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Project Description


  • Should use WSD on Corpus entries and also run ExtractAbbrev.java on them to get abbreviations like Emacs UniLang agent, run this through termios, and use that to boot strap translation. Also do anaphora resolution by running it on chunks of aligned texts.
  • termios naturally will want to map terms and phrases to Cyc / Sensus / SemCor etc.
  • Clear should consult ALL/termios/PICForm/Bard for understanding writings.
  • Could have autocorrection in documents of system names etc using terminology management server. termios should know when various terms were used, for instance Predator. termios should probably also support WSD.
  • clear should consult all/termios/picform/bard for understanding writings.
  • termios: http://www.linguateca.pt/Diana/download/SarmentoetalLREC2006.pdf
  • termios should record the date (both in document and in real life) it first sees a term.
  • termios: http://www.translatorsupport.com/apps:free-terminology-applications
  • termios: asv-toolbox-tev-1.0

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