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Project Description

ILF-WN provides a structured annotation of every gloss in terms of their Part of Speech (POS), syntactic analysis using a dependency parser, and the result of transforming the syntax into an Intermediate Logic Form (ILF). The "intermediate" character comes from the fact that rather than generating a semantic representation in first-order logic (or other type of standard logic), we provide a formal representation that aims to be as close as possible to natural language by performing extreme neo-davidsonian reification and reducing to a mininum the syntax complexity of the formalism. The main idea is to provide a flat, sintactically simple formal representation suitable to perform various types of semantic inference (e.g., as in textual entailment), avoiding excessive brittleness caused by first-order approaches, as well as being able to tackle difficult semantic problems such as coreference, anaphora resolution, etc. ILF may also be further specified if we were interested in dealing with quantification and other semantic phenomena.

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