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Project Description


  • Have this rotate, so CLEAR should read books for part of the day, old unilang messages for part of the day, text files from projects for part of the day, etc. Then we should watch a movie as recreation for part of the day, and so on. Develop a scheduler for these kinds of things. Use pddl possibly. Have it know to not repeat the same subject. Have it directed by research interests in academician.
  • Write a scheduler to remind me to do things on certain dates - include taxes.
    ("due-date-for-entry" "106714" "3 days")
  • Also work on scheduler program.
  • Inventory management can use freekbs for relational store and world modelling : /var/lib/myfrdcsa/codebases/internal/pse/misc/scheduler/2/domains
  • Write general purpose FRDCSA project scheduler, to schedule and coordinate the actions of all our various spiders.
  • Some of the things I am thinking about. It will be nice when we have the gourmet system done. It will then simply be a matter of heading to my selected food location at the proper time, preparing my food with minimal effort, and eating. Then rating. In order to get Gourmet done, we have to schedule a meeting for gourmet in which we sit down and do most of the planning. This depends on the meeting scheduler. Perhaps there is such software that we could use.

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