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Project Description


  • Add a spell checker to the js-rapid-response gui.
  • Add that Job site that Eric mentioned to the js-rapid-response system.
  • Add other cities to the js-rapid-response system, but check for telecommut/remote stuff
  • Have js-rapid-response pay attention to the skills employers are looking for and tie that in with the intelligent tutoring system.
  • Note that more important than resource-manager is js-rapid-response
  • Add a mode to js-rapid-response for gigs, in addition to jobs. So that you can reply with something besides "please consider me for this position", etc.
  • js-rapid-response should have the ability to purge old articles that are no longer used, but keep ones which we've replied to (but not until training a model on the articles)
  • For js-rapid-response - implement a system for it to act on urls that are provided, and store them, with links to the mentioning article, etc.
  • For js-rapid-response, have it do regex-based keyword based analysis of which ones to respond to including also using the classifier I wrote. I this way get better performance out of selecting items to write with. Get the classification probability if possible and only send if very high.
  • For js-rapid-response, consider having keyword detectors that then generate a corresponding section of the resume. For instance if they say Node.js, have it give a prewritten blurb with my skills for that.
  • Make a js-rapid-response system which hosts the user's resume, cover letter, and email for the company to see, via a password protected site.
  • Write a system for using SVM classification on the application history with js-rapid-response to predict which new postings we would apply for, and to submit a text message to us when one becomes available.
  • Add to js-rapid-response the ability to respond after a period of time.
  • add a feature to js-rapid-response which texts us if it updates and a new job matches our search list or resume.
  • Add a feature to js-rapid-response that you mark that you are interested in a job prospect, in order that you fill it out later.
  • Build a classifier for js-rapid-response that pins down the location if there is any and how much telecommute/remote work is involved.
  • Consider adding http://kb.mozillazine.org/Command_line_arguments_-_Thunderbird to js-rapid-response so we can handle mail from within thunderbird.
  • Add to js-rapid-response the ability to include your portfolio, or select among several portfolios, as well as the ability to attach letters of recommendation.
  • Add Mandy.com, Idealist.org and ProductionHub jobs to js-rapid-response
  • Make js-rapid-response more secure.
  • Integrate http://www.idealist.org/ with js-rapid-response
  • js-rapid-response: Implement a system for cleaning up the database, removing all entries that were not viewed, etc.
  • js-rapid-response: add the ability mark something as flagged, just to keep place
  • js-rapid-response: add an option to re-read something
  • Add an "include resume" option to js-rapid-response
  • Add a distance functionality to js-rapid-response
  • Develop reports for js-rapid-response which show how many applications we made, how many responses we got, etc.
  • Add a feature to js-rapid-response to send an alert to frdcsa-dashboard when there is a response

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