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PI: Sam Scheinman
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Project Description

mush fills a gap between packager/architect and clear/fieldgoal. It coordinates all help for our project. It's main purpose is to serve as a help system for Linux configuration, but it also has "modules" for the FRDCSA (think frdcsa-reference) etc. It is mainly aimed at procedural knowledge and question answering. Our intention is to use the same engine that will help packager to generate packages, that is, a procedural knowledge base, and apply it to the general problem of Linux configuration assistance. The question answer component is simply necessary. There is already a demonstration of state of the art document granularity question answering systems being applied to man pages. We would like to apply to all documentation. The QA component is also vital to architect. In thinking about it now, a likely additional feature would be to be able to obtain help from online sources regarding a particular problem. And secondly, as a help system, it should utilize technologies from intelligent tutoring systems for interaction with the user. It should teach philosophy and methods as much as it provides solutions. And ideally, it would automatically handle configuration - possibily incorporating from tools like code-monkey.


  • Make a place, probably in 'mush', to collect all the tutorials that we've used, and logs of IRC chats for things like fixing the RAID array on the xen server
  • mush as name for MUlti Strategy Help system.
  • Possible mush systems: AnswerFinder AnswerPad
  • We need to add to mush the ability to launch systematic google/etc searches based on anomalies in software configuration management, and store this as labelled/training data.
  • mush should look at: http://sunsite.berkeley.edu:80/TechRepPages/CSD-89-520?abstract=

Name Title Email Address

    Sam Scheinman
  's personal homepage Sam Scheinman Researcher webmaster@frdcsa.org

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