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Project Description

More features: Model dependencies of all news sites, look for holes in story sources, try to pinpoint and highlight primary sources, to circumvent spindoctors, compare the primary sources to figure out who's lying (if indeed we may determine this as the lies are ususally mathematically sound - works for a lesser class of adversary) - make use of Universal Libraries like netlibrary.com and ulib.org to map out ontologies in all sorts of different topics, so that we know what the cutting edge of public knowledge is, so that we can elevate the state of common sense without getting slapped with a gag order.


  • Maybe use stet with all the formalforum/reasonbase/Eolas stuff.
  • Note that the Cyc attempt to model the world as most sane, adult humans perceive it does not account for different perspectives - I had planned a system that would, but I can't remember what it was - maybe it was formalforum or reasonbase. It was like Wikipedia although there was no consensus. It is also related to the ConspiracyTheory system, which models, ideally, every conceivable or at least extant conspiracy theory - the idea is to model alternate possibilities with a view to establishing the truth of competing hypotheses. For instance, this evidence backs up that hypothesis.
  • pvwikisystem is interesting for formalforum
  • formalforum does not allow people to overwrite your edits.
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