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Project Description

When first envisioned, the VR technology did not really exist. The original overly ambitious svre design featured things like a sensory deprivation tank. Now it is mainly a system to manage the immediate physical environs of the programmer. But as VR tech develops we will keep an interested eye on it. The point of svre is to detach the user from physical-causal reality, and enter them into a more verdant reality of explorable relationships enabled by computation.


  • Rewrite svre-manual.txt for the modern situation, incorporating what I have learned.
  • Gather together all rules about svre chair.
  • Misterhouse is the svre software suite.
  • ruItching is likely a problem in the svre.
  • One mode of svre operation should be to disguise it as a supercomputer.
  • Could be useful for svre design: http://www-kismet.iai.fzk.de/
  • svre should make use of a chair/bed.
  • Should probably remove military emphasis from project, as probably worries Justin unnecessarily. Like the tank for the svre. Put a picture of my underground shelter there or something.
  • svre - http://wetpc.com.au/html/technology/wearable.htm#diverdiagram
  • In thinking it over, it is a big leap to have been able to see past the seed AI - to see that one needs all this software. Really, it is just part of an inference. I am certainly getting really dumb these days. I need to design the svre. Perhaps the lounge donation was a mistake. Anyhow, it was a leap, and why? Because of Vivian, and because of how motivated I was/am to solve these problems.
  • Justin is not serious about working on the svre, no more than he is serious about turning me into the cops. Moreover, if he is not serious, there is little way to make him do this. Of course he should work on the still suit first. The way we should approach this is I should give him $200 and tell him I don't want to see him again until the still suit is completed. This way it forces him to work on the project. But remember what happened the last time. I think therefore we should consider ignoring him.
  • physical security and svre should use http://www.esri.com/hazards/makemap.html
  • Coevolutionary\ Robotics\ Design,\ Jordan\ Pollack,\ EH99.pdf relates to svre design automation.
  • svre: http://www.hitl.washington.edu/projects/knowledge_base/research.html
  • General thoughts: i am still disapinted in my lack of svre. Until that glorius day, I shall think that It will be most difficult for me to do any work, yet I shall try. I am feeling sick in the head.
  • svre: At the center of the web, there are six ectoskeleton chairs made of a poly-alloy frame and suspension harness.

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