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Project Description

Practical Reasoning system


  • Add basedirs to action-planner-open-rule-file system.
  • action-planner program itself has an initial effort at extracting rules from text.
  • The effects matrix for action-planner can be put in terms of sensing actions, such as this may happen and depending on what happens then, either this or this etc.
  • Since action-planner uses an expert system using negation as failure, and GGP GDL is based on datalog which also uses that, see about somehow codifying the rules from CLIPS into GDL and using that to formulate "games" that can be solved out of life rules. GDL has 'legal', see if we can't have something like "recommended".
  • Analyze the Perl documentation with action-planner/KNext, use to develop planning domains for developing advanced Perl code.
  • Analyze Beatha Aodh Ruaid O'Domnaill and other texts using action-planner/KNext

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