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Project Description

The problem with storing personal inventory is that traditionally one knows where an item is stored by where they have last seen it etc. Human memory is based a lot on location. However, for multiperson communities, shared robotic storage would be much more efficient, because details of who has checked out what and when would all be available, facilitating resource sharing.

In order to improve recall, we have determined that we could have a virtual inventory. This allows us to save space, and, at the same time, improve the ability to visualize inventory. Using pictures of the item, we would make a navigable 3d inventory interaction space. We can also soft (having multiple categories per item) cluster and order the inventory according to properties and attributes. In other words it would be like a 3d file system for inventory.


  • When I get internet access, download DB for silo
  • silo - the inventory management system should take a look at hmax.
  • When I get internet access, download DB for silo
  • silo - http://www.melax.com/perl/tutorial.html

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