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Project Description

At one point in the history of the project, the main FRDCSA system was destroyed. All that was left of it was one partial backup on a remote site. As you can tell, lots was lost. But, echoed throughout that backup were some projections of parts of the data. For instance, many capabilities were listed on the webpages. This enabled the reconstruction of various parts of the project. Though several years of UniLang messages were sadly lost, many years were restored through such files. They were recently reloaded into UniLang, enabling the regeneration of the FRDCSA static web sites.


  • In recovery-frdcsa use the elog data recorded to reconstruct the names of data files that may be missing now.
  • Using recovery-frdcsa, make a list of all files that have not changed presumably based on file dates if possible, or at least sizes.

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