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Project Description

It does most of the work integrating Perl and Prolog, allowing using Language::Prolog::Yaswi calls back and forth. This is for fcms, which is an MVC obtained by combining ShinyCMS (itself based on Perl Catalyst) with formalog. Add the initialization files for the Free Life Planner, or the Prolog-agent, or the formalog-KBFS, and you obtain those systems. formalog wraps UniLang, currently allowing it to call FreeKBS2 in order to assert into the KB. However, we're working on a direct SWIPL ODBC interface which by lacking overhead should be many orders of magnitude faster. This can be found in the data-integration codebase.


  • Make sure formalog Agent1 can respond to echo hi and other pings
  • Write a function for formalog that checks the synchronization of the Prolog and FreeKBS2 bases.
  • Make an edited book on ai using our writings that we mark with KBFS. Get KBFS going with formalog/WSM.
  • Use Language::XSB in something like formalog to load Flora2 from Perl.

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