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System Recommender

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Project Description

Here are some sample purposes that seed the search.

$VAR1 = {
          '1' => 'http://frdcsa.onshore.net/frdcsa/internal/kbfs/index.html',
          '0' => 'http://frdcsa.onshore.net/frdcsa/internal/gourmet',
          '2' => 'NetOwl Extractor is an automatic indexing system that finds and classifies key phrases in text, such as personal names, corporate names, place names, dates, and monetary expressions. NetOwl Extractor finds all mentions of a name and links names that refer to the same entity together. NetOwl Extractor combines dynamic recognition with static look-up to achieve high accuracy and coverage at very high speed. NetOwl Extractor is based on advanced computational linguistic and natural language processing technology. By intelligently analyzing structure and context within text, NetOwl accurately identifies key information.'


  • Get a server just to load ./system-recommender on and keep it loaded. Have it agentified for UniLang and have it execute try catch SQL query statements or something like that in order that we don't have to reload the whole thing whenever we want to execute a function on its data.
  • Write an extension for system-recommender which looks at all the project specific files as purposes and prints out recommended links for each project.
  • Adapt jlsi for system-recommender

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