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Project Description


  • Have a filesystem listening process that listens for new .do and .notes files and automatically adds them to the list of files for our todo system.
  • Write system to process honey-do notes from emails.
  • Reformat notes axiomatized to use prolog syntax.
  • Can write notes for to.do in lisp, especially now that we know about `, and ,@.
  • Add to academician the ability to make notes specific to individual pages or sentences, use nlu type constraints.
  • Develop more notes on the system that is designed to prove algorithmic correctness of properly defined problems, and how to express the problems. Also relate to AM and The Unknowable.
  • Possibly have FRDCSA index all .do and .notes files and index the answers to all (solution (X) (Y)) statements, and make that searchable.
  • nlu/KBFS/sayer should say: "Consider this file", and then begin making notes about it.
  • Make a flora2 flr representation of the 2.do agent notes and others on logics, i.e. have metadata about the various predicates stored. use that to compute the semantics.
  • New years resolutions. Aggregate all resources of the FRDCSA. to.do, .notes, daily todos, unilang logs, etc, into a unified information access system across the FRDCSA, add search abilities
  • Develop a logic representing the meaning of our .do and .notes files.
  • Develop an ontology of the kinds of entries in our .do and .notes files, and have operations that operate on the different types. For instance, some tasks should be able to be deferred until later, like a later day, etc
  • Add stuff to .do mode, (actually create .do, .notes modes, etc) to be able to highlight important items in red or something.
  • Setup a system for referring to the entry in a to.do or .notes files, but that you can assert things about it. so basically like C-csl.
  • Develop an index of all the news we read, using the GNUS 'setting marks' capabilities, and build a database of that news and analyze the sentiment of various named entities in the news, and various notes about those entities. Formalize the news contents.
  • Verify that UniLang notes are still working.
  • Get a system of notes for what I need to tell people when I talk to them - have the system automatically infer when I am talking to people like through IM and tell me what to tell them.
  • Now all we have to do is fix that data and worry about complexity/efficiency issues with Corpus doing autoclassification. We also have to add more elegant classification than bayes, as well as talking amongst agents to support better categorization and command execution from our notes.
  • Should use a tags system to boot strap the classification of unilang notes.
  • In order to do better testing for the study project, Dean should draft notes regarding failure scenarios.
  • Then we can have people see all the complex notes I take.
  • Have it setup that when I change directory to a project, it shows me the last notes about that system
    ("completed" "81625")
  • The Corpus system for routing UniLang messages can use the thinker/notes system.
  • Start reviewing these notes, eh?
  • Busroute should print out nice concise notes for people to write down.
  • Some notes - realize that its not my fault I've gone through these things, its there's.
  • Add a notes section to each FWeb class
  • don't forget to review these notes and put everything in order.
  • "with other people and their BDIs." - Brian notes BDIs means "beady eyes".
  • I have been forced, against my will, by circumstance, to adopt to other people, due to being homeless. This is opposite why I left in the first place. This is problematic. Talking with Ryan reminds me of my earlier ways of thinking. Therefore - finding progress from back then would be important. In leui of this I may simply record my stuff - this made no sense I may simly glimpse search for notes on Asperger's syndrome, and show this to Ryan, possibly. I am impaired right now - due to interactions with other people.
  • notes when interacting with Fred - I tried hard to not act patronizing but given my Asperger's syndrome I was probably slightly patronizing. Ways to avoid this are to have mike explain things to him, and to adhere to a specific,trained form of interaction.
  • We can use the notes that I've made here as pedagogical tools.
  • Set up notes to my self on problems I am having and index it with glimpse
  • Best name: Reagan Jew is a web developer, tester, and technical writer for Apex. His tasks include testing Apex functionality, designing and maintaining the Apex reference manual, release notes, and the web site. Reagan also created new icons for the Sherpa interface. He has a degree in electrical/electronics engineering and graphic design.
  • It will be a glorious day that all my actions are just exactly what I had planned a long time ago, when I finish one thing, the computer notes what now is possible, etc, what should be done next, and tells me - glorious!
  • Perhaps we can mine our notes to give Kevin ideas.
  • Some of the design notes for manager. It should be tied to verber, as in verber recommends moves and then these are sometimes acted out through manager. For now, however.
  • Tomorrow, go through these recent notes and create and print your usual plan covering all the major topics.
  • Nonetheless I got into some pretty advanced discussions about metamathematics. I am now firmly resolved in my belief that it was Sameer and Ken, if I were a betting man. I should consider issuing them notes saying that I figured it out that they did that and that acknowledgement would strengthen our friendship and be a way to reestablish trust.
  • Very interesting notes have been achieved from my sleep.

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