Clan which boasts members in many parts of the world.

There are, of course, many problems still to be sorted out but with

a year still to go, there are no misgivings; nothing is being left to chance.

The visiting clansfolk will be coming in relays, a contingent every week, beginning on Sunday, 16th June of 1985. Every form of attracting entertainment will be brought into play, with civic receptions, medieval banquets, pageants, selection of Clan Festival Queen and traditional nights packed with the kind of nostalgic fare our American visitors always crave for and sometimes fail to find. There will be plenty of sporting and outdoor events like sea angling, vintage car rallies, bowling, ceilis, football and lots more. Visitors who fancy themselves as bridge players will get the chance to pit their skill against some of the best in the North of Ireland. The ladies will be fascinated by fashion shows. There will be lots of formal occasions and no shortage of speechifying, started off by civic receptions on both sides of the

border. Derry Guildhall will be the focal point for much of what that city has to offer. But there will be other venues as well. Inishowen will be in top gear to match the best that Derry can offer. As well as Buncrana, there will be festivals and receptions in Moville, Carndonagh and other centres. Each area is making its own arrangements and there will be a lot of keen, if friendly, competition as to where the best attractions will be mounted. Visitors from overseas with Irish roots are always keen to hear and read about and visit places associated with their forebears, even a tumble down thatched cottage will have its charisma when pointed out as the place where someones's grandparents were born. And how about sites of historic interest? Both Derry and Inishowen have them in abundance and guides and historians are being briefed to select the most outstanding and officiate as official guides. We think of Aileach as a certainty. Also, Rathmullan, Gartan and the Rock of Doon on the Donegal side.



PRICE: $2.50 ea




WHAT ABOUT MIKE O'MALLEY? Many of you have written in asking about him. He, of course, is our Publicity and Membership Chairman, and puts together much of each Newsletter, turns them out quickly and with such precision, ingenuity and wit. In his own words, Mike states: "I dearly love people and life as well as the arts, theatre, athletics and BEER. Occasionally, I dabble with oil paints, poetry and short stories. Other people's cooking brings me sheer delight, although I do enjoy the time when I am home on the range! My only hang up is that I cannot trace my Dougherty lineage prior to my grandfather. He became an orphan during birth, thus I remain in limbo." Stay tuned for Newsletter Number X for more of Mike's writings and wit.

TERRY DOHERTY MATTHEWS: You've already heard of him in the earlier pages of this issue. An Australian, who is giving his all to get the word out to his countrymen about our Grand Gathering. We sincerely hope to meet him in Ireland come 85.

PASCUAL O'DOGHERTY OF MADRID, SPAIN: A mathematical wizard, a naval engineer, an admiral in the Spanish Navy, a world traveler, an organizer of Naval symposiums, a member of our tribe. He will be featured in our next yearbook. He is organizing the Spanish connection of our tribe for the invasion of Ulster in 1985.

JOHN (JACK) D. DAUGHERTY: Address: 2524 North 82nd St., Wauwatosa, WI 53213. John is our Wisconsin "Spark Plug" and he has help. A beautiful wife and children come as an asset when mail is to be gotten out. This family has been turning out introductory letters about our tribe for several months. They have been collecting O'Dochartaigh names, mailing them out at their own expenses. They have covered much of Wisconsin, some of Illinois and into Missouri and Arkansas. We first met this family at Barnesville, Ohio, where they were immediately put to work. Later on John and his wife entertained us during the program. Maybe in Ireland, John? John has sent 48, 3" O'Doherty buttons to circulate among us. He is also assisting with stationary printings.

ED AND PHYLLIS DOHERTY: Address: 27 James Road, Reading, MA 01867 Another family dedicated to getting the word out about the "Grand Gathering in 85". They are raiding telephone books, folding, sticking, licking and mailing letters to the thousands of our tribe along the East coast. Thanks to this family we at last are notifying these Irish people along the seaboard about our headquarters, back here in the boondocks, about our plans with regard to Donegal and Derry. This family made the trip down from Mass. to Barnesville, Ohio. They were also of great assistance to the association that day in registering people and moving merchandise.

JOHN J. DOUGHERTY: Address: 506 Santa Fe, Pine Lakes, Prescott, AZ 86301. A very prolific writer who has aided us in our recent publication. His article on "Derry in 85, Why O'Doherty" bears reading and rereading. This masterpiece ban be found on Page 6-7 of our 84 yearbook. A great purpose, a challenge-can we meet it? He has other writings in our yearbook. We only wish we could have included all he sent to us. They were all excellent-a sincere "thank you". We hope to meet you soon, John.



BERNARD FRANCIS DOUGHERTY: Address: 1900 S. Lincoln, F-6, Santa Maria, CA 93454. This gentleman out on the West coast is stirring up our tribe there. Last summer's gathering at his home was successful; he is shipping names to us constantly, giving us reprintable materials, sending stamps, a constant source of support in so many ways. You members in the West, keep in touch with B.F. Not a week goes by but what we receive mailing from him. His g. grandfather Patrick Doherty, (Margaret Deming, his wife) born in Ireland in 1830's - need a location there, any information?

JEANNE KITCHEN: Former secretary, is sorely missed. She had a personality and wit that made her a joy to be with. Her ideas and quick mind has been a great benefit in getting the O'Dochartaigh Association to where it now is. We all sincerely wish her well in her pursuit of happiness. Since Jeanne left, how are things progressing. The mail to new addresses is going out at about 20 per week. Replys to new members, orders for yearbooks, etc are getting out at about 10 per week. We are slowly falling behind on reordering and pedigree recording but Patrick hopes to catch up on Easter vacation. His college teaching will be over May 1st, giving him about 10 more hours per week to put on O'Doherty needs.

BETTY HANSEN: She is our secretary pro-tem. She is able to give only Saturdays on typing, recording, mailing, stamping and licking. Her salary is covered by Patrick and does not come out of Association funds. (Hopefully, the day will come that the Association can take over this expense). She is a prim little lady, very proficient in secretarial skills and an asset to our headquarters. She provided many hours back

in 1981 towards the organization of our first International Reunion. She is very familiar with Irish history, politics and glassware. Her home is full of Waterford Crystal. She also collects nit nac's of anything that has "Shamrocks" on it; tea cups, bells, thimbles, pitcher's, teapots, you name it, she collects it. Betty hosted a bash following the reunion in Attica, Michigan, 1981.




Born: January 23, 1915

Entered into rest: March 14, 1984

Funeral Services:   March 17, 1984

We are all so very sorry to hear that "Dot" passed away. Our prayers have been with her since we learned of her illness and hospitalization. Dot has been our Florida Representative based in Orlando. We first met at the Daugherty-Dougherty Reunion in Barnesville, Ohio many years ago. A bubbly, energetic person, so enthusiastic about the O'Dochartaigh Association, so pleased to help, so looking forward to the "85" Reunion. Each time we arrived in Barnesville, we were especially looking forward to being with her. Last August, she was her lovable self giving no indication of her illiness. We spent most of a very warm day cutting weeds in an old Daugherty-Dougherty Cemetery in Monroe Co., Ohio. Our condolences to the family and our appreciation to her daughter, Jackie Shear for keeping us informed of her battle with Cancer. Dot wished very much to be with us in Ireland. I firmly believe she WILL BE THERE. See you then, Dot.

Your O'Dochartaigh Cousins


March 1, 1984












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